Solar Energy

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Massachusetts Legislature Raises Net Metering Cap

House and Senate leaders in Massachusetts came to an agreement yesterday on raising the state’s net metering cap by 3%. A six-member House and Senate conference committee agreed on the bill’s final language late Tuesday, April 5. As reported by PV-Tech and New England Cable News, this bill — H.4173 — comes after five months of negotiation, […]

April 6th

Clean Power Plan Status Report

As many know, on February 9, 2016, the US Supreme Court stayed implementation of the Clean Power Plan pending judicial review. For background, here is a brief glimpse into this issue. According to the EPA, the Court’s decision was not on the merits of the rule. “EPA firmly believes the Clean Power Plan will be upheld when […]

April 4th

Costa Rica’s New Net-Metering Pricing Structure To Begin On April 7

Following more than a year of negotiations between the utility company I.C.E. and the solar energy organization Acesolar, a new net-metering pricing structure has been agreed upon — putting an end to a year long hiatus on projects intended to make use of net-metering — according to Costa Rica’s Regulatory Authority for Public Services. The […]

April 2nd

March Sees Bloomberg & Sky Join RE100

Media giants Bloomberg and Sky plc announced this month that they are joining the RE100 coalition of companies committing to 100% renewable power. RE100 bills itself as “a collaborative, global initiative of influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity, working to massively increase corporate demand for renewable energy.” As of the end of the month, […]

March 29th

How Does Solar Energy Work? How Solar Power Works

If asked how solar energy works, not many can accurately describe solar power fundamentals to friends and associates. So here is a refresher for those wanting to refresh their renewable energy knowledge base. Sun basics It helps understanding how this remarkable source of energy burns. Born some 4.6 billion tears ago, the Sun is roughly 109 […]

March 24th

CLEANTECH REVOLUTION TOUR → BERLIN Updates: Energy-Efficient Location, Another EV Speaker…

Via CleanTechnica: We’ve got several notable updates regarding our first cleantech conference — CLEANTECH REVOLUTION TOUR → BERLIN — to share with you. First of all, we now have: → a Facebook event page (share with friends!) → an event webpage (which we’ll continuously update) → an eventbrite page for registering (again, register, and share with friends!) … and a confirmed […]

March 24th

Concentrated Solar Power | About Solar Concentrator Technology

Solar concentrator technology, commonly referred to as concentrated solar power, stands in contrast to static photovoltaic panel electricity generating technologies, because it operates using moving parts, like a turbine, which can then generate electricity. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), power plants with concentrating solar power, most often referred to in the short […]

March 22nd

Gathering Of Solar Advocates Protests SDG&E Net Metering Challenge

According to the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA), protests were heard from a passionate crowd of local clean energy advocates gathered last Wednesday at San Diego Gas & Electric’s Corporate Campus in Kearny Mesa. In its press announcement, CALSEIA stated the protest was organized in conjunction with two other organizations,  the Sierra Club and […]

March 21st

Arizona SB 1417 May Slow Rooftop Solar Growth

Arizona SB 1417, a new bill limiting the Arizona rooftop solar industry and being tagged as anti-business, has arrived on Governor Doug Ducey’s desk. SB 1417, if signed, would increase costs for solar companies and customers, and likely increase the time it takes for consumers to get rooftop solar, writes Rose Law Group Reporter. “It’s […]

March 21st

Spanish Utility Acquires 410 Gigawatt-Hours Of Solar Electricity

Originally published on Sustainnovate. The Spanish utility company Endesa purchased 410 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of solar electricity during a recent solar energy auction for Portugal and Spain, according to recent reports. The solar auction in question ended with a price of €39.6/MWh/megawatt-hour ($43.82). The aforementioned 410 GWh of solar electricity equates to roughly 681 megawatts (MW) […]

March 21st

Second Phase Of South Africa 175MW PV Project Completed

The second phase of a 90MW PV project has been completed in South Africa under the country’s renewable energy program. PV-Tech reports South African Minister of Energy Tina Joemat-Pettersson yesterday launched the second phase of the Solar Capital De Aar project in the Northern Cape province. When combined with the 85MW first phase, which was […]

March 17th

Parliament In Spain Removes Punitive ‘Sun Tax’

Originally published on CleanTechnica Spain’s solar association Union Espanola Fotovoltaica (UNEF) reports a majority of members in the Spanish parliament have signed an agreement removing a controversial Royal Decree against self-consumption of solar energy, also known as the ‘sun tax.’ The agreement has been made within 100 days of a new government being formed. Although […]

March 10th

Cleantech Revolution Tour Event — April 8–10 In Berlin, Germany

Originally published on CleanTechnica (with slight modification). As I wrote just before Christmas, CleanTechnica is planning to implement solar + electric vehicle events in cities across North America and Europe (and perhaps further at some point). In partnership with GridHub, an exciting renewable energy startup based in Berlin that I’ll write more about shortly, we’re launching the […]

March 8th

Solar Energy & Solar Power Facts

For those who support the principles behind renewable energy, here is a list of solar energy and solar power facts which is nice to have handy. As a matter of fact, the next time somebody questions you about the viability of solar energy, arm yourself with some of these solar energy facts. After all, there’s nothing […]

March 4th

How Solar Power & Photovoltaics Work

Does the solar power you enjoy use photovoltaics? Or is it a collector system? Does it generate electricity or heat? While it’s great enjoying the benefits of this clean power source, it is always helpful knowing what type of solar power is going to serve you best, its relative costs, and how it works. Here According to […]

February 10th

Understanding Concentrated Solar Power Technology

Among various solar energy technologies, one is referred to as concentrated solar power, or concentrating solar power. The acronym CSP applies to either. Worldwide CSP systems generate solar power by using mirrors or lenses to concentrate a large area of sunlight, or solar thermal energy, onto a small area. The concentrated heat is used to eventually spin a […]

February 8th

30 Solar Energy Facts Worth Knowing

The next time somebody questions the viability of solar energy, arm yourself with these 30 solar energy facts. After all, there’s nothing better than access to a large warehouse of useful information, especially when considering this planet’s energy future. But before we start with that, here are three books concerning solar energy, its history, its future, […]

February 7th

The Looming Electricity Storage Threat Our Utilities Face

Originally published on CleanTechnica Once upon a time, utilities were the keepers of the nation’s electricity storage and distribution infrastructure, or grid, as it were. Using plentiful coal, hydropower, and even natural gas, the job of keeping the lights lit has long represented a modern-day miracle. Flick a switch, and power up whatever might be […]

February 5th

World Energy Council Report: Energy Storage Has Solid Future

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Renewable energy storage endeavors appear to be highly attractive business models worldwide for the year 2016. A report from the World Energy Council states worldwide solar energy storage platforms will become more competitive as new battery technologies drive prices down. On the wind storage front, technical advances in areas such as composite […]

January 31st

Al Gore & Bill Maher Talk Climate Change & The Deniers

Take a few moments for this video — despite the compromised visual quality, the sound is fine. The conversation flows nicely. Climate Reality leader Al Gore and Bill Maher talk climate change and the deniers. It is a short conversation complete with great reminders and touches of humour (as typical of Maher’s style). Mayer’s questions enhance the […]

January 31st

SolarCity Introduces SunRaising, A Solar Referral Fundraising Program For Nonprofits

Originally published on CleanTechnica SolarCity today announced SunRaising, a referral program that allows nonprofit organizations to raise additional funds by encouraging members to adopt solar. California-based SolarCity will donate $200 to the nonprofit for each person who signs up for solar. Riverkeepers is one of its early participants. Organizations can tap into this powerful money-raising option by joining […]

January 21st

NREL: Solar Cell Defects Might Improve Solar Cells

Originally published on CleanTechnica The time-honored adage that we sometimes learn best by the mistakes we’ve made is now being applied by scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in their study of defects in solar cell defects, stating the results may lead to improved performance. The study reports about certain defects in silicon solar cells […]

January 21st

Clinton & Others Challenge Nevada PUC Solar Policy Changes

Originally published on CleanTechnica Nevada’s December PUC decision to cut net metering rates and increase the residential PV owner rate payable to the state utility, NV Energy, has brought reaction from many, including Democratic presidential challenger Hillary Clinton. According to pv-magazine, she joins an outspoken group concerned with the fight to save solar in the state […]

January 14th

Solar Plants: UK’s Lightsource Connects 100 MW Of Solar In December

Originally published on CleanTechnica Lightsource Renewable Energy has announced the connection of 23 new sites in December, totaling more than 100MW of new capacity. This is a solid performance for expanding the renewable energy infrastructure. Of the 23 solar farms, 14 were connected via the feed-in tariff (FIT), which is due to be drastically scaled back […]

January 13th

Rooftop Solar Slides Downward In Nevada; SolarCity To Cut 550 Jobs

Originally published on CleanTechnica Nevada may be considered an excellent location for producing solar electricity, but only if you happen to be this state’s solo power utility, Nevada Energy. The once-popular idea of placing solar panels on rooftops in order to feed the grid as a distributed energy producer in order to receive compensation from the […]

January 8th

Nevada Rooftop Solar Exodus Grows

 Originally published on CleanTechnica. Add Sunrun to the list of solar companies ending their Nevada operations in response to anet metering ruling by the Nevada Public Utilities Commission. The San Francisco-based company today said it has ceased all operations in Nevada, a move resulting in hundreds of job losses. In a press announcement, the company said the […]

January 8th

Financing Options For Home Solar

Originally published on Home Solar PV. Even though the price of solar panels has dropped over the past few years, a solar energy system for your home will still cost $20,000 – 30,000. Most of us don’t have that kind of money just sitting around: if we do have those kind of assets, they’re tied […]

Free Home Solar Installation

Originally published on Home Solar PV. Seen an advertisement recently promoting “free solar installation” or “free solar panels” for your home? Figured it was probably some kind of shady deal with lots of catches involved? Perhaps, and you’re smart to investigate further. But don’t necessarily write those claims off, either: the offer of “free solar […]

Home Solar Is Your Clean, Quiet Power Plant

Originally published on Home Solar PV. You can be forgiven for not wanting to live next door to a traditional power plant. They’re big, noisy, and smelly, and even with the most modern of pollution controls, you probably still don’t want your family breathing whatever’s coming out of them. When it comes to coal or […]