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Going Green Tips

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4 Green Gifts That Will Keep Green In Your Pocket

You often have to invest money (or time, which is money) in order to make money. Some investments are smaller and have quicker payoffs, while some investments are larger and have longer (though, often more significant) payoffs. The nice thing about money-saving investments in the home is that these investments often also save energy — […]

November 27th

4 Green Myths Debunked

Going green is a much talked about topic. All kinds of rumors and false ideas are circulating about the environment and the actions we can take to help it. Here are 5 green myths debunked. 1. Going Green is More Expensive Many are under the impression that everything green is expensive. It is quite the […]

5 Ways To Make Permaculture Practical

Permaculture is a kind of ecological design system engineered to build sustainability into human enterprise. As Scott Pittman, founder of the Permaculture Institute, writes on the Permaculture Institute website, permaculture “teaches us how to build natural homes, grow our own food, restore diminished landscapes and ecosystems, catch rainwater, build communities and much more.” Permaculture has […]

March 25th

Travel-Inspired DIY Hacks: Vintage Style

  Travelers tend to make a lot of collages and albums, don’t they? But who could blame them, when they are setting out on a trip that is very likely going to be life-altering. Just seeing an unfamiliar place or meeting new people, experiencing another culture… it all factors in to how you view your […]

December 9th

How The Internet Makes Saving Money Greener

  In bringing consumers closer together at every turn, the internet has made it possible for us to compare retailers, better judge products, and collaborate for added savings, helping us to save money with each purchase we make. While freeing up extra cash and helping to keep expenses low, one of the less talked-about aspects […]

November 17th

5 Green Home Cleaning Tutorials

  No matter who we are or what we do, cleaning the house is a chore that we all have to tackle, at least now and again. While the job of scrubbing the modern home has been made relatively easy thanks to the wide range of chemical cleaners available, there are many that are bad […]

October 27th

iPhone Apps Promoting Green Living

In today’s world it isn’t easy to balance our love of technology with the protection of our planet. So many companies that create these conveniences are contributing to environmental issues, whether it is through their use of resources, factory conditions, conflict in other countries where materials are gathered, or just the fact that the products […]

September 27th