Animal Cruelty

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Science vs. Culture – Indian Scientists Clash Over Proposed Animal Welfare Law

With an estimated 5000 research institutions utilizing live animals, India has become a powerhouse in medical and biological research. But there’s a problem: according to the Animal Welfare Board of Indi, only 1700 of those institutions are in compliance with government registration laws, and only 200 or so have adequate facilities for the proper housing and care of animals. A new Animal Welfare Law has been proposed with provisions, out-right bans,and penalties that some scientists are calling excessively “harsh”. Critics assert that the law will severely hindermedical valuable and important science education and research.

September 17th

Top Activism & Politics Stories (Videos)

Other than the terrific piece new Planetsave writer and activist Kate Follot just wrote, here are some top activism stories of the past few days. They cover topics related to transportation, the tar sands, climate change, animals, nature, food, and more. Check them out:

August 24th

Playboy Model Victoria Eisermann Advocates to Ban Racehorse Whipping by Offering to Give a Whipping

Playboy model Victoria Eisermann joined in Animal Aid’s efforts to ban the use of whips on racehorses today, Ladies’ Day, by “offering punters the surprise experience of a spanking, using a diamond studded whip” at the gates of Royal Ascot. As Animal Aid reports: “This will allow race-goers a chance to experience a similar beating to that which horses will receive from jockeys during the Royal race meeting.”

June 17th

Jason Schwartzman (of Rushmore/I Heart Huckabees/Bored to Death) & Farm Sanctuary Promote Vegetarianism {VIDEOS}

This came into my email recently — Jason Schwartzman, who I love, teaming up with Farm Sanctuary, who I love, to make a fun, interesting video about animals and vegetarianism, which I love — and I was planning to cover it myself but then Becky Striepe (editor of our sister site Eat Drink Better) beat me to it and did a good job of it, so I’ll quote a bit from her….

May 3rd

Animal Circuses to be Banned in UK after Animal Cruelty Exposed?

Well, here’s some good news out of the UK. As I shared on here recently and have from time to time, circus animals often live quite inhumane lives. Undercover footage (below) of the horrible treatment inflicted upon 59-year-old Asian elephant Anne, part of a UK travelling circus, brought this fact to the eyes of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Anne, who has been in captivity for 50 years, was recently kicked or hit hard with a metal pitchfork 48 times over the course of 3 and a half weeks a recent undercover investigation by Animal Defenders International found (and filmed). Northamptonshire police and the RSPCA subsequently investigated the situation as a result of this video. (Note that she is repeatedly beat in here back right knee — she has arthritis.)

April 6th

Top 37 Green Stories (April 4)

I’ve compiling and sharing top green news from around the internet on 7 news pages here on Planetsave for about a month now. Perhaps you’ve noticed that, perhaps not.

I’ve decided to pull out what I think are the top 37 (this number could increase) stories each day and share them in morning posts on Planetsave as well — for those who don’t want to skim through hundreds of stories or who are dedicated to RSS or email news.

April 4th