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Top 5 Websites That Make Recycling Easy

Most of us have plenty of old stuff at home we no longer use or need because the household utilities are no longer functional, clothes are old-fashioned and gadgets have just got boring (and you are planning newer and better replacements)

Would you like to unclutter or simplify your lifestyle? So before heading towards the green trash bin, take a look at these websites and find a new life for your old stuff.

August 9th

Plastic {Infographic}

Plastic — it is everywhere and, while it has helped humanity in some ways, it is also wreaking havoc on ecosystems and organisms around the world (including humans). Here is an interesting infographic with some stunning and disturbing information on how much plastic we use, what problems it’s linked to, plastic in the ocean, BPA, and plastic’s ridiculously long lifespan. The most interesting line of the infographic, in my opinion, is this one: “every piece of plastic made still exists today.” But, really, there’s a ton of interesting info here:

July 27th

Recycling: The Good, The Better, The Best {Infographic}

A new friend recently shared this recycling infographic, thinking it might be a good fit for Planetsave — didn’t take long for me to say, “great idea!” All kinds of useful or just plain interesting info on recycling, recycled product, and related info here. One of the most interesting points, in my opinion, is how much Japan composts, but there’s a lot more info that sort of blows me away as well. Enjoy! (& share the infographic with your friends.)

July 20th

Recycling Soap Can Save Lives…

I’m not a big fan of bar soap in hotel rooms — so much seems to go to waste, and saving it for use at home isn’t all that fun either. Well, some organizations are looking to help solve the problem of soap waste and save lives in the developing world as well. Here’s more from our sister site sustainablog:

July 14th

Glass Straws Help Keep You Green And Refreshed

In an effort to be more green, many of us have started toting reusable plastic or aluminum water bottles around with us instead of buying bottled water on the go. Choosing reusable items over products that have to be recycled is one of the best things we can do for our planet. Recycling is good but not having to recycle at all is even better.

June 25th

'How to Build A Forest' – Art Project Goes Up, Comes Down in 8 Hours

Part traditional art installation and part theatrical performance, ‘How to Build A Forest’ will evolve over an 8 hour period as it gradually fills the entire interior space of the venue, and then, is completely dismantled. The work is meant to illustrate “the disconnect between urban dwellers and the natural world” and will premier this Friday, June 17, 2011 at the Kitchen in New York City.

June 13th

EPA Reports 9.8 Million Tons Per Year in Furniture Waste

In 2009, U.S. EPA reported that furniture accounted for 9.8 million tons (4.1%) of household waste. Furniture is the number one least-recycled item in a household, and it was only up until 2008 that there was a recovery (materials used for recycling) greater than 0.05% since the 1960s — 0.1%. And by 2015, it is estimated that we will spend $121.7 billion to re-furbish our homes with new furniture. As we are increasingly persuaded by TV shows to remodel our homes and to replace old furniture, we are also adding more to the landfill in record numbers.

May 5th

Be Green for Your New Baby to Celebrate Mother’s Day.

Being a new mom can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time, as adding a new addition to the family is also adding a new consumer to earth. If you want to lead an example for your new baby to minimize your family’s carbon footprint, then it’s time to implement some new ways of living.

April 27th

Surfer Recycling Ocean Garbage into Surfboards

Individuals that physically interact with their outdoors environment tend to be passionate about preserving it. Hikers, conservationists, fishermen, hunters, rock climbers, and surfers are passionate about keeping their outdoor playgrounds free of pollution.

April 18th

Eco-Friendly Luxury Bags From Passchal

If you are stay at home Dad and don’t like to carry a diaper bag with Zebras, Pooh-bear or Disney babies then Passchal has the bag for you. Passchal has come up with a Eco-friendly luxury bags made from discarded tractor tire inner tubes.

April 13th

The End of Intensive Farming Fertilizers?

Hundreds of years ago, it was common practice for all the sh*t in a town or city to be gathered up each night and dumped on the nearby fields as fertilizer. This provided excellent nutrients for the crops, but it also created a lot of disease.

Scroll forwards hundreds of years later, and we still have to wash our fruit and veg because of all the chemical sh*t dumped on it. More to the point, real sh*t is being looked at again as a sustainable substitute for chemical and phosphate fertilizers used in intensive agriculture.

March 22nd

Are Your Recycled Cereal Boxes Toxic?

Not good. A new study showed that food stored in packaging made from recycled cardboard may have some mineral oils that leeched from the cardboard.  Mineral oils have been shown to be toxic on rats and could cause in humans: chronic inflammation of various internal organs cancer. In some foods, the amount of mineral oils […]

Star Wars Imperial Walker Made From Recycled Computer Parts

I had to share this. I think any Star Wars buff could appreciate an Imperial Walker constructed from old computer parts. The artist behind this great masterpiece is Sage Werbock better known as the Great Nippulini. Sage is a retired sideshow performer who now works as a professional body piercer. Sage is self-taught in the art of metalworking […]

February 16th

Green Living Stories of the Last Week (or So)

OK, one more wrap-up this week. And perhaps our last weekly wrap-up, period. As I am thinking I will switch to daily wrap-ups instead. (Let me know if you have any objection.) As the title says, this wrap-up is of good or cool green living stories. Biking Biking is one of the greenest things you […]

February 7th

Cowboys Stadium 5th Greenest Stadium in U.S. (Top Ten List)

Ranking U.S. stadiums according to “the depth and breadth” of their green initiatives, national home solar company SunRun recently came up with a top 10 list of the greenest stadiums. Cowboys Stadium, where the Super Bowl is about to be played, came in at number 5. From the planning stages, when the Dallas Cowboys intended […]

February 6th

Recycling PET Plastic [Game]

On America Recycles Day (Nov. 15), green rewards program RecycleBank pledged to educate consumers about recycling right. Now, RecycleBank is using its “Learn & Earn” digital platform to educate consumers on recycling polyethylene terephthalate (or PET) bottles. Don’t get offended if you are a super greeny and already know all about recycling, because you must know […]

December 22nd

TerraCycle Gets Cheese Companies on Board

TerraCycle’s recycling campaigns are so easy to participate in that nearly any company with any sense (and the opportunity) can get on board and get some good green PR for doing so. While I wouldn’t give most of the cheese companies below much green credit, it is at least good that they joined TerraCycle’s new […]

December 21st

Running Out of P ? – World Nearing Peak Phosphorus

It seems we always take the most basic things for granted. With regards to adequate water, air, and soil (things we assume will always be there) we are gradually becoming more mindful of them, and their limits. But how many of us are worried about phosphorus (P) running out? Well, lately, more and more agricultural […]

December 1st

Recyclable Laptop [VIDEO]

Laptops are becoming old and obsolete faster and faster these days, and therefore they are often making it to the waste piles much quicker than they used to. A class of Stanford graduate students have recently created a prototype of a computer laptop which can be easily broken down into a recyclable product. Known as […]

November 11th

Use Eco-Friendly Furniture (Going Green Tip #12)

The task seems so big that it would be easy for everyone to throw up their hands and proclaim their inability to change the environmental problems that are currently ongoing. These include the depletion of forests and other natural habitats, the pollution of the air with greenhouse gases, the poisoning of water sources with toxic […]

November 5th

TerraCycle a True Green Leader

President Bill Clinton got into the topic of trash at the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative recently. It is an important topic. We create tremendous amounts of waste these days, and much of it could be used in a constructive way, rather than polluting our planet. While some companies are trying to be greener and minimize […]

October 12th

Are GreenButts Environmental Cigarettes Going Too Far?

[social_buttons] Cigarette butts make up nearly 25% of collected garbage which degrade and allow chemicals like cellulose acetate to enter the earth and groundwater. It’s rare that we come across an environmentally-friendly alternative to a common item that just isn’t beneficial. More often than not, anything that can reduce the carbon footprint that’s placed upon […]

Here's Your Chance to Ask Starbucks "What's Up with the Cup?"

Starbucks invites you to join a live online conversation about the company’s efforts to make its cups recyclable. [social_buttons] Imagine… you’re in a Starbucks enjoying your double tall, soy latte and chatting with a close friend. You finish your beverage, and get up to throw away your soiled paper cup. But there is no recycling […]

April 22nd

America’s Environmental Apathy Continues

Americans have no more desire in 2010 to be environmentally friendly than they did in 2000. [social_buttons]According to the large Gallup poll conducted March 4 – 7, Americans surveyed show very little desire to increase their more environmentally friendly actions. And though approximately three in four recycle, have reduced their household energy usage and buy […]

April 12th

DE bottle refund law: Mend it, don't end it, say advocates

A volunteer poses with the bottles and cans collected at a Massachusetts watershed cleanup. [social_buttons] A month after the governor of Delaware proposed dumping the state’s beverage container refund law in favor of a new tax for community recycling, in-state and national environmental groups have come out against the recommendation.  Delaware is one of 11 […]

February 9th

Is A Pill Take-Back Law in Our Future?

[social_buttons] As the product stewardship movement gains steam, attention is turning to the issue of unsafe disposal of residue or unwanted consumer pharmaceuticals.  The widespread detection of pharmaceutical residues in public waters and fish has raised biologists’ concerns.  In Minnesota, the popularity of public-sponsored take-back days and a coming legislative proposal in the 2010 session […]

February 3rd

Curbside Vs. Deposit and GHG Reduction

[social_buttons] The beverage container industry continues to fight state and national container legislation despite evidence that such laws could contribute significantly to greenhouse gas reduction while providing energy, recycling and litter control benefits. The industry says community recycling programs, which put the cost burden on communities rather than container manufacturers, are a superior system for […]

December 15th