Solar Energy

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How Clean Is Your Electricity? Ask The EPA

If you’ve ever wondered about the composition of the electricity delivered to your home (most of us have no clue), there’s one quick and easy way to find out. The EPA’s ‘Power Profiler’ tool has apparently been around for at least 2 years, but I only discovered it recently. Although the data used to generate […]

October 30th

100% Renewable Energy Future — How To Get There + Useful Studies

At the United Nations’ upcoming COP 19 event in Warsaw, the REN Alliance is scheduled to “introduce the theme of a 100% renewable energy future, and introduce case studies on how to attain this vision.” The side event is supposed to touch on technical integration of renewable energy resources, policies, financing, and more. Speakers will include […]

October 29th

Our Way Of Life

By Maggie Fox, President and CEO, Climate Reality Project It’s funny. A lot of the rhetoric we hear pushing back against putting a price on carbon pollution parrots the argument that “it would threaten our way of life.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Fossil fuels like oil and coal helped power us through the […]

October 21st

SolarCity Wants 1 Million Solar Customers By 2018

Originally published on Solar Love. SolarCity, already the #1 full-service solar provider in the US, has announced a target of 1 million solar customers by 2018, following a pretty huge, $120 million purchase of the direct sales company Paramount Solar. SolarCity is currently sitting at 68,000 solar customers, quite a ways off from its 2018 target. […]

August 22nd

Solar Power Growing Faster Than Usain Bolt Can Run

Originally published on Solar Love. There’s a solar panel installation boom going on. In the EU. In the US. In Asia. In South America. Globally. Solar panel installation volumes have skyrocketed due to falling solar power prices and decent solar power incentives from thoughtful governments. The latest research from GTM Research shows that ⅔ of the […]

August 21st

Solar Stocks — Rising Or Falling?

Originally published on Solar Love. Depending on who you ask, solar stocks are always either on the rebound and about to rise indefinitely, or about to fall further than they have for the past few years. Solar’s Long Fall To start with, in order to provide context to those who haven’t been following the solar […]

August 21st

Germany Crushes Monthly Solar Power Generation Record

There’s no denying it. Germany is the reigning champion of solar power. It is crushing one solar power record after another… despite being one of the greyest countries in the world. Here’s more on the country’s latest record via CleanTechnica: Germany Breaks Monthly Solar Generation Record, ~6.5 Times More Than US Best (via Clean Technica) […]

August 20th

White House To Finally Get Solar Panels

How many years ago was it promised that the White House would have solar panels installed on the roof? Three that seemed more like twelve. The disappointments that resulted from the unfulfilled promise were great and not at all necessary. How hard is it to get a small number of them on the roof of […]

August 15th

Solar Power Prices Going Lower & Lower

Originally published on Solar Love. We’re in the midst of a massive cleantech revolution. Solar power is beginning to disrupt the hell out of the power industry. Electric vehicles are on the verge of putting gasmobiles to sleep. Wind power is already one of the cheapest options for new electricity generation in the world — if not the cheapest. The movement […]

August 12th

Solar Array Will Light A Long Norwegian Winter

It’s pretty dim in Rjukan, Norway, for five months of the year. Between the capital of Oslo to the east and the famous Norwegian fjords on the west coast, the town of about 3000 lies in a narrow valley at the foot of Gaustatoppen, the highest mountain massif in Telemark County. Winter sports attract many […]

July 28th

Peru To Power 2 Million Of Its Poorest — By Solar Energy

Peru last week initiated a new program that will provide electricity to more than two million of its poorest residents using solar panels. Energy and Mining Minister Jorge Merino said that the program will allow 95% of Peru to have access to electricity by the end of 2016. Currently, approximately 66% of the population has […]

July 15th

Solar Permitting Process Being Streamlined In Palo Alto — New System Means That PV Systems May Receive Approval In Less Than A Week

Solar PV permitting processes tend to be rather laborious and slow-moving — especially in the US — so any improvements to and streamlining of such processes by local governments is to be highly commended. The bureaucracy associated with such permitting processes is thought to be one of the primary obstacles to higher rates of household […]

June 30th

10 Companies With Eco-Conscious Production Processes

A lot of companies out there claim to “going green.” Take the different manufacturers of hybrid automobiles, for instance. Sure, the cars use less fossil fuels than conventional automobiles. However, they still emit a ton (well, many tons) of greenhouse gases, and their manufacturing processes are also highly energy intensive. Hybrid manufacturers are not alone; many […]

June 21st

Summer Solstice 2013 Google Doodle Is Refreshing

Summer solstice 2013 is here. Among other things, that means it’s hot! It also means a lot of people are headed to the beach to enjoy the sun and also cool off in the ocean… or sea or lake or whatever you have in your area. Google has commemorated the annual event with a cool […]

June 21st