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$700 Billion Bailout Includes Tax Break for Bicycle Commuters

Tacked on last minute to the $700 billion bailout, bicycle commuters across the nation will be eligible for for a tax benefit that is already available to both train & bus commuters. [social_buttons] After $700 billion of our American tax dollars just went to bail out private banks, it’s a small relief that some laws […]

October 12th

Take Action to Save Energy: Cooking with an Insulated Hot Box

If you’re excited by the possibility of cutting back on your home energy consumption and saving a few precious dollars on your energy bill, let me introduce you to the idea of hot box cooking. A simple hot box provides a wise solution to preparing meals without the excessive use of your stovetop or oven. […]

October 9th

New Cities Join The Urban Chicken Movement

Across the country, cities are passing new laws to allow backyard chickens.   Cities across the country have shown new leniency in the urban chicken arena.  Ann Arbor, Michigan, South Portland, Maine and Fort Collins Colorado, have all voted in the past year to allow backyard chickens.  They join the growing number of U.S. cities […]

October 6th

Eco-News Roundup: Stories You Might Have Missed

Every week sees so many developments and news stories about the environment, energy and sustainability, it’s impossible to cover them all in depth. So I thought it would be helpful to occasionally summarize some of the more interesting reports from the past week. Here are a few that caught my eye: Two South African architects […]

September 29th

Urban Farmer Wins MacArthur Genius Grant

Will Allen, former pro basketball player, founded Growing Power to help low-income people in Milwaukee  and Chicago grow their own food locally. He will now have an extra $500,000 to help his efforts.   The MacArthur Foundation announced yesterday that they will honor his work with one of their  25 annual ‘genius’ grants–a five-year grant […]

September 24th