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Endangered Species

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Florida Panther Kitten Found Healthy

A wild Florida panther kitten about one month old was found two weeks ago by biologists working with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. The kitten was birthed by a female adult panther that was raised as an orphan. This young adult was just released back into the wild in January of this year. The […]

July 9th

Tiger Cub Killed By Men; Tigers Kill Man

The reporting on this situation in Sumatra is almost completely human-centric. Some men ventured into Sumatran tiger habitat to trap deer. They accidentally caught a Sumatran tiger cub, which they killed. Sumatran tigers are critically endangered with only about 300-350 remaining in the wild. That is, they are on the brink of extinction. You would […]

July 9th

Animal News Roundup: Ancient Horse Genome Sequenced, Elephant Diet Choices Shape Evolution, & A Lizard Live Birth Mystery Solved

Three intriguing and exciting animal news stories to report…So, let’s get to it. Genome from a 700,000 Year Old Horse Fossil Is Sequenced Setting the record for the oldest animal (human or otherwise) to have its DNA sequenced, a team of evolutionary biologists has sequenced DNA found in a bone from an ancient horse-like species […]

June 26th

Crocodiles, Alligators, Caimans, and Gharials — Crocodilian Facts And Images (10 Friday Photos)

Crocodilians — crocodiles, alligators, gharials, and caimans — are some of the most successful predators on the planet, as well as being very interesting looking. They possess an impressive array of “super-sensory” adaptations that make them very effective hunters within their preferred habitats. They are also some of my “favorite” animals — meaning that their […]

June 14th

2 Tiger Poachers Caught In India

Two tiger poachers have been caught in Mansar, India. They are allegedly part of the Baheliya gang, a group of thirty individuals who have claimed to have killed five tigers in the last month. Their illegal poaching activity is compounded by selling the skins to a trader in northern India. There is also an illegal […]

June 10th

Shark Ecotourism More Economically Valuable Than Shark Fishing, Research Finds — Shark Numbers Still Rapidly Falling

Shark ecotourism is more economically valuable than shark fishing is, according to new research from the University of British Columbia. With the rapid decline of shark populations around the world in recent decades, and the many warnings of their possible extinction in the near future, hopefully this new research helps in the establishment of effective […]

May 31st

82% Of California's Remaining Native Fish Will Likely Go Extinct Within The Next 100 Years, Research Finds

82% of California’s remaining native freshwater fish species will likely go extinct within the next 100 years as a result of climate change and habitat loss, new research has found. This includes California’s remains salmon species, which will likely lose their habitats to invasive non-native fish, according to researchers from the Center for Watershed Sciences […]

May 31st

Biologists Discover Secret To Salamander Limb Regeneration

Salamanders aren’t just cool looking, detritus-dwelling amphibians. Salamanders are wonders of nature; they have the remarkable ability to regenerate their limbs, tails and even their retinas, spinal cords and some parts of their hearts and brains. Even following “deep tissue” wounds, salamanders are able to achieve scar-free repair of these injuries. What’s more, this regenerative […]

Even Farm Animal Genetic Diversity Is Plummeting — Loss Of Genetic Diversity Amongst Wild And Domesticated Species Is A Slow-Moving Disaster

Along with the rapid disappearance of much of the world’s wild biodiversity over the past century, the diversity of domesticated plant and animal species has also been falling rapidly. This loss of species diversity and genetic diversity poses a serious threat to continuation of modern industrial agriculture, and perhaps much more importantly, to the free […]

May 29th

Top 10 New Species Of 2012 — Lesula Monkey, Lilliputian Violet, Lyre Sponge, No to the Mine! Snake, Cave Painting Fungus, Glow-In-The-Dark Roach, Etc

The annual Top 10 New Species list has just been released by the International Institute for Species Exploration at Arizona State University. The 2012 Top 10 New Species List this year includes: a false coral snake that feeds on snails, a new type of monkey with ‘human-like’ eyes, a type of flowering bush from one […]

May 26th

Animals Bred In Zoos And Reintroduced To The Wild Bring Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria With Them, Research Finds

Animals raised in captive breeding programs, and then released into the wild, may transmit antibiotic resistant bacteria to the wild populations, new research on wallabies has found. Specifically, the research found that “endangered brush-tail rock wallabies raised in captive breeding programs carry antibiotic resistance genes in their gut bacteria and may be able to transmit […]

May 24th

Very Rare Leopards Caught On Camera

Critically endangered Javan leopards have been caught on digital camera traps in West Java. If you have been following conservation news, you know that the Formosan Cloud Leopard was recently declared extinct. They were driven into extinction by human activities. So it is very important that the Javan leopards be protected or they may suffer […]

May 23rd

Save Polar Bears By Reducing Driving Speeds

Sea ice has been in a decline recently, and that is very bad news for polar bears. They conduct much of their lives on sea ice, including locating mates and reproducing. ‘Sea ice extent averaged for the month of April 2013 was 14.37 million square kilometers (5.54 million square miles). This is 630,000 square kilometers […]

May 15th

Leopard is Extinct Researchers Say

Confirmation of the Formosan clouded leopard’s extinction has been achieved by research scientists from Taiwan. They looked carefully for any signs of them for thirteen years using various forms of technology and no indications were ever documented. ‘A lot of people have said they are disappointed and find our discovery quite regrettable. Some say they […]

May 8th

5 Types Of Butterfly Disappear

Five kinds of butterflies have apparently disappeared forever in South Florida. They are the Zestos Skipper, rockland Meske’s Skipper Zarucco duskywing, nickerbean blue and Bahamian Swallowtail. It has been recommended that the two skipppers be declared extinct by a Florida entomologist. Marc Minno was expected to conduct field research to locate the two skipper species […]

April 30th