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How To Recycle Your Phone Correctly

Technology is developing at an alarming rate and thanks to this there are plenty of new techie toys for us to get our hands on! Before you cast your old cell phone aside in favour of that shiny new one, make sure you think carefully about how to recycle your device responsibly. 70% of the […]

November 5th

7 Surprising Things You Should Not Recycle

According to an Ipsos poll, 87 percent of American adults recycle regularly and nearly 51 percent recycle every day. While more and more people are learning about the benefits of recycling and taking action, there are many common mistaken non-recyclables that get thrown in the green bin that shouldn’t be there. It’s just as important […]

November 2nd

5 Green Home Cleaning Tutorials

  No matter who we are or what we do, cleaning the house is a chore that we all have to tackle, at least now and again. While the job of scrubbing the modern home has been made relatively easy thanks to the wide range of chemical cleaners available, there are many that are bad […]

October 27th

6 Upcycled Hacks: Automotive Edition

  As a green-minded individual, you’ve recycled, reused, and donated many items over the years, but the new trend in environmentally friendly home activities is upcycling, the act of transforming otherwise useless items into works of art and functionality that could have been sprung only from the human imagination. From lamps and tables made out […]

September 21st

10 Kitchen Storage Solutions for Upcycling Maniacs

  The kitchen is an area that you would hope would always have a ton of space. But somehow, it always manages to be one of the smaller areas in any given home. A lack of counter tops or cupboard space are some of the biggest issues, leaving people scrambling to find anywhere they can […]

September 13th

VOS Flip-Flops — Love Them, & Love the Company!

  I recently received a pair of VOS flip-flops to review (or flips, as the company calls them). I was pretty stoked. The flip-flops are made of 100% natural, recyclable rubber. Also, the company is big into social initiatives in the communities where they are manufactured. The company is giving away one pair of sandals […]

September 9th

Going Green Tip: Business Cards with a Green Touch

I’ve been planning to get business cards for a long time now, if for no other reason than to share with the Greenpeace folks I quite frequently see on the streets here in Wroclaw (and maybe also to place in all the great vegetarian & vegan restaurants and health food stores in the city). The […]

September 4th

Eco-Friendly, Vegan Shoes! (Review)

I had a great opportunity to review some new, cool, super green, comfortable, vegan shoes recently. They are made of recycled and repurposed materials, and are a product of Unstitched Utilities. Here’s my review. […]

August 26th

London Olympics Zero-Waste Pledge

  The London Olympics apparently has a zero-waste pledge. Yep, it plans to host one of the biggest events on the planet without sending anything to the landfill. Pretty astounding. Who knew? “To achieve this rather lofty eco-goal, all packaging used to put on the games will be color-coded to match color-coded trash bins,” Take […]

July 27th

Moving to More Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

It isn’t hard to see that our society’s current way of using the environment is unsustainable. Nearly everyone recognizes that significant change is needed. The problem is that we’re tempted to look to the government or to large corporations for that change, while not recognizing that a sustainable society requires adjustments at every level. We […]

July 9th

5 DIY Hacks for an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

  Saving the environment begins at home and what better part of your house to concentrate on than the one that uses up to hundreds of liters of water each day? Between the toilet, wash basin, bathtub and shower, more water is wasted through bathroom activities each day than in any other area of your […]

June 21st

Cool Summer Upcycled Crafts Ideas for Your Inspiration

  Summer is almost here, and already you can hear children playing outside and birds singing. While there is a great deal to do outdoors during the summer months, you don’t have to keep yourself chained to those activities the entire time. You and your family might feel like spending a couple of hours inside […]

June 14th