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8 Upcycling Craft Ideas for Families

Spending time as a family is important. Finding something fun to do that costs little or nothing isn’t always so simple, however, especially when you have children who are easily distracted. It is what usually leads so many to spend a lot going out to theme parks and other expensive adventures.

May 7th

Earth Day Infographic

  Of course, you can’t have a holiday without an infographic. So, here’s a nice Earth Day infographic that a friend of the site passed on to me — enjoy! Source: H&R Block

April 20th

SnagFilms Offers Earth Day Collection

  To honor this year’s Earth Day, SnagFilms has brought to you a collection of excellent films that speak towards our need to protect our planet. Check them out right here or at, share them with others, and spread their important message on Earth Day 2012! (Films embedded below the list.) 1. I Love […]

April 20th

Green Technology that Will Shape the Future

The last few years haven’t been great for clean technology. Implementing cleaner ways of doing things has been going fast but than needed, and even several United Nations global warming summit have failed to come up with ways for industries to limit carbon emissions. While governments haven’t tackled global warming to an ideal or even […]

April 6th

Spring Cleaning: 10 Ways to Upcycle Junk Creatively!

  Everyone knows they should recycle. But many people forget that there are two other R’s in Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, and that the other two immediately work together. Upcycling is the process of putting together something new by using old materials you might otherwise throw away. Doing this not only reuses an old item, […]

April 2nd

Eco-Love (Environment Matters to 52% of Americans in Dating)

  I received this graphic above a little before Valentine’s Day, but I’m just getting around to sharing it :D. Nonetheless, I figured it’s as relevant every day as on February 14, and I think it’s something worth paying attention to. The basic finding is that approximately 52% of Americans would question dating someone who […]

March 15th

What We Can Learn from Garbage (Film)

  It is certainly both odd as well as obvious to claim that plastic bags do not have deep inner thoughts. They do not cherish, yearn, regret, or hope. They have no mothers, friends, or soul mates, and they certainly do not have existential crises. Despite all of this, the SnagFilms documentary Plastic Bag highlights […]

March 13th

Cash for Electronic Scrap – Cash for Gold

  by Lynn Jackson I have a cardboard box inside my coat closet dedicated to electronic scrap I no longer use – a Discman, my old Razr phone, the charger for one thing and an adapter for something else. In addition to representing mass consumerism and my own techno-deficiencies, this cardboard box is symbolic of an […]

March 13th

Growing E-Waste Epidemic (Infographic)

  E-waste isn’t a topic we cover often here on Planetsave, but it’s a big one. Where do you think all your electronics go when they get old (‘old’ being a couple of years these days)? We don’t like to think about it, but it’s important. A reader recently shared the great e-waste infographic below […]

March 8th

5 Problems with Being a Throwaway Culture

  Where does trash really go? A common misconception is that if we simply throw something away, then it will magically go to a place where we can forget about it forever. However, acting out of convenience and without consideration for the bigger environmental picture (and for our future), we have contributed to a throwaway […]

March 5th

Green Living News

OK, last roundup of the week! Here’s a roundup of some top green living stories of the week, other than the 15 or so we’ve already covered (click the link above for those… there were some fun ones this week!):

January 27th

Green Work Habits That You May Not Have Thought About

As thousands of people try to “go green” in an attempt to help the environment and our natural resources, there are various ways to help out that you may not have considered yet. No matter where you are, there are always things you can add into your daily routine in order to help a little […]

January 3rd