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The Secret Ways Your Business is Damaging the Environment

How can your organisation lower its environmental impact? Business owners can no longer escape the need to ensure that their companies fulfill their environmental commitments. From high-profile, multi-national brands to small, independently-owned businesses, demonstrating green credentials is now an important part of a brand’s image. Your business probably already uses energy-saving light bulbs, recycles paper […]

February 6th

Environmental Impacts Of… Baseball Bats?

Baseball bats were made out of a strong wood known as hickory when the game came into existence. However, original bats were quite heavy. Players preferred lighter bats for quicker bat speed, so the manufacturers started to use maple and white ash to produce lighter bats. The preferred wood is white ash, and baseball bats […]

February 3rd

Bengali Forests Are Rapidly Disappearing, Research Finds

The rapid deforestation of the Sundarbans Mangroves is expected to intensify as human development in the area continues and climate change worsens, according to a new report from the Zoological Society of London. This will result in the extinction of a great many plants and animals, including the Bengal tiger. The Sundarbans are currently losing […]

January 13th

Deforestation In The Amazon Is Wiping Out Microbial Communities

There is a enormous loss of microbial diversity and communities occurring in the Amazon being as a result of deforestation, new research has found. This is an extremely important finding, and an area of research that has mostly gone uninvestigated. Microbial organisms are an integral part of any healthy, functioning ecosystem, if a large enough […]

December 27th

Taking A Stand

  By Patrick O’Keeffe Miranda Gibson is a 31-year-old teacher who has spent the past year engaged in a remarkably courageous act. Miranda has been living on a platform which sits 60 meters above the floor of an ancient Tasmanian forest. The tree that she has called home since December 14, 2011 stands at 70 […]

December 23rd

The Future Of The World (Funny Cartoon)

Funny cartoon. And certainly true. Here’s some more information on human-caused species extinctions, deforestation and agricultural failure, human-caused climate change, and ocean acidification for those interested. Happy Holidays

December 22nd

Best Environment Infographic Ever

  Seriously. This is the best environment infographic ever. Politicians and oil companies might waste time debating whether or not we’ve reached peak oil. What they ignore is that we run out completely in under 40 years’ time, by which time a third of the planet’s biodiversity will be lost. In the meantime, tantalum, that great […]

November 14th

World’s 25 Most Endangered Primates List Released

  This is worth a read, courtesy of ScienceHeathen. The 25 most endangered primates in the world have been identified in a new report released by the UN’s Convention on Biological Diversity COP11 earlier today. The report, titled “Primates in Peril: The World’s 25 Most Endangered Primates 2012-2014,” was created by the Primate Specialist Group […]

October 16th

Going Green Tip: Business Cards with a Green Touch

I’ve been planning to get business cards for a long time now, if for no other reason than to share with the Greenpeace folks I quite frequently see on the streets here in Wroclaw (and maybe also to place in all the great vegetarian & vegan restaurants and health food stores in the city). The […]

September 4th

Veganism & the Environment (Infographic)

  We’ve covered the benefits of going vegetarian or vegan many times here on Planetsave, but I don’t think we could cover it too many times. Here’s a wonderful infographic on “veganism and the environment” that someone from the infographic company that made this for Culinary Schools:

July 13th

Over-Population: The Most Serious Environmental Problem for Science

  It would be difficult to drive down any popular street in this country without seeing some new development. Whether it is a new subdivision of McMansions, or a new strip mall, it seems just about every farmer’s fields are growing smaller to make more room for supermarkets, fast food chains, or housing developments. It begs […]

May 27th

Need 2 Earths by 2030 If We Don't Change, Study Finds

  The world is living far beyond its resources according to a new report by the conservation group WWF. So much so that at current levels of consumption the earth would need to be 50 percent larger, and by projected levels of consumption in 2030, two times the size it is now. Biodiversity has declined […]

May 15th