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The Greening of Paint

[social_buttons] Oregon this summer became the first state to enact in law a product stewardship law for the collection of leftover consumer paint.  The pilot program, which expires in 2014, involves a consumer fee that a nonprofit organization established by paint producers uses to pay for the collection and proper disposal or reuse of the […]

September 8th

Who Needs a Phone Book?

[social_buttons] As the Internet becomes the resource more Americans turn to for phone numbers, lawmakers are beginning to examine the proliferation of unwanted phone books — and their environmental impact. A Minnesota legislator, Rep. Paul Gardner, has introduced state legislation to allow consumers to opt-out of receiving the paper directories, but is taking a wait-and-see […]

August 10th

Activists Make First Attempt to Clean Pacific Garbage Patch

A group of intrepid activists are making a bid to be the first to undertake a clean-up mission to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also know as the Plastic Vortex. [social_buttons] Project Kaisei will sail to out of San Francisco to attempt to remove 40 tons of plastic waste from the 4 million tons believed […]

May 5th

Boat Made of 16,000 Plastic Bottles to Sail from Cali to Australia

[social_buttons] British environmentalist David de Rothschild, author of Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook, met with the San Francisco Conservation Corps on Wednesday to talk about “Plastiki,” a 60-foot catamaran made from recycled plastic (except for the masts), which he’ll use to sail from San Francisco to Australia: an 11,000 mile voyage! The boat is […]

March 22nd

Build Your Own Recycled Pallet Compost Bin for $15

  Do you want to limit the amount of trash you produce and help make your backyard soil healthy and productive? One of the easiest solutions to these problems is to compost your food waste. It requires little personal energy, and you will benefit from the rich compost resulting from the breakdown of your kitchen […]

March 5th

Homeless Recycling Collectors Screwed by California Law

A misguided new California law prevents people from selling recycling if they do not have a valid state ID card. On the rare sunny San Francisco day, people don’t flock to the beach as much as you’d expect-they head to the inland parks since often the beach is still cold. Dolores Park, one of the […]

October 20th

Take Action to Save Energy: Cooking with an Insulated Hot Box

If you’re excited by the possibility of cutting back on your home energy consumption and saving a few precious dollars on your energy bill, let me introduce you to the idea of hot box cooking. A simple hot box provides a wise solution to preparing meals without the excessive use of your stovetop or oven. […]

October 9th