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Time To Tear Down Our Walls

Recent polls show the public is becoming more obstinate and unyielding about its views on climate change. We all hear it, whether it is from the friend at the gym, parroting the latest talk show mockery or the evening news, with a new science warning on climate. As these views harden, we move further and further away from solutions to climate […]

March 10th

Does The Future Of Humanity Lie In Space?

World-renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, and Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, are united by a common belief. They are members of an influential group of scientists and visionaries who believe that the long-term future of the human race lies in space, and that we need to grow beyond the confines of […]

March 4th

Neil Young Tour Took On Tar Sands — 10 Reasons The Tour Rocked (Other Than The Music) Legendary rocker Neil Young, born in Toronto, recently went on a tour in Canada aiming to support the rights of First Nations when it comes to tar sands development. Needless to say, First Nations citizens are being almost completely ignored and greatly harmed by reckless development of the tar sands. Young asserted that Canadian […]

February 10th

A New Way Forward | The World Five Platform

The old culture is broken –  highly dysfunctional and terribly corrupt. The areas of food, finance, energy, healthcare and media are all dominated by a few corporations, and all driven by the singular goal of profit. Government on every level has been corrupted by the 1%. It is this motive of greed that must be […]

February 1st

Help Protect Democracy In Ukraine

I just sent the following email to my representative in the House. I would appreciate it if you did so as well. And millions of Ukrainians would certainly appreciate the help. For more details on what is happening in Ukraine, there are two links in the letter below. They are not always a fun read, […]

January 25th

Cities or Suburbs, Which is Better for the Environment?

It’s a question that comes up every few “friendly debates” over environmental issues like suburban sprawl, wetland conservation, etc. Which is really better for the environment, cities or suburbs? The answer, of course, depends on who you ask and what you mean by “better”. In the case of climate-altering greenhouse emissions, though, I think we […]

January 16th

Wonderful Video Of Wonderful Bike Art Installation In Toronto

This is pretty: Here’s the description on the YouTube page: Ai Weiwei’s “Forever Bicycles” transforms Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square from October 6 – 27, 2013. For more info, visit: Shot and edited by: Ryan Emond Check out more cool bike stories and videos: Bike-Sharing Programs Improve Street Life Beautiful Copenhagen’s New Bike-Sharing Program Gonna Be […]

December 30th

Israel & Iran Love Story (VIDEO)

This is a beautiful video about an even more beautiful story. Someone passed it along to me some months back, but I just got around to watching it (yep, Christmas week is serving as a huge catch-up week for me). Anyway, this is beautiful, so please watch “Israel and Iran: A love story?,” and share […]

December 24th

Bike-Sharing Programs Improve Street Life

We know that bike-sharing programs get people to switch from driving to bicycling. We know that good bike-sharing programs increase bicycle commute rates dramatically. We know that bike-sharing programs keep the air cleaner and citizens healthier. But new research has also found that bike-sharing programs improve street life. “Bike share stations are ideal triangulators,” David M. […]

December 9th

UK EXPEDITION Project Aims To Understand The Youth

A friend of ours is trying to crowdfund a project in the UK to better understand the youth of today and help provide a better future for them. Check out the campaign here and pledge some money if you feel compelled: INTRODUCTION After four successful expeditions in Africa, The EXPEDITION Project is coming to the […]

November 23rd

The Zombies Among Us – Exploring The Resurgent Popularity of Zombies In Modern Culture

There are real zombies, or “sleep walkers”, in this world…the voodoo victims of hoodoo drug-induced slavery, normally restricted to the tribal cultures of Western Africa and the West Indies (following the introduction of African slaves to the New World)…and, presumably, their numbers are diminishing due to the great social disapproval of the practice and its […]

October 30th

World Rhino Day is September 22! #worldrhinoday

On September 22, 2013, the fourth annual World Rhino Day will be celebrated with special events organized both online and offline by zoos, NGOs, conservancies, schools, businesses, and concerned citizens. This year, the big day falls on a Sunday, which has prompted some celebrants to include Saturday, September 21 — making it a weekend of sharing […]

September 6th

Sweden = Most Sustainable Country On Earth (Report)

Editor’s Note: Here’s a quick look at why Sweden ranked #1 in a recent study on the sustainability of countries. Its neighbors also rank quite well. Most Sustainable Country In The World — Sweden (Northern Europeans Top The List) (via Clean Technica) Social governance issues such as carbon emissions, social cohesion, civil liberties, and environmental […]

August 21st

Global Meditation (Crowdfund It?)

I’m a huge fan of meditation, but mostly of a truly spiritual nature. Nonetheless, meditation aimed at calming yourself down a bit, bringing more peace to your life, and even helping the world is still good. Many studies have found meditation to be useful for those aims. A new crowdfunding campaign is looking to get […]

August 8th

An Occupier For Congress

Our federal government has now clearly established itself as an enabler for corporate special interests instead of being the champion of we, the people and the common good. All three branches collude in eroding our civil rights, creating laws and policies which benefit the very rich at our expense. Our situation becomes less tolerable each […]

July 29th

Livestock Production Is Not A Solution To Global Warming

Editor’s Note: Livestock production is actually estimated to account for about 51% of global greenhouse gas emissions from humans. A staggering amount. So, the theory promoted by Allan Savory that grazing livestock is a potential solution to global warming is a bit absurd. A wonderful post on the blog comfortablyunaware goes into this topic in much more detail, […]

July 28th

Solar Array Will Light A Long Norwegian Winter

It’s pretty dim in Rjukan, Norway, for five months of the year. Between the capital of Oslo to the east and the famous Norwegian fjords on the west coast, the town of about 3000 lies in a narrow valley at the foot of Gaustatoppen, the highest mountain massif in Telemark County. Winter sports attract many […]

July 28th

The Easy Guide To Sustainable Living In 2013

Editor’s Note: This post has been sponsored by Ausenco. Sustainable living should be a gradual process, as completely changing one’s lifestyle overnight is a little far-fetched. However, by gradually making your life more sustainable, you can save money and contribute to a healthier style of living… and, ultimately, a better world. Staying committed and focused […]

July 10th

Autism Risk May Be Increased By High Pollution Levels

A new Harvard School of Public Health study found that pregnant women could be twice as likely to give birth to an autistic child if they were exposed to high levels of air pollution. Specifically, exposure to chemicals such as lead, manganese, mercury, methylene chloride and diesel particulates have been known to impact brain function […]

June 20th

Mars Has Sled-like Tracks In Slopes

Looks like someone’s been having fun on Mars without telling anyone. Trails in slopes that seem suspiciously like sled tracks have been documented by research photographs. They weren’t made by little green men though. Blocks of dry ice are the suspects this time. These tracks are called linear gullies and you can see a much […]

June 18th