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Animal Cruelty

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119 Die In Poultry Plant Fire

Some poultry plants have been known to be overcrowded with chickens (or very much so) and have poor ventilation. Usually such conditions are damaging or deadly for the chickens, but in this case, tragically, a very large loss of human life resulted as well. The Associated Press reported that there was only one exit open […]

June 3rd

Captive Dolphins Banned In India

India has released a statement rejecting captive dolphin shows due to damage dolphins sustain when kept in confined spaces. ‘Confinement in captivity can seriously compromise the welfare and survival of all types of cetaceans by altering their behaviour and causing extreme distress,” said B.S. Bonal, the member secretary of the Central Zoo Authority of India. […]

May 21st

Dolphin Park Shut Down Partly By Online Petition

In another victory for animal activists and sympathizers, a dolphin entertainment park in Turkey was shut down recently. (Hopefully, others around the world will suit.) The park was in Antalya’s Kaş, a small coastal town where tourism, fishing, diving and yachting are popular. (Considering all the water activities available it hardly seems necessary to keep […]

May 3rd

Justin Bieber's Monkey Held In Germany

Oops – it looks the Biebs fell prey to a pet impulse purchase. His very young Capuchin monkey has been placed in a German animal shelter, after authorities confiscated it for not having the proper paperwork. Owning primates is probably a bad idea anyway. They are very social creatures and need to interact with each […]

April 26th

Mass Dolphin Slaughter Opposed By Musicians

At the end of 2012 and the beginning of this year, hundreds of wild dolphins in the Solomon Islands were slaughtered. Local people living in the the village of Fanalei were reportedly responsible. Dolphin teeth have been traditionally used there as a form of currency, and their body parts for food, but a US conservation […]

April 25th