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BMW 3 Series Plug-in Hybrid Unveiled

BMW recently unveiled a prototype plug-in hybrid electric version of its popular “3 Series” of production models. Utilizing a four-cylinder TwinPower Turbo gasoline engine (via the new Efficient Dynamics engine group) along with an electric motor, the prototype compares performance-wise with BMW’s 3 Series six-cylinder model — of course, that’s equal performance with far less fuel […]

November 30th

Renault-Nissan Alliance Has Sold 200,000 Electric Vehicles

With 58% of the global zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) market, there’s a strong argument to be made that the Renault-Nissan Alliance is the top electric vehicle manufacturer in the world, and the world leader has just passed its 200,000th electric vehicle (EV) sale. Renault and Nissan EV drivers have now driven approximately 4 billion kilometers, far […]

November 27th

2016 Chevy Volt Peekaboo Pics Unveiled

Originally published on EV Obsession. Update: I just noticed that sister site GAS2 also recently published on this story. 3 pics from that article are now added to the bottom of this one, and you can head over to GAS2 for more info and commentary. Volt owners in Los Angeles got a sneak peek of the 2016 Chevy […]

November 24th

Tesla & BMW Teaming Up?

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, as a percentage of total car sales, no auto manufacturer is selling more electric cars than BMW (not counting 100%-electric companies like Tesla Motors). The percentage (4.9%) is even more than double what Nissan has achieved this year (2.1%). Of course, in many respects, Tesla Motors is […]

November 24th

“Best Electric/Hybrid Buy” of 2015? Chevy Volt

Kelley Blue Book (KBB) has awarded the Chevy Volt the “best buy of 2015” designation in the electric/hybrid car category. That’s an impressive designation in a category that includes the BMW i3, Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model S, and Toyota Prius. Of course, if you actually look at the benefits of electric cars, I think you […]

November 21st

BMW i3 = 2015 Green Car of the Year

What’s the greenest new car of the year? A BMW electric car. The BMW i3, a wonderful entry electric car from BMW, was just announced the 2015 Green Car of the Year by Green Car Journal. With carbon fiber, aluminum, bamboo, recycled plastic, and the greatest efficiency of any vehicle on the market, it’s really no surprise […]

November 21st

Tesla Factory Upgrade Puts X-Men Names On Robots

Tesla Motors announced late last night (well, late last night over here in Europe) that it was implementing some factory upgrades. Going from a production of 0 not very many years ago to 22,000 last year, and then to 35,000 this year, has been quite a ride… but it’s just the beginning. With factory upgrades, […]

November 18th

Tesla Model S & BMW i3 Get New Skins

Tesla may be the most American car company nowadays, and especially once the gigafactory gets rolling. In honor of Veterans Day, Tesla rolled out a a Tesla Model S with camouflage vinyl wrap and louvered back windows. The special Model S was also stamped with a nice Twitter hashtag, #TeslaVets. It’s a nice tribute to the guys and gals who put their […]

November 15th

The EV Revolution (VIDEO)

A new video on climate solutions from the wonderful videographer Peter Sinclair highlights the EV revolution. Furthermore, what it really highlights is what I’ve been emphasizing as much as possible for the past year or so: the #1 thing that will really create an EV revolution is the absolutely fun and helpful instant torque that electric vehicles bring […]

October 28th

New Tool Helps You Find The Right Electric Car

A big thanks is due to the Sierra Club, as it has just launched a new ‘pick-a-plug-in’ internet tool to help you pick the best electric car for your driving habits and needs. A lot of people aren’t even aware of a single electric car on the market, and certainly don’t know all of the electric cars […]

October 23rd

Tesla D Speed Or Autopilot — What’s Bigger? (Poll)

Tesla Motors just made two huge auto announcements. The company paired them together, making them seem like one, but they are actually two separate things. The question I have, which is bigger for society as a whole? Tesla D — Dual Motor Model S Tesla last week unveiled “Tesla D,” which is actually an all-wheel […]

October 16th

Electric Cars Can Save You Money (Chart)

A new report, Seeing is Believing, focuses on the fact that tackling global warming doesn’t just protect us from disaster, disease, and premature death; it can also result in considerable economic boons. Joshua S Hill recently highlighted some of the electricity matters and the general story over on sister site CleanTechnica, but I wanted to […]

October 15th

Travel Smart With TripGo

Going through the trouble of planning a trip to a place in the city I hadn’t been was fu a long time back, but these days, the time to do so often steals time away from other important matters. So, I’m pretty psyched to find out about an app, TripGo*, that will automatically plan trips for […]

October 14th

Nissan LEAF Sales Hit Record Month 19 Months In A Row

I report on US electric car sales every month over on EV Obsession, but I hadn’t noticed this fun fact: Nissan has broken a record for Nissan LEAF sales in that month 19 months in a row. In other words, Nissan LEAF sales are climbing at a very strong and steady rate. In September, there […]

October 3rd

Electric Cars Greener Than The Average Car In 100% Of USA

Electric cars are much, much greener than gas cars (“gasmobiles,” as I like to call them). Even in the state with the dirtiest electricity grid (Colorado), electric cars charging from the grid have a miles per gallon equivalency of 34. The average new gasoline-powered compact car has a fuel economy rating of 28 mpg. (In the cleanest […]

September 18th

Chevy Volt vs Toyota Prius (VIDEO)

A couple of Via Motors employees decided to have a little fun and see how the two compared on a long commute. They drove 43.3 miles to work, 86.6 miles round trip. While the Volt driver could have plugged in at work, he decided to treat the trip more like it would be at a […]

August 21st

Perpetual Source Of Recharge (cartoon)

Many thanks for this one to Michael Leunig, an astute observer of Australian society. We found his cartoon on Facebook, attributed to the The omniscient wiki tells us that Leunig is a fifth-generation Australian and a cartoonist, poet, and cultural commentator. His best known works include The Adventures of Vasco Pyjama and the Curly Flats series. He was declared an Australian Living Treasure by the National Trust […]

July 23rd

One Electric Vehicle Data Logger to Rule Them All: MyEV

Electric vehicle owners tend to be a pragmatic and data-driven group, and while electric cars can offer a wide range of benefits to both the owners and the environment, the decision to buy an electric car often hinges on whether or not it makes financial sense for their particular situation. Because of that, electric vehicle […]

June 16th

50,000th Nissan Leaf Goes To… Texas Family

Over 50,000 Nissan LEAFs have now been sold in the US! That makes the LEAF the first electric vehicle to hit the impressive sales number in the country. The milestone was recently hit when a family in Dallas, Texas purchased a black LEAF SL at AutoNation Nissan of Lewisville. The achievement is of course no surprise, […]

May 26th

Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid's US Rollout Delayed (Again)

Mitsubishi’s Outlander Plug-in, a plug-in hybrid electric SUV or crossover, has had its US release date pushed back yet again, according to recent reports. As it stands now, it likely won’t hit the market until the 4th quarter of 2015 — possibly even later than that, maybe first quarter 2016. Given that the PHEV is already […]

May 21st

UK Electric Car Sales Growing Fast

It appears that after much effort, and head-scratching, the UK’s EV sales are finally starting to pick up some steam, based on recent figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. More than 1,200 EVs were sold this March, as compared to 270 last year, according to the Society. Certainly not huge sales, but […]

May 16th

Solar Vehicles In India

While solar vehicles are still rather more of a curiosity than a practical transportation solution — for most purposes anyways — the technology is slowly improving. And, for that matter, it is/could-be well-suited to certain specific environments or purposes. So before you brush off the technology completely, why not take a look at some interesting, […]

May 15th

Google Self-Driving Cars Hitting City Streets

As the next stage of development for Google’s self-driving car project, its self-driving vehicles have been hitting actual city streets… and all the unexpected obstacles that jump out into them. Well, I guess the point is that they aren’t hitting those obstacles. Apparently, they’re doing that better than humans themselves. “Since our last update, we’ve logged […]

May 4th

Chinese Nissan LEAF — Venucia e30 — To Arrive In September

The Venecia e30 — a Chinese rebadging of the very successful Nissan LEAF electric car — is set to hit the market a fair bit earlier than was previously expected, according to recent comments made at the Beijing Motor Show. The highly anticipated EV is now expected to begin its rollout to the retail market […]

April 24th

World Green Car Of The Year Is BMW i3

BMW’s luxury electric vehicle, the i3, was recently named as the 2014 World Green Car at a press conference hosted by the New York International Auto Show and Bridgestone Corporation. The highly regarded German EV was chosen from amongst a field of fourteen new vehicles, from all over the world. This was then narrowed down […]

April 24th

Ghosn's loss a gain for Musk

Tesla Motors Inc. recently decided to hire Simon Sproule, a veteran of Carlos Ghosn’s Renault SA-Nissan Motor Co. Alliance—the world’s biggest seller of battery-powered cars—to manage marketing and public relations. Some have referred to Tesla’s action as “poaching,” but on the whole it may improve the stature of the electric auto market. Sproule, former director of […]

April 3rd