Natural Gas

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Fight to Save the Delaware River

The fight is on to protect one of our nation’s most beautiful and vital rivers, the Delaware. Yesterday the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC), a group made up of Governor Cuomo, Governor Corbett, Governor Christie, Governor Markell, and Colonel Christopher Larsen of the US Army Corps of Engineers, released a final set of rules that […]

November 11th

Oklahoma Earthquake Would Have Slammed Keystone XL

An interesting fact not very widely covered this week is that the record-breaking Oklahoma earthquake over the weekend, a 5.6-magnitude quake, struck nearly right on the planned path of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. The pipeline would have gone almost right through the epicenter of the Oklahoma earthquake. That’s nice to know, isn’t it? The […]

November 11th

Earthquakes — Natural or Man-Made?

There are certain human activities that can trigger earthquakes, such as fracking. In fact, the U.S. Geological Survey has done a study linking at least 50 small earthquakes in Oklahoma with fracking that has been going on there.

November 9th

Man-Made Earthquakes?

There’s no denying it — reports of massive earthquakes have been rocking the news lately. All this recent seismic activity has caused many to wonder: has the earth always been this shaky? Or is human activity causing some of these earthquakes? While some earthquakes are due to the shifting of tectonic plates above the earth’s […]

November 7th

Oklahoma Earthquake & Fracking

I’ve drawn the link between natural gas hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) and earthquakes numerous times, long before the Oklahoma earthquakes or Blackpool (Lancashire) earthquakes in England. I started doing so early in 2011 when the Arkansas earthquakes were all the news and I got the hint that it might be related to fracking. The case […]

November 7th

Yep, Fracking Seems to Cause Earthquakes

We’ve covered the potential link between fracking and natural gas a few times here on Planetsave (as well as its link to flammable water). For more on the earthquake link, see: Fracking Disposal Wells Linked to Earthquakes, Banned in Arkansas Arkansas Earthquakes Related to Hydraulic Fracking? (& Mass Bird & Fish Deaths?) Arkansas Earthquakes Linked […]

November 4th

Incompatible Trends in Our Midst: New Fossil Fuel Projects and the Changing Climate

The Incompatible Trends Before Us: The concurrent increase in weather extremes and new fossil fuel projects As I ponder the dramatic media warnings of yet another imminent, record-setting storm (“Crushing, Cruising Snowstorm to Plaster the Northeast,” per today’s, I am reminded of the old parable used in teaching children about safety: The curious child will […]

October 30th

Activists Shut Down Fracking in Pittsburgh

Most people don’t realize that it is they, the individual, that has the power to make real change. No one person can make a huge difference, but when a small group of caring individuals bands together to organize in favor of the change they wish to see, real, lasting transformation can happen. In fact, this is the only reason social movements have succeeded in the past.

Hydraulic Fracking Infographic

Natural gas may be better than coal, but the boom in natural gas has come as a result of hydraulic fracturing (or ‘fracking’), which, beyond emitting greenhouse gases, has been linked to earthquakes (something we’ve written about many times here on Planetsave) and water quality problems (including flammable water).

September 27th

Oklahoma Gas Drilling Rig Explodes (VIDEO)

Reportedly, an Oklahoma natural gas drilling rig exploded near the town of Watonga last night. The drilling rig has around-the-clock workers and about a dozen workers were working at the time of the explosion, but they were reported to have evacuated right before it. The explosion occurred at about 10:30pm local time.

September 20th

Current Extremism and it's Toll on the Environment

A few weeks ago we were sorely reminded of the extremism of the majority of the current Republican candidates. Among many other alarming things said, Republicans suggested eliminating or privatizing: FEMA, NASA, the EPA, the Federal Labor Relations Board, Medicaid and food stamps. Herman Cain promised not to appoint any Muslims who want to kill Americans to his cabinet. Michele Bachmann supports states’ rights on gay marriage, but also supports a constitutional amendment outlawing it. Rick Santorum wants to “a system of discipline” to “punish” gay soldiers, which suggests that his problem with pornographic Google results is not likely to abate. Tim Pawlenty views Iraq as “one of the shiniest examples of success in the Middle East.”

September 20th

France is Now First Nation to Ban 'Fracking'

As reported in the June 30 on-line edition of Le Monde, the French Parliament has voted to ban hydraulic fracturing — the natural gas extracting technique known popularly as ‘fracking’. The law had passed the National Assembly nine days earlier and then moved on to the Senate, where the measure passed by a small majority of 176 (yes) to 151 (no). This makes France the first nation to ban the controversial extraction technique.

July 10th

Natural Gas Fracking DOES Create More Methane in Underground Water

The drive to replace coal-burning electricity with natural gas continues to run into environmental speed bumps.
Research scientists writing for Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) report that while directional drilling and hydraulic-fracturing technologies are dramatically increasing natural-gas extraction, the aquifers overlying the Marcellus and Utica shale formations of northeastern Pennsylvania and upstate New York show systematic evidence of methane contamination of drinking water associated with shale-gas extraction.

In First, Scientific Study Links 'Fracking' to Flammable Water

A team of Duke University scientists, analyzing shallow groundwater sources in a region of Northeastern Pennsylvania and upstate New York, has found that levels of flammable methane (CH4) contamination increased when those water supplies were nearest natural gas wells. The study/analysis is the first to find physical evidence of the connection.

Arkansas Earthquakes Linked to Fracking? Two Gas Disposal Sites Suspended

Arkansas has been rocked with earthquakes and now scientists are investigating their relationship to earthquakes, as two natural gas companies have agreed to temporarily suspend use of injection wells in central Arkansas where earthquakes keep occurring. The high-pressure wells are used to dispose of waste water from natural gas drilling. The two drilling operations are Chesapeake Energy and […]

March 8th

Time to Support Tim DeChristopher

This is a story I think I’ve touched on in the past on here and surely one I will be covering continuously in the next month or so. It also inspires a ton of ideas in my head for where the environmental and climate action movement should be headed and where I think this blog, […]

February 18th