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Our Way Of Life

By Maggie Fox, President and CEO, Climate Reality Project It’s funny. A lot of the rhetoric we hear pushing back against putting a price on carbon pollution parrots the argument that “it would threaten our way of life.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Fossil fuels like oil and coal helped power us through the […]

October 21st

Declining And Misused Federal Fire Dollars: The Rim Fire

“Monster” fire consumes almost 10% of Yosemite National Park, August-September 2013 (Photo: U.S. Forest Service) Annual costs of fighting wildfires have grown exponentially over the past decade. They now surpass the value of resources reclaimed. The Rim Fire burning in and near Yosemite National Park has already cost over $65 million, and it is less […]

September 2nd

Amazon Forest Facing Devastating 2013 Fire Season, NASA Predicts

The 2013 Amazon forest fire season is shaping up to be a devastating one according to researchers from NASA and the University of California, Irvine. Their predictions warn of a 2013 fire season that will be considerably more severe than either the 2012 or 2011 seasons were, for many of the forests of the Amazon. […]

June 10th

Climate Change And Wildfire — Research Examines Relationship

Changes in the climate are intimately connected with wildfires, both causing them and being being caused by them. Recent research has estimated that wildfires will increase by around 50% across most of the US, and by as much as 100% in the West, by 2050, as a result of climate change. And with this increase […]

May 23rd