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Eggless Mayonnaise Tastes Better than Hellmann’s

Do you like mayonnaise? Hellmann’s and Best Foods have been making it for decades and also dominating the mayo market.  The original Hellmann’s came from Richard Hellmann’s wife’s recipe in 1905. Of course, their classic recipes contain whole eggs and egg yolks. You might say Hellmann’s defined what mayonnaise is supposed to taste like. However, […]

September 11th

Carrington Farms Coconut Oil (Review)

Coconut is one of my favorite foods, favorite waters, favorite creams. It is wise to consider coconut milk, after mother’s milk, and goat milk. Coconut milk is desirable for the young to old. It is balancing and nourishing. (Fresh water of young coconuts is especially balancing for the electrolytes of the body.) So, it follows […]

August 13th

An Occupier For Congress

Our federal government has now clearly established itself as an enabler for corporate special interests instead of being the champion of we, the people and the common good. All three branches collude in eroding our civil rights, creating laws and policies which benefit the very rich at our expense. Our situation becomes less tolerable each […]

July 29th

Cyclospora Outbreak May Have Peaked Already

Reposted from A new stomach bug has arrived in the USA — but it might already be on its way out. As of Friday afternoon, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had received notifications of 285 cases of Cyclospora infection — about twice our annual average — in residents of 11 states, mainly in […]

July 29th

Livestock Production Is Not A Solution To Global Warming

Editor’s Note: Livestock production is actually estimated to account for about 51% of global greenhouse gas emissions from humans. A staggering amount. So, the theory promoted by Allan Savory that grazing livestock is a potential solution to global warming is a bit absurd. A wonderful post on the blog comfortablyunaware goes into this topic in much more detail, […]

July 28th

Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder — Common Agricultural Chemicals Linked To Bee Decline By New Research

Commonly used agricultural chemicals — including many commonly used fungicides — damage and impair the abilities of commercial honey bees to fight off dangerous potentially lethal parasites, according to new research from the University of Maryland and the US Department of Agriculture. Commercial honey bees are regularly exposed to these chemicals during the corse of […]

July 25th

Irish Potato Famine-Causing Pathogen Is More Virulent Now Than Ever — $6.2 Billion Spent Annually On Arms Race With Phytophthora Infestans Pathogen

The deadly plant pathogen that caused the Irish potato famine of the 1840s — Phytophthora infestans — is actually more virulent now than ever before, as the result of the arms race between the pathogen and modern agriculture, new research has found. Over $6.2 billion dollars are spent every year in an attempt to stay […]

July 18th

Cow's Life Simulated By Researchers

Stanford researchers created an experiment where human subjects were treated like cows. The point was to see how much the test subjects would identify with bovines and perhaps change their attitude or perceptions about them. In the experiment, volunteers walked on hands and feet and saw themselves in a mirror created by virtual reality technology […]

July 16th

5 Cool Organic Living Quotes To Get Inspired By

We have all heard by now of the many benefits of organic living. The help to the environment, the rejection of chemicals that could potentially be causing health problems, a possible correlation to obesity when eating preservative high foods… the list goes on. Not to mention the improved taste of many foods when grown naturally, […]

July 15th

World's Best Vegetarian Sandwich?

As part of their series on the best sandwiches, Restaurant Hospitality magazine named their best vegetarian sandwich of 2013, the creation of Chef Matthew Topeano from Pain D’Avignon in Hyannis, Massachusetts. The winning ‘wich is composed of crispy sauteed eggplant, roasted garlic white bean hummus, roasted red pepper and creamy burrata (mozarella and cream). All […]

July 8th

Carcinogen In Pepsi?

The Center for Environmental Health conducted a study in June of Pepsi products and found that ten out of ten of them contained high levels of a chemical called 4-MEI. This chemical has been identified as a carcinogen by the state of California. On a CA state website, an explanation of the chemical’s health effects […]

July 3rd

Neonicotinoid Insecticides Cause Changes To Honeybee Genes, Research Finds

Neonicotinoid insecticides cause significant changes to the genes of the honeybee, new research from the University of Nottingham has found. The research has found that after honeybees were exposed to neonicotinoid insecticides — even at very low levels — that notable changes occurred in the activity of some of their genes — changes that were […]

July 3rd

11 Billion People By 2100? New UN Report Predicts Faster Than Expected Population Rise — But Does The Report Ignore Inevitable And Approaching Realities?

11 billion people in the world by the year 2100? That’s what a new report from the United Nations is predicting. According to the report, that figure is about 8% higher than was previously predicted (in 2011), with the higher prediction being the result of fertility rates in Africa declining more slowly than was previously […]

June 14th

5 Eco-Friendly Meetups In Europe

No matter what niche your profession sees you in, and what other roles you fill as a human living on Earth, our only home in this vast universe, the “green” trend is one that is well-worth paying close attention to. Helping to shape our business practices, and leading to a more Earth-friendly approach to the […]

June 13th

Rolled Oat Bars From Cascadian Farm — Review

I got a great present this year for my birthday that I would like to share with those who are interested in organic foods that are grown with no presence of chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). This has been the mission of Cascadian Farm for over 40 years. The company […]

June 10th

Millions Of Children Die From Starvation

Nearly 50% of all deaths of children under the age of five are from malnutrition, according to new research published in the Lancet. A world hunger summit was just held in London and the updated mortality figures were presented there. ‘Our findings strengthen the evidence that good nutrition is a fundamental driver of a wide […]

June 6th

Cheese May Prevent Cavities, Research Finds

The regular consumption of cheese may help protect teeth against cavities, new research has found. While its long been known that dairy consumption reduces the likelihood of developing cavities — primarily as a result of the high levels of minerals in dairy — the new research has found that cheese appears to be especially effective. […]

June 6th

A Guide To The Most Eco-Friendly Wine

Produced from grapes and seemingly so simple that many of us assume every drop must be “natural,” wine suffers from the same pesticide-ridden farming practices that affect nearly all other crop products, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t green wines (in practice, not color) out there to help you to enjoy a deep taste […]

June 4th

Monsanto Corporation Reports 20% Increase In Earnings For Fiscal Year 2013 — Controversial GMO Company Continues Growing

Monsanto Company recently reported that it was expecting significant earnings growth for fiscal year 2013 — greater than 20%. And also that said growth will likely continue through into fiscal year 2014 — with the continued growth then projected to be somewhere around 10-20%. That’s significant growth, especially when you consider how massive the corporation […]

May 31st