Endangered Species

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90% Of Lemur Species Approaching Extinction — New Action Plan Devised By International Team

True Lemurs, found only on the isolated island of Madagascar, are the most endangered mammalian group on the planet — more than 90% of all known lemur species are rapidly approaching extinction, primarily as the result of deforestation and habitat loss. Previous conservation efforts have been generally ineffective, so how do you prevent their extinction? […]

February 23rd

Sand Cat — Arabian Dune Cat Facts, Photos, And Videos

The sand cat (Felis margarita) is probably one of the most interesting animals that you’ve never heard of — just imagine something like a domestic cat, but with giant ears, furry paws, a very curious personality, and a desert home. 🙂 Got your attention yet cat lovers? If I have, then enjoy the article below. […]

February 20th

Very Rare Endangered Borneo Bay Cat Caught On Camera

These cats are so rare they were once believed to possibly be extinct. Recently researchers caught them on video using camera traps, proving they do still exist in the wild, though their numbers are very low. “We discovered that randomly placed cameras have a big influence on the species recorded,” said Dr. The cameras record […]

November 6th