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Energy Conservation

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Off-Grid Living (Infographic)

A colleague recently sent along a great infographic on off-grid living. Check it out below. However, first here are a few stories on off-grid living that we’ve published over the years on Planetsave and Important Media sister sites: One Year Living Off-the-Grid at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage Florida Law Makes Living Off the Grid Illegal Off […]

April 27th

Two Contrasting Views Of Our Energy Future

The issue of where we will get our energy from in the coming decades is becoming ever more urgent. CO2 is accumulating in the atmosphere at alarming rates, and the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently stated that the majority of known reserves of fossil fuels will need to be left in the ground if we […]

March 18th

Heat Genius is a Smart Control System for Radiators

Making our heating and cooling systems smarter can make a big dent in not only our utility costs, but also the amount of resources it takes to keep us comfortable. However, for systems that use a boiler and radiators, making them more intelligent isn’t nearly as simple as it is with central heating, where a […]

February 27th

Review: SlimStyle LED ($10 Philips LED)

Admittedly, I haven’t used many LEDs. However, I have used CFLs for many years, and of course used incandescents for years as well. Below is my review of a new LED, the SlimStyle LED from Philips. Short and simple: I love this LED. But for more info, here’s my full review: SlimStyle LED Review ($10 […]

January 27th