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Germany Abandons Nuclear Power

Germany will shut down all its nuclear power stations by 2020, according to the government’s Secretary of State for the Environment and Nuclear Safety, Jürgen Becker.

His comments were made earlier today to Reuters during a meeting of the International Renewable Energy Association (IREA) in the United Arab Emirates.

April 4th

Top 37 Green Stories (April 4)

I’ve compiling and sharing top green news from around the internet on 7 news pages here on Planetsave for about a month now. Perhaps you’ve noticed that, perhaps not.

I’ve decided to pull out what I think are the top 37 (this number could increase) stories each day and share them in morning posts on Planetsave as well — for those who don’t want to skim through hundreds of stories or who are dedicated to RSS or email news.

April 4th

Radiation Infographic

Here’s an interesting infographic for you — all you wanted to know about radiation and more. A nice follow-up to the radiation dose chart I shared last week.

March 26th