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Endangered Species

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Basking Shark Washes Up Dead In Rhode Island

An enormous 28-foot-long basking shark washed up dead on a beach in Rhode Island over the weekend. It’s not currently known what caused the shark’s death. Basking sharks, the second largest fishes in the world, are currently listed as “threatened” on the endangered species list. The huge and intelligent animals can grow to be more […]

April 29th

Black Rhino Still Near Extinction, Western Subspecies Still Extinct : Pictures Of A Disappearing Animal

The black rhino, also known as the hook-lipped rhinoceros, is a critically endangered species of rhinoceros, that was previously endemic throughout much of Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa, and also to certain regions in West Africa. The species has seen a dramatic drop in population numbers and genetic diversity in recent years. Many of the […]

April 27th

Elephant Bird Egg Sells For $101K

The enormous partially fossilized egg of an elephant bird just sold for the very large sum of $101,813 dollars at Christie’s auction house. It’s kind of funny when you consider that the elephant bird went extinct almost entirely as a result of deforestation/human activities, and that very little money is now spent to stop those […]

April 26th

Horror Frog, Frog Breaks Its Own Bones To Make Claws

The Horror Frog, a frog that breaks its own bones to create claws for fighting. Perhaps that sounds like something made up to you, but it is in fact a real animal. There are actually multiple real species possessing such abilities. The two most well known are: the Hairy Frog, which lives in Central Africa […]

April 21st

Extinction Debt, Historical Legacy Of Population Losses More Significant Than Current Population Numbers

Extinction debt is playing a considerably more important role in recent extinctions than conservation practices, or the lack thereof, are, new research from the University of Vienna has found. Most recent extinctions are primarily the result of socio-economic stressors placed on environments in the early to mid 20th century, and the population/genetic diversity losses associated […]

April 16th

New Porcupine Species Discovered In Brazil

You might not think of a porcupine living in the Brazilian rainforest, but a new-to-science species has been recently documented there. Even more surprising: they live in trees. While the discovery is exciting, it is also very sad, because these tree-dwelling porcupines are under threats due to loss of their natural habitat. They live in […]

April 12th

Teen Uses Solar-Powered Lights To Repel Lions

Richard Turere lives in Kenya where conflict between lions and humans has resulted in many lion and livestock deaths. Livestock is a precious commodity for many herdsman, so when even one cow or goat is killed by a lion the economic impact is harsh. The thirteen-year-old Turere had an epiphany while guarding his father’s livestock […]

April 8th

Air Pollution Stunts Coral Growth, Research Finds

A new study has found that Air pollution stunts coral growth, new research from the University of Exeter has found. The fine particulate matter that is released into the air as a result of fossil fuel burning, amongst other things, effectively “shades” the coral and subsequently cools the water that they reside in, both of […]

April 8th

Critically Endangered Leopard Numbers Increase

Amur leopards in eastern Russia increased to about 48-50 individuals according to a new survey. In 2007, in the same area there were just 27-34. These very rare cats live in a region near the Chinese, North Korean and Russian borders. Nearly half dwell in the Land of Leopard national park which is almost 700,000 […]

April 5th

Critically Endangered Tortoises Seized at Airport

Over 50 Ploughshare Tortoises and 21 Radiated Tortoises were seized at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. Both species are critically endangered. Authorities arrested two adults – one a Thai national and the other was a woman from Madagascar. Both species of tortoise are native to Madgascar and the women had flown from her home country […]

April 3rd

Metal Pollution Absorbed By Flowers Is One Of The Major Causes Of Bumblebee Decline, Research Finds

Bees, bumblebees, and variety of wild pollinating insects, have seen their numbers dropping considerably in recent years. Most recent research has found a strong connection between these declines and the use of of certain pesticides, loss of wild habitat/deforestation, and growing urban/agricultural areas. And now, another major cause of decline has been discovered, metal pollution, […]

April 2nd

Meat, Lies, & Videotape (A Deeply Flawed TED Talk)

By Robert Goodland A recent videotape that went somewhat viral begins with a factual statement by cattleman Allan Savory: “Fossil fuels… are by no means the only thing that is causing climate change.” Then Mr. Savory launches into opinion, saying there’s “only one option left to climatologists and scientists.” That’s to do “the unthinkable” — […]

March 26th

Dolphins Threatened By Human Waste And Pollution

River dolphins in the Ganges River are facing extinction due to human fecal matter, pollution and loss of habitat. This species of dolphin can only live in fresh water and are mostly blind. They navigate by making very high-pitched sounds which bounce off of objects and then the dolphins use the incoming sounds to form […]

March 25th

3 Musketeers Working To Save African Wildlife

It’s a true crime what poachers are doing to endangered wildlife in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere. And it is driven by irrational demand for animal products that don’t actually help people in any way. It’s a sad story. In order to help spread awareness and increase action to stop this, Jan Schnell has made the […]

March 22nd

8 New Frog Species Discovered

In Peak Wilderness, Central Hills, of Sri Lanka eight new frog species have been discovered. Seven of them are already in danger of extinction. Research was conducted in a period between 2009 – 2011, mostly at night. Photographs were taken in color to document variation in physical appearances between them all. The habitat where they […]

March 22nd

Extinct Frog Species Cloned

No, it isn’t news of a full extinct species restoration, but scientists did successfully clone cells from an extinct frog species. Researchers in Australia used somatic cell nuclear transfer to make gastric brooding frog embryos. Cell nuclei were taken from tissue samples of the extinct species collected in the 1970s. Then they were placed in […]

March 20th

Giant Goldfish Found In Lake Tahoe, Invasive Goldfish Likely Dumped In Fragile Ecosystem By Aquarium Owners

Monster goldfish, more than a foot long, have recently been found living in the fragile environment of Lake Tahoe. Including one individual that was 1.5 feet long and 4.2 lbs. The invasive and environmentally-destructive goldfish were likely originally dumped there by aquarium owners, before becoming established as they are now. Researchers note that the monster […]

February 24th