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DC Metro Police Searches Discourage Riders, Not Terrorists

Washington, DC’s Metro system recently enacted a random police search policy for its riders, citing increased security concerns for the decision. But in reality, the new policy does nothing to protect people from terrorist attacks and pushes people away from public transit and into cars.[social_buttons] Which is the bigger threat: a terrorist attack on a […]

November 7th

Bush Helps Open Trails to Mountain Biking in National Parks

President Bush is concentrating more on conservation issues in his last days of office. A few weeks ago he urged for the creation of more protected areas in our oceans. Now he wants to help mountain bikers gain access to national parks. Perhaps smarting over a judge’s recent decision to scratch the Bush administration’s plan […]

October 16th

The Bicycle Taxi of India Goes Motorized With Solar

The Soleckshaw, a new solar powered, motorized version of India’s humble rickshaw, has been unveiled this month in Delhi, and is being touted as a solution to traffic jams, pollution woes, and backbreaking human labor. [social_buttons] Logging its first miles in Delhi, the soleckshaw can be pedaled normally or powered by a 36-volt solar battery. […]

October 13th

Eco-News Roundup: Stories You Might Have Missed

Every week sees so many developments and news stories about the environment, energy and sustainability, it’s impossible to cover them all in depth. So I thought it would be helpful to occasionally summarize some of the more interesting reports from the past week. Here are a few that caught my eye: Two South African architects […]

September 29th