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Bicycling Facts Infographic (+ Top Green Living Posts)

Just ran across this great infographic on bicycling facts and the future of bicycling on our sister site sustainablog and, of course, wanted to share it on here. It’s the feature green living “story” of the day. The infographic is from our friends over at Well Home Energy Audit. Check it out and enjoy!

August 19th

Can You be an Environmentalist without Eating Green? (+ Top Green Living Stories)

Food is something we don’t write about a lot here on Planetsave, leaving that more to our sister site Eat Drink Better. But it’s a critical part of a green life. Think about how much food you eat and compare that to how many clothes you buy or how many other products you buy…. There’s no comparison.

Food is a huge part of our environmental footprint. Livestock, alone, account for somewhere between 18% and 51% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, depending on who you ask. They contribute to a number of other water and environmental quality problems as well. Plus, they use a huge amount of our limited freshwater. Food is also transported all over the world, using tons of energy and creating tons of emissions, and it is packaged in environmentally unfriendly plastic and paper products. So, the question is, can you be an environmentalist if you don’t green your diet? (And, what exactly qualifies as greening your diet anyway?)

August 18th

High Gas Prices Putting Canadians on Bikes & in Zipcars (+ Top Green Living Stories)

Cities around the world have blossoming bike sharing programs. But unlike blossoming flowers, these programs will both make people smile AND reduce their allergies. How, exactly? Well, increasing allergies is one predicted (and I think already occurring) result of global climate change. And bicycling for transportation purposes is one of the best options for combating climate change.

August 17th