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Fossil Fuels & Global Warming Lead to Truly Extreme Weather

  This was recently reposted over on CleanTechnica, from the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE), but I thought it made for a great Planetsave repost as well. It was written by SACE Executive Director Dr. Stephen Smith. The lead-in video is from the insightful and super talented Peter Sinclair. Check it out: “Welcome to the rest of […]

July 27th

The Fate of Mankind

  by Jared Conner People, As humans, we have long considered the Earth as invincible, unchangeable, and unable to be exploited. The thing is, we are wrong. Because of our flawed beliefs over the last two centuries, we have begun to wound, change, and exploit the Earth. And if we do not unite, forget our differences, and work together to stop and […]

July 19th

Structure Of Floating Soot Particles Seen For The First Time

  “For the first time we can actually see the structure of individual aerosol particles floating in air, their ‘native habitat’,” said DESY scientist Henry Chapman from the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL) in Hamburg. “This will have important implications for various fields from climate modelling to human health.” The CFEL is a joint […]

June 27th

Carbon Omission

  And of course, before there was “OAL,” there was “Clean Coal”. It’s unfortunate that Big Coal has Big Cash to peddle Big BS to further delay little wind, solar, tidal, and geothermal. More on Big Coal BS: From Coal Tattoo: Coal PR firm set up state’s anti-Obama meetings From Source Watch: Environmental impacts of […]

June 21st

Environmental Music Film: Mountaintop Women

  Our good friend Kristen Farquhar has released her latest Environmental Music Film (EMF). It’s on the topic of mountaintop women and mountaintop removal coal mining. Here it is, followed by the description from the YouTube page: “Appalachian women and men unite to stop mountaintop removal. The history of the divine feminine is brought to […]

June 11th

Nick Rahall (WV) Has Peaceful Protesters Arrested in D.C.

West Virginia is one of the nation’s biggest coal-producing states. But both the production and treatment of coal produce major health risks for our local residents. Many residents in West Virginia are adversely effected by the coal industry and have been protesting for decades, especially against mountaintop removal coal mining.

June 7th

1 Million Strong

  By Will Bates This is huge. Two weeks ago we joined a diverse coalition to launch an all-out offensive to end fossil fuel subsidies, and we weren’t quite sure how it would turn out. Well, we’ve currently got 958,422 signatures on our combined global petition — almost a million people strong! Will you help […]

June 1st

Greenpeace Attempts to get, Macrosoot, and iSmog to Quit Coal

  3 cartoons for the price of none! Scroll down for all 3 cartoons: Take Action! Apple, Amazon and Microsoft all use asthma-inducing, climate-destroying coal to power the “cloud” that stores your emails, photos, music and videos. Take action now & tell these companies to clean the cloud. Joe’s cartoon archive, twitter ramblings and StumbleUpon […]

May 9th

SnagFilms Offers Earth Day Collection

  To honor this year’s Earth Day, SnagFilms has brought to you a collection of excellent films that speak towards our need to protect our planet. Check them out right here or at, share them with others, and spread their important message on Earth Day 2012! (Films embedded below the list.) 1. I Love […]

April 20th

Colbert Pokes Fun at Coal Industry's Inadvertent Joke

  The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive   This is quite hilarious. Colbert had one of the best set-ups he could probably hope for from the president of the United Mine Workers Association, Cecil Roberts, who aptly compared the coal industry to a well-known killer. Of course, […]

April 14th

Cheap Solar Energy Threatening Fossil Fuel & Nuclear Lobby in Germany

  Yep, times have changed. Aggressive renewable energy (especially solar) policies have made rooftop solar power more competitive than fossil fuels or nuclear energy in Germany. And that has the fossil fuel and nuclear industry pulling all the strings they can to try to kill this democratized electricity revolution in Deutschland. [repostus hash=515137636ca1caa273dbc6674e6767bf title=German%20Solar%3A%20Mission%20Too%20Well%20Accomplished%2C%20from%20Perspective%20of%20Fossil%2FNuclear%20Lobby%20(Reader%20Comment) host=Clean%20Technica […]

March 26th

Magnolia Mountain Music Video on Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

  Following up on the On Coal River movie we posted on earlier today, below is a beautiful video on the same topic — the horrors of mountaintop removal coal mining. Magnolia Mountain, of Cincinnati, is one of the most popular urban Appalachian bands around today. Mountaintop removal coal mining is one of the least popular […]

March 20th

On Coal River (MOVIE)

  Coal plays a massive part in not only the economy of the United States, but also the lives of its citizens. Nearly 45% of the electricity generated in the U.S. comes from coal, which is about twice as much as natural gas and four times as much as renewable sources of energy. While many […]

March 20th

Green News of the Day

Top clean, green energy news of the day; global warming news of the day; and a bit more: Clean, Green Energy Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012 Introduced How Wind Turbines Work GE Doubled Global Solar Power Investments in Last Year New Solar & Wind Power Projects (Largest Wind Power Project in Washington, Largest PV […]

March 1st

Green Politics News (VIDEO)

Today’s top green politics stories: Congress’ Failure to Act on Energy & Climate is a National Security Threat A new post by Bill Becker of Third Generation Environmentalism on Climate Progress indicates how lack of action, by Congress, on energy and the climate threatens our national security, in more ways than one. “The most serious threat […]

February 28th

Green News Daily (VIDEO)

Top green news from around the internet (video is followed by photos and short excerpts on the news): Catastrophic Global Warming & Climate Change Underestimated Yep, catastrophic global warming predictions by climate scientists have underestimated probably warming if we don’t curb emissions fast. (Not a surprise that another study has found this — I’ve covered […]

February 27th

Human Cost of Coal (Maps & Facts)

  Recenty, the good folks at created 10 awesome maps showing the health and socioeconomic effects of coal and mountaintop removal (MTR) in key MTR and coal-burning regions. The maps are based on data from 21 recent peer-reviewed scientific studies. “Not only has mountaintop removal permanently destroyed more than 500 Appalachian mountains, but people living near […]

February 17th

Protecting a Strange and Valuable Bird

I would venture a guess to say that the vast majority of Americans have never heard of the sage grouse, let alone seen one. Sage grouse used to be one of the most abundant birds in the sagebrush steppes of the American west, providing food for early settlers and game for modern hunters. Their complicated […]

February 14th

Greenpeace Protesters Take Over Asheville Power Station

  Greenpeace activists in North Carolina have climbed a Progress Energy power station in Asheville and “have secured themselves to the coal loader and conveyers, which will prevent coal from entering the facility,” Greenpeace reports. The message of the activists, being sent to Progress Energy and Duke Energy (which may merge with Progress Energy soon, […]

February 13th

Going on Offense

by Bill McKibben Hey everyone, Yesterday was one of the truly fun days in this whole wild year of organizing. We had hundreds of referees outside the Capitol, and we blew our whistles like crazy, and we threw penalty flags, and we had a hell of a good time. My favorite scene, actually, was watching hundreds […]

January 25th

$1.4 Million Spent Each Day by Governments to Destabilize the Planet

  Wow, interesting and a bit shocking to see it put that way. I write on energy subsidies, including climate-destabilizing fossil fuel subsidies, often. However, putting the figure in those terms really hits home. Here’s more on this from Lester R. Brown of the Earth Policy Institute, as posted over on sister site sustainablog: Fossil […]

January 23rd

10 Reasons to Visit NYWEA Annual Meeting and Exhibition This Year!

In a time when the climate and environment of our planet is constantly in mind for many of the world’s people, there are groups that are being pro-active in their efforts to help make our way of life sustainable. These groups exist to bring together like-minded thinkers on environment topics of all kinds and there […]

January 18th

San Francisco Bank of America ATM Machines Turned into "Truth Machines"

  News: “An activist group has taken it upon themselves to turn San Francisco Bank of America ATM machines into ‘Automated Truth Machines’ by using overlay stickers that point out where they say BofA invests its own resources,” NBC Bay Area reports last weekend. 85 ATMS got hit. An what were they hit with? “Where users […]

January 18th

Top 10 Posts of the Week

  In case you missed them, or are just interested in seeing which of our posts from the last week have gotten the most views, here’s a list of our top 10 posts from the past 7 days: US Map of Biggest Polluters (Interactive) Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day – End Modern Slavery South […]

January 16th