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Autism Risk May Be Increased By High Pollution Levels

A new Harvard School of Public Health study found that pregnant women could be twice as likely to give birth to an autistic child if they were exposed to high levels of air pollution. Specifically, exposure to chemicals such as lead, manganese, mercury, methylene chloride and diesel particulates have been known to impact brain function […]

June 20th

Mars Has Sled-like Tracks In Slopes

Looks like someone’s been having fun on Mars without telling anyone. Trails in slopes that seem suspiciously like sled tracks have been documented by research photographs. They weren’t made by little green men though. Blocks of dry ice are the suspects this time. These tracks are called linear gullies and you can see a much […]

June 18th

5 Eco-Friendly Meetups In Europe

No matter what niche your profession sees you in, and what other roles you fill as a human living on Earth, our only home in this vast universe, the “green” trend is one that is well-worth paying close attention to. Helping to shape our business practices, and leading to a more Earth-friendly approach to the […]

June 13th

Oral Sex, HPV and Throat Cancer

Pretty much everyone has heard or read about Michael Douglas saying his throat cancer was related to HPV due to oral sex. Actually, he used the word cunnilingus. The Web apparently went a little bonkers over such a frank explanation. In fact a Google search shows an explosion of news stories on the topic. The […]

June 4th

Hiker Missing In Yosemite

Additional dog teams have been called in to help search for a missing hiker in Yosemite National Park. A 73-year-old man was hiking on the Mist Trail leading to Vernal Fall and has not been seen for some time. His day pack was found above the fall near a railing. In 2011, three hikers were […]

May 7th