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Bicycle Superhighway Opens

Bikes and Northern Europeans — They Really Have It Going On   April 14, 2012 — the first part of a Bicycle Superhighway network opened. Copenhagenize brought us the story of new bike routes that will help Copenhagen to continue leading the way in this arena. Dreams are coming true. (Cyclist’s long-distance bike-riding dreams.) The infrastructure […]

May 7th

Rent a Bike, Make a Friend

Renting a bike is a great option for going green for short distance transportation. Enter Splintster, offering an appealing combination of friendship, greener living and a cleaner, more connected community.

May 2nd

Earth Day Infographic

  Of course, you can’t have a holiday without an infographic. So, here’s a nice Earth Day infographic that a friend of the site passed on to me — enjoy! Source: H&R Block

April 20th

Join the National Bike Challenge Before May 1!!

  A big 1st annual National Bike Challenge will start this May and run through August 31. To join in the challenge, there’s a simple 3-step process: Sign up as an individual or with a team. Log your bicycling miles. Share your stories & encourage others to join you. As you bicycle, you will be competing […]

April 16th

1/3 of US Adults Struggle to Afford Their Car

  There’s a sobering statistic for you, especially if you think the US is the land of milk and honey and is on top of the world economically. However, it’s also another reminder of the ridiculous inefficiency of the automobile, and the hefty price tag it carries. One would be much better off using the […]

April 9th

Young Americans Dropping Cars for Bikes & Buses

  Young Americans seem to be more aware of the benefits of bicycling and taking the bus than their parents and older siblings. A new U.S. Public Interest Research Group report, Transportation and the New Generation, finds that young Americans are increasingly going by bike and by bus than by car. On driving:  “From 2001 to 2009, the annual […]

April 7th

Bike Helmet Video Cameras

  Bicyclist Visibility & a Flashy Bike Helmet   One afternoon as I loaded my bike on the front of a bus I noticed a young man ride up behind me. I sat down on the bus happy to see another cyclist using integrated transit as I was. This is rare in the Florida city […]

April 6th

DIY Bike with Boots

  That’s what you call a DIY bike. Makes me think of that phrase “beauty’s in the eye of the beholder” for some reason. I ran across this cool bike with boots on Facebook.

March 22nd

Sweet Bicycle Fabrics (199 of Them)

  Becky Striepe of sister sites Crafting a Green World and Eat Drink Better recently shared this sweet bicycle fabric with me. But, what I just realized is that it’s not just one bicycle fabric, it’s 199 of them! Apparently, the site Spoonflower was hosting a bicycle fabrics design competition, and the one above was […]

March 15th

London's Boris Bikes Bike-Sharing Program Gets Bigger

  Biking is the greenest way to go, seriously. So, the fast growth of bicycle sharing programs across the country is something that excites me. Plus, bicycling is just so damn fun and exciting anyway — who isn’t into it? The Good News Today: London’s rather large bicycle sharing program, popularly called Boris Bikes, just […]

March 13th

Cool Bicycling Videos (3)

  Here are three cool bicycling videos I thought you all might enjoy. The first two are from bicycle lover and leader of Copenhagenize, from a trip he took to Brazil. I think the third one is totally awesome and funny, I think, but if you are adverse to ‘bad’ language, you might want to […]

March 13th

DIY, Crowdsourced Bike Map in Moscow

I’m not sure, technically, if something can be DIY and crowdsourced, but those seemed like the best adjectives for this bike map for Moscow… other than Awesome! Bicyclist, activist, and artist Anton Polsky has apparently triggered a “movement to create a participatory, informal bicycle map for Moscow,” as Shriya Malhotra of Pattern Cities reports. In other words, he’s spawned a crowdsourced bike […]

March 12th

Google Conference Bike for 7 People (Video of Conan O'Brien Riding It)

  How would you like to have a conference on a 7-person bike? Well, if that sounds like a dream conference, you might like to look into a job at Google. The ConferenceBike it uses actually has its own website (,.. a rather retro-looking website. As the website states: “It’s no joke: the ConferenceBike is a revolutionary […]

March 12th

Climate Ride 2012, Join In!

  One of my favorite activism events: tons of people get together to ride their bicycles along the East or West coast to raise awareness about climate change, raise awareness about one of its best solutions — bicycling, and raise money for organizations promoting global warming and environmental action, especially bicycling. The event, if you’re […]

March 9th

Vintage Bike Ride in France (VIDEO)

Love vintage bicycling outfits, and vintage bikes? Who doesn’t. Throw in some beautiful French countryside, old towns, and landmarks, and you’ve got a pretty beautiful bike ride (and video). Here’s a video ad for such a bike ride (love it): Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagenize, who shared the video above but is actually 100% about […]

March 7th

Asheville Offers Public Bike Repair Racks

Of course, we are all familiar with bike racks for parking your bike and locking it up — they are in just about every city. But have you heard of or seen bike repair racks before? These are public racks with most of the tools you would need to fix a broken bike. Here’s more […]

March 7th

Create Car-Free Streets in Your City or Town (New Guide)

  Ever wish you had some car-free streets in your city or town? At least once or twice a week? More and more cities across the U.S. and across the world are getting them, with the temporary street closings (i.e. once a week or once a month) commonly referred to as ciclovias. In the past […]

March 6th

Wooden Bikes from Urban Trees

  Salvaged urban trees, to be specific. Masterworks Wood and Design takes on the fun, creative, and totally green work of turning salvaged urban trees into wooden bicycles — sweet-looking ones! More via a video from Masterworks Wood and Design: “The story of these bikes goes from the felling of a family’s guardian tree, through the […]

March 6th

Beijing Bike-Sharing System to be HUGE

  Beijing’s planning a bike-sharing program that will give other top bike-sharing programs in the world a run for their money (as in, will be up there with the top bike-sharing programs in the world in size and scale). Stations for the program have been “spotted being installed in the Dongcheng and Chaoyang Districts of […]

March 5th

4 Top Green Living Stories

  Some top green living stories from the past couples weeks: Support This Pedal-Powered Food Cart on Kickstarter! A Cincinnati-based urban farm program has developed a cart for transporting fresh veggies to market. In the wake of the urban farm movement, Permaganic Eco Garden is seeking funding to support the development and production of a pedal powered tricycle. In […]

March 5th

4 Awesome Bicycling Videos!

Copenhagenize, a tremendous bicycling blog based in… Copenhagen, recently posted four awesome bicycling videos (ads/commercials, basically). None of the videos are in English, but Copenhagenize’s Mikael Colville-Andersen took the time out of his day to translate them. They’re great advertisements for bicycling, I think, and most of them are just plain funny, too. So, here they […]

February 29th

Berlin Transportation (& More) Time-Lapse

  I loooove time-lapse videos like these, but this is a super fun one. It really highlights some beautiful areas and aspects of Berlin, a city a really love. One of the things it highlights is Berlin’s great public transport and bicycling network. But it’s got much more than that and I couldn’t do it […]

February 23rd

3 Large U.S. Bicycling Organizations Unite!!

  Three of the largest bicycling organizations in the U.S. are joining forces—this has my blood moving and my nerves tingling!   I’ve been wishing they’d do this for a looong time. However, I never thought they would. The leaders of the Alliance for Biking & Walking, Bikes Belong, and the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) have decided to untie […]

February 23rd

75,000 Bicycle Trips a Day in San Francisco

  I’ll admit it, I love numbers. And I love bicycling, as you know. So, running across this recent statistic on one of the sites I used to write for, Earth & Industry, brought a little light to my face. Here’s more from Alison Leahy on San Francisco’s bicycle ridership growth: “Urban cycling is on […]

February 21st