Oil Spills

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To Congress: Donate Your Oil Money to Gulf Restoration Efforts!

Great new petition telling members of Congress to donate their oil campaign money to Gulf restoration efforts. I’ve written about the massive amounts of money oil companies give to politicians, and the political influence that has, before. And I have to say, I wish I had thought up this simple, obvious solution for helping Gulf […]

August 5th

Oil Spill Condoms

A variety of oil spill condoms, political condoms, or endangered species condoms are available for folks practicing safe sex these days. Want to help the Gulf of Mexico while also having safe sex? Exactly what you’ve been thinking about lately, right? Well, now you can! Practice Safe Policy has started selling Oil Spill Condoms. 20% of […]

July 31st

A Million Reasons to Clean the Gulf

The US foundation that launched privatized space travel is now offering 1.4 million dollars to clean up oil spills. The X Prize Foundation, in partnership with Wendy Schmidt, wife of Google chairman Eric, are putting up 1.4 million dollars in a year-long challenge to find new ways to clean up oil spills. “With nearly 4,000 […]

July 30th

Fragile Day Song Benefits Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup [MUSIC VIDEO]

More music to help with the BP oil spill cleanup. I’ve written about the combination of great music and environmental activism here on Planetsave a few times recently (see: The Mercy Project Update (1st Listening of Pauli Carman’s Remake of Marvin Gaye’s Classic “Mercy, Mercy Me”) & Environmental Music Films). A good friend of mine, […]

July 27th

Important Media Weekly Round-Up

Something you should be aware of if you’re not yet is that Planetsave is a part of the Important Media network. Other than Planetsave, there are currently 10 other sites in the network. Though I don’t often cover other stories on the network (or even mention them) here on Planetsave, since they generally deal with […]

July 24th

Gulf Oil Spill Impacting Louisianan Health

A survey by Louisiana State University professors has investigated the health impacts on Louisianan residents following in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. At the time of publication the report noted that it had been 85 since the “onset of the disaster and the flow of oil has just been stopped.” The authors focused […]

July 20th

Environmental Music Films

Like music? Like the environment? I was recently introduced to some excellent Environmental Music Films (EMFs) by Kristen Farquhar on YouTube that connect the two beautifully. Kristen writes that these EMFs are “meant to stir” people’s hearts and minds and are “about our human RELATIONSHIP (self, and other) with land, sea, and sky, and all […]

July 19th

Cascading Effect on the Environment Expected

Scientists studying the BP oil spill which has only recently been capped believe there could be a decades-long “cascading” effect on marine life. Experts estimate that some 400 species could be at risk from the impact of oil and the chemical dispersants laid down in an effort to disperse the oil. They believe a massive […]

July 19th

470+ Endangered Sea Turtles Killed by BP Oil Spill (so far)

470 endangered sea turtles and thousands of birds officially killed by BP oil spill so far. Many more covered in oil and on the brink of death. Well, BP has stopped burning endangered sea turtles alive and has apparently gotten the leak stopped, but official reports show that, as of yesterday, at least 470 endangered […]

July 18th

Underwater Robots will Stop the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Robots are the solution to stopping the oil spill. Here are some ways that robotics engineering teams are helping, and examples of how underwater robots work: *the entire area around the BP Deepwater Horizon wellhead, a mile below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico is constantly being monitored and worked on with robotic activity. […]

July 11th

Europe Should Freeze Deep Water Drilling

A top member of the European Commission has said that European countries should freeze new deep water drilling until the causes behind the Gulf of Mexico oil spill are investigated. EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said in prepared remarks he was to deliver to the European Parliament in Strasbourg that there should be a complete […]

July 9th

BP No Longer Burning Endangered Sea Turtles, They Say

Following up on a post I wrote a couple weeks ago about BP burning endangered sea turtles alive, the news is now that they have responded to the criticism (as if burning endangered sea turtles and blocking hired rescue crews from saving them isn’t something they could have seen was beyond wrong in the first […]

July 8th

Latest Green News [screencast]

Here’s our latest screencast on some of the latest green news articles from around the web. Following up on our first screencast of green news stories from around the internet, here are the 10 more green news stories that we thought should be shared (links to the individual stories mentioned in the screencast are below […]

July 7th

Long Term Oil Spill Spread

A computer simulation of the possible spread of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill over the course of a full year has been released. Created by researchers from the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, the animation is not a detailed specific prediction but rather, as […]

July 7th

Mercy for the Gulf

“MERCY” just released by multi-platinum recording artist Pauli Carman “Champaign” to benefit restoration/preservation from BP Gulf disaster. We got a sneak peak of Pauli Carman’s new single geared at helping oil spill clean-up efforts in the Gulf of Mexico last month, a beautiful cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy, Mercy Me”, and posted about it twice […]

July 5th

Time-Lapse Video of BP Oil Spill, Courtesy of NASA [VIDEO]

NASA recently released a time-lapse video of the BP oil spill using excellent satellite images. View it below. Been wanting to see a time-lapse video of the burning Deepwater Horizon oil rig and the almost unimaginable oil spill that is resulting from it? Now you can. The images in the following NASA video begin with […]

July 2nd