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Off-Road Bike Paths Needed In Transportation Planning "Bible"

Making the case for off-road bike paths instead of on-road bike lanes (or, ideally, in addition to them), here’s a summary of some recent research I conducted and some recent research out of Harvard Medical School: More or less, bicycle infrastructure policy and its relationship to riderships was the topic of my 2007 master’s thesis. […]

May 24th

How Electric Cars Won Over A Car Hater

Here’s the story as to why I became an electric car lover after being a car hater: I’m not going to lie — I’ve got issues with cars. My master’s degree is in city and regional planning. From my experience studying that (before, during, and after graduate school), I’m well aware that cars and cities simply don’t […]

May 24th

Streetscaping For LA Cyclists & Pedestrians

Reposted from Bikocity: After several years of planning, the Figueroa Corridor Streetscape project (MyFigueroa) is coming even closer to reality. Soon, the Figueroa Corridor in Downtown and South Los Angeles will accommodate a bus-only lane and cycle tracks, while still maintaining vehicle access. When completed, Figueroa Corridor will provide a safer, sustainable, more comfortable local […]

April 7th

Bike Commuters Healthier Than Gym Goers

Reposted from Bikocity: Bike commuting is one of the most effective ways to promote general healthy, according to new research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. That’s not a surprise of course, as anyone who spends a lot of time bicycling knows. And of course bicycling has another significant advantage over many other […]

April 6th

How DC Became The US Leader In Bike Sharing

The way of leadership is best in example. I don’t think the White House is blind or deaf to peak oil, but oil pressure in DC is strong. Tar Sands and Occupy movements have surrounded the White House to bring home our hope that environmental concerns are not only for the tried and true naturalists, but […]

March 2nd