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Caution: Now Entering The "Years Of Living Dangerously"

Last week something rare and extraordinarily positive occurred on American television. Fortunately, through YouTube and, the rest of the world got to see it too. “Something positive?” a critic questions. “If climate change is as bad as you tree-hugger people claim it is, how can anything about it be positive?” The phenomenon tends to […]

April 20th

A New Way Forward | The World Five Platform

The old culture is broken –  highly dysfunctional and terribly corrupt. The areas of food, finance, energy, healthcare and media are all dominated by a few corporations, and all driven by the singular goal of profit. Government on every level has been corrupted by the 1%. It is this motive of greed that must be […]

February 1st

See 63 Years of Climate Change In 15 Seconds [NASA Animation]

Despite what some in the “mainstream” media assert, there is no “debate about global warming” — not amongst informed scientists, anyways. Scientists knowledgeable about climate change debate only the finer details, such as: how much CO2 increase will double surface temperature (known as the Climate Sensitivity Equilibrium), or, the role of aerosols in slowing or […]

January 29th

What's "Sustainable Development"? Free Online Course!

On his blog “I see a change,” Nigerian Youth Development Expert Olumide Idowu presents the elements of sustainable development (source: Not all online courses provide all they promise you, but here’s one that should answer all your questions about environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive economic development. It will also challenge you to find out more. […]

January 24th

MIT Group Creates Amazing Interactive 'Touch' Display Technology [VIDEO]

Making Data ‘Tangible’: It’s called inFORM and it comes from MIT’s Tangible Media Group…and it’s got to be one of the coolest and most amazing interactive display technologies I’ve seen in, well, almost forever… According to the group’s website, ‘The Tangible Media Group, led by Professor Hiroshi Ishii, explores the Tangible Bits vision to seamlessly […]

November 19th

The Zombies Among Us – Exploring The Resurgent Popularity of Zombies In Modern Culture

There are real zombies, or “sleep walkers”, in this world…the voodoo victims of hoodoo drug-induced slavery, normally restricted to the tribal cultures of Western Africa and the West Indies (following the introduction of African slaves to the New World)…and, presumably, their numbers are diminishing due to the great social disapproval of the practice and its […]

October 30th

Long-jawed Croc Fossil Comes To Life In 3-D, Full-color, Micro Detail

Thoracosaurus neocesariensis, a fossil crocodile that lived 65 million to 100 million years ago, when the oceans were higher, in the ancient warm, carbon-dioxide-rich mangrove swamps of present-day southern New Jersey. Crocodiles have been chasing fish for a very, very long time–since the Late Cretaceous, in fact–says paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara of Philadelphia’s Drexel University. The […]

September 30th

World Rhino Day is September 22! #worldrhinoday

On September 22, 2013, the fourth annual World Rhino Day will be celebrated with special events organized both online and offline by zoos, NGOs, conservancies, schools, businesses, and concerned citizens. This year, the big day falls on a Sunday, which has prompted some celebrants to include Saturday, September 21 — making it a weekend of sharing […]

September 6th

Texting While Driving Kills: Werner Herzog Film

Texting while driving kills several thousand people in America every year.  Research has found that texting while driving makes it 23 times more likely that there will be an accident. Drinking and driving actually results in slightly fewer teen deaths annually. About half of teens surveyed have said they have texted while driving. In 2011, there […]

August 9th

An Occupier For Congress

Our federal government has now clearly established itself as an enabler for corporate special interests instead of being the champion of we, the people and the common good. All three branches collude in eroding our civil rights, creating laws and policies which benefit the very rich at our expense. Our situation becomes less tolerable each […]

July 29th

Cow's Life Simulated By Researchers

Stanford researchers created an experiment where human subjects were treated like cows. The point was to see how much the test subjects would identify with bovines and perhaps change their attitude or perceptions about them. In the experiment, volunteers walked on hands and feet and saw themselves in a mirror created by virtual reality technology […]

July 16th

Autism Risk May Be Increased By High Pollution Levels

A new Harvard School of Public Health study found that pregnant women could be twice as likely to give birth to an autistic child if they were exposed to high levels of air pollution. Specifically, exposure to chemicals such as lead, manganese, mercury, methylene chloride and diesel particulates have been known to impact brain function […]

June 20th

Mars Has Sled-like Tracks In Slopes

Looks like someone’s been having fun on Mars without telling anyone. Trails in slopes that seem suspiciously like sled tracks have been documented by research photographs. They weren’t made by little green men though. Blocks of dry ice are the suspects this time. These tracks are called linear gullies and you can see a much […]

June 18th

5 Eco-Friendly Meetups In Europe

No matter what niche your profession sees you in, and what other roles you fill as a human living on Earth, our only home in this vast universe, the “green” trend is one that is well-worth paying close attention to. Helping to shape our business practices, and leading to a more Earth-friendly approach to the […]

June 13th

Oral Sex, HPV and Throat Cancer

Pretty much everyone has heard or read about Michael Douglas saying his throat cancer was related to HPV due to oral sex. Actually, he used the word cunnilingus. The Web apparently went a little bonkers over such a frank explanation. In fact a Google search shows an explosion of news stories on the topic. The […]

June 4th

Hiker Missing In Yosemite

Additional dog teams have been called in to help search for a missing hiker in Yosemite National Park. A 73-year-old man was hiking on the Mist Trail leading to Vernal Fall and has not been seen for some time. His day pack was found above the fall near a railing. In 2011, three hikers were […]

May 7th

5 Renewable Energy Meetups In Florida

Solar energy, hydrothermal energy, wind energy… the list of potential alternatives to the burning of fossil fuels in order in order to provide ourselves with the power we need to maintain our ultra-complicated high tech society is a long one, and anyone who hopes to do their part in making any one of them a […]

May 4th

Dolphin Park Shut Down Partly By Online Petition

In another victory for animal activists and sympathizers, a dolphin entertainment park in Turkey was shut down recently. (Hopefully, others around the world will suit.) The park was in Antalya’s Kaş, a small coastal town where tourism, fishing, diving and yachting are popular. (Considering all the water activities available it hardly seems necessary to keep […]

May 3rd

Bear That Bit Man Will Not Be Killed

A grizzly bear that bit a man several times will not be killed by conservation officials. It was determined that the bear was female and had two cubs with her when a chance encounter with the man left her startled and in a defensive mode. In other words, she was merely defending her cubs from […]

April 23rd

Earth Day Infographic

A friend of ours recently shot over this Earth Day infographic below for… Earth Day. It’s quite an interesting “green” growth and development over the years. Have a stroll: For more details on various events included in the Earth Day timeline, check out the Kars4Kids page where the Earth Day graphic is hosted. Also, don’t […]

April 21st

Teen Made Biofuel In Her Bedroom

Biofuels have an enormous appeal – at least relative to petroleum – because they produce less climate change emissions and could be produced domestically, therefore reducing our dependence on foreign oil. The knock against biofuels is that they are too expensive to produce. (Even biodiesel made from waste vegetable oil can be found in some […]

April 17th

Marine Species Used As Food Grown In Captivity For First Time

Eating sea anemones doesn’t sound that appealing, but the Snakelocks species (Anemonia sulcata) is regularly cooked and consumed in Spain near the Gulf of Cadiz. (Ortiguillas are marinated and deep-fried anemone.) Unfortunately, too many have been taken from the sea to be used as human food, so the Snakelocks species is in decline. Not only […]

April 10th