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Save Two Million Children by 2015 with Peanut Butter

Project Peanut Butter, a non-profit organization located in St. Louis, MO is trying to save the lives of two million South Asian and African children by 2015.  They say 20 million children suffer from severe acute malnutrition and 3.5 million die every year because they don’t have enough to eat. To save starving children, the […]

December 3rd

New HIV/AIDS A3/02 Strain Faster, Deadlier

“Determining the HIV-1 subtype of infected individuals could be important in the management of HIV-1 infections,” say A3/O2 study authors.‪ (Photo: GIZMODO) Guinea-Bissau, West Africa, appears to have generated the newest strain of the HIV/AIDS virus. In recent years, health experts have begun to think of HIV/AIDS as a treatable, nonlethal disease. Seventeen people treated […]

December 2nd

Ontario May Ban Coal Power Outright

The province of Ontario may soon ban power plants from burning coal. This is an outright ban, nothing less. According to CTV News, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, alongside Al Gore, announced the proposed ban, which will be introduced by Monday and take effect in 2014 if passed. Her party (the Liberals) was criticized for being […]

November 23rd

Kids, Technology and Parents

Parents. You’re dumb. Well, not ALL of you–just most of you. Joe Mohr is a cartoonist for a variety of publications and children’s writer and illustrator. His first book ROBOT+BIKE=KITTEN was recently published.

November 14th

Vegan Cookies From Pipernilli — Superb!

I recently had the opportunity to try out some new, vegan cookies from a cookie company based in Brooklyn. Short story: the cookies were delicious. The cookie company is Pipernilli, “The Couture Cookie Company.” Its cookies are made fresh weekly using fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, the company strives to use fair trade ingredients […]

October 24th

Our Way Of Life

By Maggie Fox, President and CEO, Climate Reality Project It’s funny. A lot of the rhetoric we hear pushing back against putting a price on carbon pollution parrots the argument that “it would threaten our way of life.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Fossil fuels like oil and coal helped power us through the […]

October 21st

How Poverty Impairs Mental Functioning And Promotes Risky Decision-Making

Researchers who study poverty have long-recognized that those who live in poverty frequently behave in less capable ways and engage in risky behaviors that both produce additional problems and also exacerbate their poverty status. Previous research on people living in long-term poverty (Shah et al, 2012, others) have shown fairly conclusively that lack of financial […]

October 12th

Lose Weight and Help the Planet

Usually vegetarians or vegans familiar to me don’t push any agenda. They are content to live and let live, but when someone asks them about their food choices, they will provide information. Sometimes they over share – but generally because they are trying to be helpful, not argumentative. Naturally, discussions about food tend to lead […]

October 7th

The GOP And The ACA

On October 1st, folks all across the country, regardless of their health, can begin signing up for the Affordable Care Act mandated health insurance co-ops, which offer substantial savings via pooling and government support for these new healthcare options. Obamacare, as it’s commonly called, officially kicks in on January 1st, 2014. Let’s not mistake this […]

September 30th

Botfly — Dermatobia Hominis Facts, Symptoms, And Pictures

The human botfly (Dermatobia hominis) is a species of fly from the family Oestridae that is well-known for its love of human flesh, and its “interesting” means of parasitizing humans — bot fly larvae develop within the subcutaneous layers of human skin. And, yes, those who are unfortunate enough to become temporary hosts to the […]

September 29th

Gardens On Buses Purify City Air — Phyto Kinetic Project

We love plants because they meet our eyes as flowing forms, they greet our noses with fresh aromas, and they purify the air we breathe. We appreciate buses when we need to get from here to there in urban areas. Landscape artist Marc Granen’s prototype Phyto Kinetic project in Spain joins these two indispensable parts […]

September 26th

Egyptian Tomb Bats Carry MERS Coronavirus

We still don’t know how humans acquire Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS, formerly known as “n-coronavirus”). The mortality rate among people treated for MERS is 65%, making it one of the most lethal coronaviruses identified to date. However, scientists from the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia, the Center for Infection and Immunity of Columbia […]

August 23rd

Ecological Biocapacity Of World Is Now Surpassing 2013 Tipping Point

Global ecological biocapacity has hit 2013’s tipping point. From now through the end of the year, we are creating an ecological biocapacity deficit. Here’s more info on all this: Ecological Deficit 2013 Is Starting… Now (via Clean Technica) Originally published on Climate Progress.By Jeff Spross Today is Earth Overshoot Day 2013: the day humanity uses up […]

August 20th

Carrington Farms Coconut Oil (Review)

Coconut is one of my favorite foods, favorite waters, favorite creams. It is wise to consider coconut milk, after mother’s milk, and goat milk. Coconut milk is desirable for the young to old. It is balancing and nourishing. (Fresh water of young coconuts is especially balancing for the electrolytes of the body.) So, it follows […]

August 13th

Global Meditation (Crowdfund It?)

I’m a huge fan of meditation, but mostly of a truly spiritual nature. Nonetheless, meditation aimed at calming yourself down a bit, bringing more peace to your life, and even helping the world is still good. Many studies have found meditation to be useful for those aims. A new crowdfunding campaign is looking to get […]

August 8th

An Occupier For Congress

Our federal government has now clearly established itself as an enabler for corporate special interests instead of being the champion of we, the people and the common good. All three branches collude in eroding our civil rights, creating laws and policies which benefit the very rich at our expense. Our situation becomes less tolerable each […]

July 29th

Cyclospora Outbreak May Have Peaked Already

Reposted from A new stomach bug has arrived in the USA — but it might already be on its way out. As of Friday afternoon, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had received notifications of 285 cases of Cyclospora infection — about twice our annual average — in residents of 11 states, mainly in […]

July 29th

Geophysical Rhythms Of The Moon Influence Human Sleep, Research Finds — Lunar Cycle Influences Sleep Even In Lab Conditions

The geophysical rhythms of the Moon affect human sleep even when in a highly controlled laboratory environment where the Moon’s light isn’t visible, new research has found. The researchers say that this is some of the first ‘convincing’ scientific evidence to back up the assertion made by many people that they sleep less, and more […]

July 26th

Obesity Research Breakthrough

Reposted from Most of us have never heard of ghrelin (pronounced GRELL-in). The hormone has made headline news because a study published [this week] has explained how it interacts with FTO (fat mass and obesity-associated protein), the gene that researchers first linked to obesity in 2007. Here’s a closer look at the details of the new discovery. While only […]

July 17th

5 Cool Organic Living Quotes To Get Inspired By

We have all heard by now of the many benefits of organic living. The help to the environment, the rejection of chemicals that could potentially be causing health problems, a possible correlation to obesity when eating preservative high foods… the list goes on. Not to mention the improved taste of many foods when grown naturally, […]

July 15th