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Are You Acting Like a Coal or Oil Company CEO?

We love to vilify others, don’t we? Especially Big Government, Big Business, Big Oil, and so on. But let’s take a quick look at how we actually compared to CEOs of Big Oil and Big Coal, some of the most infamous or widely disliked “Big Boys” in the world (& certainly in environmental circles). Scale […]

February 28th

Coal Continues To Destroy West Virginia

West Virginia’s new job growth brings landfills, drug rehab centers, 4-wheeler trails, and prisons. Now, that’s what I call progress. If coal is such a good thing for West Virginia, then why do they need more prisons and drug rehab centers in mining communities? West Virginia also became the first U.S. state to have “natural decrease” where deaths […]

February 24th

Helsinki:The Worlds Greenest Underground Data Center

This sounds absolutely wonderful. A green underground data center. Building its facilities underground, Helsinki is cutting its carbon emissions by huge amounts. Instead of using electricity to cool the computers in the data center, it is using sea water. Which is also used to provide heat to the city. Below Helsinki, Finland lies the worlds […]

February 23rd

Climate Science in a Nutshell [VIDEOS]

A new series of short videos on climate change and numerous issues related to it help to explain these matters in a fun, easy-to-understand way to more people. I recently ran across the series on Climate Denial Crock of the Week. They are definitely worth a share and hope they will help more people to […]

February 21st

Greenpeace Activists Climb Old Coal Power Plant [VIDEO]

On the heals of a momentous new study on the true cost of coal released by leading Harvard economist Dr. Paul Epstein, Greenpeace engaged in some trademark direct action in Bridgeport, Connecticut this morning. Greenpeace activists climbed an old coal power plant there and hung a banner (above) reading “Shut It Down: Quit Coal.” Six schools […]

February 17th