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Earthquake in New Zealand (More Info)

I’ve already covered the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand from a human perspective, including sharing a number of photos from the disaster, and covered the tremendous 30 million tons of ice the earthquake knocked off Tasman Glacier, the country’s largest glacier. Now, here’s a little more detail on the earthquake from the U.S. Geological Survey […]

February 22nd

Chinese Records Shed Light on Earthquake Mechanisms

The Chinese have been recording and describing the earthquakes that rumble underneath their country for the past two-thousand years. Using this data, University of Missouri researcher Mian Liu, professor of geological sciences in the College of Arts and Science, has theorized that mid-continent earthquakes tend to move among fault systems, rather than along the same […]

February 9th

$109 billion: Cost of Natural Disasters in 2010

Who says climate change mitigation isn’t worth the cost? Of course, we can’t tie every natural disaster to climate change (we’ve had natural disasters since the beginning of time), but one of the key effects of climate change is an increase in natural disasters and in the scale of natural disasters. Normal will soon be […]

January 26th

Top 30 Planetsave Posts of 2010

I know, you are extremely curious to find out which posts on Planetsave got the most views in 2010. I was too. Here they are, the top 30. Did you read them all? 30. Amazon River (10 Friday Photos) People love pretty pictures, (especially of the Amazon). 29. Top Environmental Organizations in the United States (7 Green […]

December 30th

Tsunami Detection System in Place

It has been six years since the devastating Earthquake that rocked Indonesia on Boxing Day of 2004, but in that time scientists have not been idle. The German-Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System for the Indian Ocean, tidily known as GITEWS, has been completed and will end on the 31 of March before being handed over […]

December 29th

Earthquake Simulation Rocks

A multi-disciplinary team of researchers have presented the most up to date and advanced simulation of earthquake shaking yet, at the Supercomputing 2010 conference held this week in New Orleans. The “M8” simulation depicts a magnitude 8.0 earthquake on the southern San Andreas Fault in much greater detail than has ever been seen before in […]

November 23rd