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Hurricanes & Cyclones

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Superstorm Sandy: What If Storms Like This Can Be Prevented (By Changing What We Eat)?

  Reposted in full from Everyone’s Harvest, with permission: Blog by Chiara Cabiglio, Everyone’s Harvest Intern and University of California, Santa Cruz Alumna Superstorm Sandy has caused at least 157 human deaths as of midday November 1st. Its impacts include flooding of lower Manhattan and large swaths of New York City’s subway system. News reports had previously predicted that such events might occur only in 2080, […]

November 2nd

Paul Ryan: Happy To Cut Hurricane Prediction Funding… But Not Have Millionaires & Billionaires Pay A Fair Share

  Ah, the priorities some of our top politicians have these days…. As you read the great post below by Michael Conathan (courtesy Climate Progress), recall that vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan and all but one other Senate Republican are against millionaires and billionaires paying their fair share in taxes. Here’s a video on that […]

October 31st

Romney Wants To Get Rid Of Disaster Relief, Seriously

  Yep, one of the two possible-to-get-elected candidates for president of the United States of America wants to get rid of federal disaster relief. He wants to privatize it! Which would basically mean that you’d have to pay for help in disaster situations (nevermind if that’s not really an option for some people or places). […]

October 31st