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The Huge Environmental Costs of Pork

Originally published on Producing more than enough poop to fill over 15,000 Olympic-size swimming pools every year, hog facilities and other animal operations in North Carolina are placing an atrocious strain on the environment. A recent report by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and the Waterkeeper Alliance (Waterkeepers) outlines the high environmental costs of […]

July 31st

Climate Change-Induced Collapse of Civilization by 2040 Reports UK Foreign Office

Releasing this exclusive freely in the public interest, best-selling author Dr. Nafeez Ahmed is offering a unique view of the critically significant impact that climate change is having on our lives, our livelihoods, and even our likelihood of survival on this planet. Dr Nafeez Ahmed is an international security scholar and investigative journalist, currently serving as a […]

June 25th

What Causes Global Warming?

Droughts, lengthy hot spells, heavy downpours, floods, and other extreme weather events are occurring more frequently and intensely every year. Around the world, research teams are analyzing these trends, noting the changes in temperature, rainfall, ice mass, sea level, and many other variables recorded by weather measuring devices. The trends are undeniable: the Earth is […]

May 29th

World Record-Breaking 2014 Weather And Climate

It isn’t official yet, but 2014 appears to have been the hottest year on the world temperature record. In December, during the U.N. climate talks in Lima, Peru (COP20), the World Meteorological Organization announced in a provisional statement that this conclusion about 2014 weather and climate was virtually certain. WMO bases its report on datasets […]

January 1st

Epic Mission 31 Night Dive Unlocks Secrets Of “Inner Space” (videos)

Underwater habitat at Aquarius Reef Base (photo provided to Flickr courtesy of Stephen Frink, On July 2, 2014, ocean scientists who have spent the last 31 days living in an ocean-floor habitat 63 feet underwater will decompress and return to the surface. They’ve been down there on “Mission 31” intensively studying ocean acidification and climate […]

July 1st

Al Gore On Corruption In Politics & Media

I just read a wonderful article about and interview with Al Gore on POLITICO. Worth your time, I believe. Al Gore is such an excellent communicator. One of the best out there on the topic of global climate change. However, if you aren’t drawn to read the full thing, here are some key excerpts from the interview part picked out […]

May 3rd

Solar-powered Water Purifying Affordable Homes Can be Donated or Purchased

Mesocore offers a container-sized housing solution that purifies rain water and is solar-powered. The potential return on investment for donating one to a family in need is very large. If you consider that there are millions of people around the world living without housing, electricity or clean drinking water, Mesocore self-contained micro homes could drastically […]

December 20th

Our Way Of Life

By Maggie Fox, President and CEO, Climate Reality Project It’s funny. A lot of the rhetoric we hear pushing back against putting a price on carbon pollution parrots the argument that “it would threaten our way of life.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Fossil fuels like oil and coal helped power us through the […]

October 21st

Cyclone Evan Devastates Samoa, Moves on to Fiji

NASA announced the birth of Tropical Storm Evan on the 12th of December maybe not knowing just how damaging this storm would end up being. The Samoan government has declared a state of disaster after now-Cyclone Evan ravaged the small South Pacific nation, leaving an unknown death toll and massive damages in its wake. Cyclone […]

December 14th

Initial Outlook for 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season

  The Tropical Meteorology Project at Colorado State University released their initial outlook for the 2013 Atlantic basin hurricane season last Friday, providing four scenarios for how the season may unfurl. The four scenarios are; THC circulation becomes unusually strong in 2013 and no El Nino event occurs (resulting in a seasonal average net tropical […]

December 11th

Superstorm Sandy: What If Storms Like This Can Be Prevented (By Changing What We Eat)?

  Reposted in full from Everyone’s Harvest, with permission: Blog by Chiara Cabiglio, Everyone’s Harvest Intern and University of California, Santa Cruz Alumna Superstorm Sandy has caused at least 157 human deaths as of midday November 1st. Its impacts include flooding of lower Manhattan and large swaths of New York City’s subway system. News reports had previously predicted that such events might occur only in 2080, […]

November 2nd

Paul Ryan: Happy To Cut Hurricane Prediction Funding… But Not Have Millionaires & Billionaires Pay A Fair Share

  Ah, the priorities some of our top politicians have these days…. As you read the great post below by Michael Conathan (courtesy Climate Progress), recall that vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan and all but one other Senate Republican are against millionaires and billionaires paying their fair share in taxes. Here’s a video on that […]

October 31st

Romney Wants To Get Rid Of Disaster Relief, Seriously

  Yep, one of the two possible-to-get-elected candidates for president of the United States of America wants to get rid of federal disaster relief. He wants to privatize it! Which would basically mean that you’d have to pay for help in disaster situations (nevermind if that’s not really an option for some people or places). […]

October 31st

NJ Republican Governor Chris Christie: Nothing But Praise For Obama Support, Doesn't "Give A Damn" About Romney Photo Op

  This video below is awesome on a few levels. For one, New Jersey’s Republican Governor Chris Christie completely sticks it to Fox News, nails Fox News correspondents like the morons they are, for bringing up a potential Romney photo op in the wake of Hurricane Sandy devastating the state. This is what everyone should […]

October 31st

The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Monday night saw Hurricane Sandy make landfall in New Jersey after days of heavy rains and slow progress up the Mid-Atlantic. While not as horrific as past hurricanes — owing to the intricate workings of what makes a storm a hurricane and what makes a hurricane a storm — Hurricane Sandy has left millions reeling […]

October 31st

Hurricane Sandy Tuesday Morning Roundup

  Here’s a roundup of some Hurricane / Superstorm Sandy news from around: Dr Joe Romm of Climate Progress has gathered up a number of records Sandy has already set: CNN Weather Center tweets: “NEW #RECORD daily rainfall set at Atlantic City, NJ! 4.55″ of rain seen so far, shattering the old record of 2.33″ set back in […]

October 30th

Sandy / Frankenstorm News Roundup

  There’s a lot of good coverage out there about Hurricane Sandy / Frankenstorm, a storm that is expected to cause billions of dollars in damage and affect approximately 50 million people. Here’s a roundup of some of those stories: Toles on Ignoring the Climate Issue (via Climate Progress): Yes, this is related to Hurricane […]

October 29th

Frankenstorm — Perfect Term For Hurricane Sandy

  Here’s an excellent piece from the always excellent Dr Joe Romm (with several updates in there from the tie the article was originally published until now), focused on Hurricane Sandy and why “Frankenstorm” is an excellent term for the giant, human-influenced, scary hurricane (no matter what CNN might think): CNN Bans Term ‘Frankenstorm’, But It’s […]

October 29th