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Black Dragonfish — Deep-Sea Fish Facts, Pictures, And Videos

The black dragonfish — Idiacanthus atlanticus — is a rather strange-looking, long and slender fish that lives in the mesopelagic and bathypelagic waters of the world’s oceans, typically being found at depths of between 5000-7000 feet. Among the species more notable qualities are its distinct looking long fang-like teeth, its bioluminescence, its bizarre method of […]

September 21st

Ecological Biocapacity Of World Is Now Surpassing 2013 Tipping Point

Global ecological biocapacity has hit 2013’s tipping point. From now through the end of the year, we are creating an ecological biocapacity deficit. Here’s more info on all this: Ecological Deficit 2013 Is Starting… Now (via Clean Technica) Originally published on Climate Progress.By Jeff Spross Today is Earth Overshoot Day 2013: the day humanity uses up […]

August 20th

Recycle Your Waste

In this day and age, it is important to recycle as much as you can. With the entire environment being affected by mass pollution, we need to do all that we can to save our planet. Plastic has not been around very long. But it’s already causing huge problems in our oceans and on land. […]

July 23rd

Ancient Underwater Forest Discovered Off Alabama Coast

Some fifty thousand years ago, a forest comprised of Bald Cypress trees was buried under massive amounts of ocean sediment that also locked out dissolved oxygen present in the water — effectively preserving (and hiding) the primordial forest forever. Well, that is until Hurricane Katrina’s mighty storm surges (it is believed) disturbed the underwater burial […]

Thriving Colonies Of Microbes In The Ocean's Plastisphere — Plastic Pollution In The Ocean Is Altering Environmental Conditions By Transporting Microbes

A very diverse array of microbes has been found to be colonizing and thriving on the micro-plastic pollution that is now ubiquitous throughout the world’s oceans by new research from the Sea Education Association, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and the Marine Biological Laboratory. This vast and new ecological habitat of microbial communities has been […]

June 30th

Summer Solstice 2013 Google Doodle Is Refreshing

Summer solstice 2013 is here. Among other things, that means it’s hot! It also means a lot of people are headed to the beach to enjoy the sun and also cool off in the ocean… or sea or lake or whatever you have in your area. Google has commemorated the annual event with a cool […]

June 21st

Micro-Plastic Pollution Is Prevalent In Lakes Too, Not Just The Oceans

Micro-plastic pollution is now prevalent throughout much of the the world’s oceans, as a result of discarded partially- broken-down garbage. These microscopic bits of plastic are present in large enough quantities to cause significant problems for many ocean animals, as well as potentially having more significant effects on the ecosystem, or even human health. The […]

May 30th

Antarctic Icecap Is 33.6 Million Years Old, According To New Research

The Antarctic ice cap formed sometime around 33.6 million years ago, during the Oligocene epoch, according to new research from the Andalusian Institute of Earth Sciences (IACT) — a Spanish National Research Council-University of Granada joint center. The finding is supported by the data gained during a recent expedition to Antarctica by the IACT, where […]

May 29th

Dolphin Park Shut Down Partly By Online Petition

In another victory for animal activists and sympathizers, a dolphin entertainment park in Turkey was shut down recently. (Hopefully, others around the world will suit.) The park was in Antalya’s Kaş, a small coastal town where tourism, fishing, diving and yachting are popular. (Considering all the water activities available it hardly seems necessary to keep […]

May 3rd

Basking Shark Washes Up Dead In Rhode Island

An enormous 28-foot-long basking shark washed up dead on a beach in Rhode Island over the weekend. It’s not currently known what caused the shark’s death. Basking sharks, the second largest fishes in the world, are currently listed as “threatened” on the endangered species list. The huge and intelligent animals can grow to be more […]

April 29th

Goblin Shark Facts, Video, and Pictures

The goblin shark is a very rare, poorly understood, species of deep-sea shark. They are known primarily for their somewhat strange specialized “catapulting” jaws, which they use when feeding. When in action they look quite a bit like the alien from the movie Alien. It almost looks like there is something that lives inside of […]

April 27th

Reuters Fail — Oceans Are Absorbing The Heat, No Global Warming Slowdown

Reuters has published an article that genuinely fails honest, researched, and trustworthy journalism. It claims (incorrectly) that climate scientists don’t know why the atmosphere isn’t warming as fast as it was. It claims (incorrectly) that there is a gap in the climate science and in climate scientists’ understanding of global warming, and that there is […]

April 17th

Many Sick Sea Lions Found In California

Over 1,000 sick or starving sea lion pups have washed up on shores in Southern California since January. This trend has been reported about for months, according to the Marine Mammal Care Center. Some of the pups washing up on shores now are the same ones that were rescued previously. One female pup that was […]

April 11th

Air Pollution Stunts Coral Growth, Research Finds

A new study has found that Air pollution stunts coral growth, new research from the University of Exeter has found. The fine particulate matter that is released into the air as a result of fossil fuel burning, amongst other things, effectively “shades” the coral and subsequently cools the water that they reside in, both of […]

April 8th