Energy Conservation

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Off-Grid Living (Infographic)

A colleague recently sent along a great infographic on off-grid living. Check it out below. However, first here are a few stories on off-grid living that we’ve published over the years on Planetsave and Important Media sister sites: One Year Living Off-the-Grid at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage Florida Law Makes Living Off the Grid Illegal Off […]

April 27th

Two Contrasting Views Of Our Energy Future

The issue of where we will get our energy from in the coming decades is becoming ever more urgent. CO2 is accumulating in the atmosphere at alarming rates, and the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently stated that the majority of known reserves of fossil fuels will need to be left in the ground if we […]

March 18th

Heat Genius is a Smart Control System for Radiators

Making our heating and cooling systems smarter can make a big dent in not only our utility costs, but also the amount of resources it takes to keep us comfortable. However, for systems that use a boiler and radiators, making them more intelligent isn’t nearly as simple as it is with central heating, where a […]

February 27th

Review: SlimStyle LED ($10 Philips LED)

Admittedly, I haven’t used many LEDs. However, I have used CFLs for many years, and of course used incandescents for years as well. Below is my review of a new LED, the SlimStyle LED from Philips. Short and simple: I love this LED. But for more info, here’s my full review: SlimStyle LED Review ($10 […]

January 27th

4 Green Gifts That Will Keep Green In Your Pocket

You often have to invest money (or time, which is money) in order to make money. Some investments are smaller and have quicker payoffs, while some investments are larger and have longer (though, often more significant) payoffs. The nice thing about money-saving investments in the home is that these investments often also save energy — […]

November 27th

How Clean Is Your Electricity? Ask The EPA

If you’ve ever wondered about the composition of the electricity delivered to your home (most of us have no clue), there’s one quick and easy way to find out. The EPA’s ‘Power Profiler’ tool has apparently been around for at least 2 years, but I only discovered it recently. Although the data used to generate […]

October 30th

Online Shopping In Australia — It's More Eco-friendly

When we think of “green” or “eco-friendly,” we probably think of things like bikes, solar panels, electric cars, intelligent thermostats, organic food, pinwheels (oh wait, not pinwheels, unfortunately), and so on. But how often do you think about the internet as being eco-friendly. Indeed, despite some quite popular misinformation, the internet is very green, especially […]

August 24th

5 Interesting Green Energy Events Coming Soon

The topic of green energy has become a serious one in even the most mainstream conversations. It has become increasingly clear over the years that an alternate form of green, affordable and viable energy needs to be developed and pushed on a global scale. But dependance on oil is still rampant, and few people outside […]

August 20th

Time To Go LED

This article was sponsored by Thanks, LED leaders! We all agree that our leaders need to get together and come up with actionable legislation that will curb global warming. That being said, what can the average non-politician type do in their everyday lives to better promote this sustainable style of living. Many eco-minded individuals […]

August 6th

The Easy Guide To Sustainable Living In 2013

Editor’s Note: This post has been sponsored by Ausenco. Sustainable living should be a gradual process, as completely changing one’s lifestyle overnight is a little far-fetched. However, by gradually making your life more sustainable, you can save money and contribute to a healthier style of living… and, ultimately, a better world. Staying committed and focused […]

July 10th

10 Companies With Eco-Conscious Production Processes

A lot of companies out there claim to “going green.” Take the different manufacturers of hybrid automobiles, for instance. Sure, the cars use less fossil fuels than conventional automobiles. However, they still emit a ton (well, many tons) of greenhouse gases, and their manufacturing processes are also highly energy intensive. Hybrid manufacturers are not alone; many […]

June 21st

Solar Cooling Panels Could Cut Air Conditioning Use Considerably

Editor’s Note: Thought solar panels were just useful for creating electricity or heat for hot water? Apparently not. Stanford researchers have found a way to create “solar cooling panels” or “radiative cooling panels” that shoot heat away from the building. According to the researchers, just covering 10% of a roof covered by these solar cooling […]

April 17th