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Man-Made Global Warming not Arctic’s only Problem

Never let it be said that we at the Green Options network only focus on promoting the idea of 100% man-made global warming. As a recent study has shown, man may not be the only one to blame, although without a doubt we haven’t helped matters all that much. We all saw what happened to […]

January 3rd

2007’s Weird and Wacky Weather

Everything else aside, 2007 was one for the weird weather. The moment that the ball dropped in New York’s Times Square, everything went to hell in a handbasket. Thanks to the Associated Press, let’s take a look at some of the stats and stories that made this year depressingly weird; weather and environment wise. It […]

January 2nd

Good News About Ocean Methane

One might ask, by looking at this title, just what good there can be that comes from methane. Not only is it the smelly export product of the world’s beef population, but it is also a more potent warmer of the planet’s atmosphere than carbon dioxide. Well, there isn’t much good to say about methane. […]

January 2nd

Antarctica’s Penguins Suffering from the Heat

The warming of an entire planet has dire consequences for everyone. Symptoms begin to appear all across a planet, from an extension of the tropical belt to increasing ocean levels. But the areas most likely to be hit hardest are the frozen poles. This is indeed the case for us here on Earth, and given […]

December 30th

New Plant Strives to Generate Cleaner Coal Electricity

Carbon sequestration will be used in this new coal-fired power plant to reduce the carbon footprint of electricity. The town of Mattoon, Illinois rejoiced when the developers of a $1.8 billion low-pollution power plant announced the selected location. This rust-belt town will no longer be primarily known as the bagel capital of the world. The […]

December 27th

55 Million Years Ago, Things Got Worse

Every once in awhile it is an encouraging thought to know that things can get even worse than they already are. That was the case tonight as I sat back down after the Christmas break (a good two days worth) to look at what stories had appeared in my feeds. It appears that some 55 […]

December 27th