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Obama Wins Election, Full Victory Speech (Video & Text)

  I imagine you aren’t just hearing from me that Obama won the election, but if you are, I’m happy to be the one bringing you the news!! ūüėÄ If you’d like to read or watch Obama’s full victory speech, here it is in text (courtesy Red, Green, and Blue) and video (courtesy C-SPAN): ‚ÄúThank […]

November 7th

Romney Wants To Get Rid Of Disaster Relief, Seriously

  Yep, one of the two possible-to-get-elected candidates for president of the United States of America wants to get rid of federal disaster relief. He wants to privatize it! Which would basically mean that you’d have to pay for help in disaster situations (nevermind if that’s not really an option for some people or places). […]

October 31st

Billion Dollar Storm Threatens East Coast Next Week

  Just ahead of Halloween, a storm is brewing off the East Coast that could be (as some forecasters are predicting) a “Billion Dollar Storm.” With a probable chance of extremely high winds, heavy rain, flooding, and the possibility of snow, this hybrid of a hurricane and winter storm could prove to be the next […]

October 25th

Global Food Reserves Lowest in 40 Years

  For over half of the last decade, the world has consumed more food than it has¬† produced. What happens when the world consumes more food than it produces?¬†Well,¬†it must start tapping¬†into the¬†global food reserves ,and it seems that in the¬†past decade¬†those reserves have been hit pretty hard. As a result, global food reserves have […]

October 19th

Fossil Fuels & Global Warming Lead to Truly Extreme Weather

  This was recently reposted over on CleanTechnica, from the¬†Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE),¬†but I thought it made for a great Planetsave repost as well. It was¬†written by SACE Executive Director Dr. Stephen Smith. The lead-in video is from the insightful and super talented Peter Sinclair. Check it out: ‚ÄúWelcome to the rest of […]

July 27th

Connection between Climate Change & Extreme Weather Nailed by Al Jazeera English (Must Watch)

  Via the always excellent Dr. Joe Romm of Climate Progress: Last week I wrote that ‚ÄúEvery Network Gets Extreme Weather Story Right.‚Ä̬†The ABC News weather editor even ended his story, ‚ÄúNow‚Äôs the time we start limiting manmade greenhouse gases.‚ÄĚ But the major networks only devote¬†3 minutes each to what is in fact the ‚ÄúClimate […]

July 25th