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Animal Cruelty

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5,500 Dog Portraits Draw Attention To Shelter Dogs

Mark Barone is a visual artist and dog enthusiast. He has enjoyed the companionship of dogs for many years, and decided to use his artistry to show appreciation for canines while drawing attention to the plight of dogs in shelters that are constantly being euthanized. He is painting thousands of dog portraits to document their […]

September 4th

Over 100 Dogs Seized From Breeder

The Montreal SPCA and Quebec government seized over 100 dogs and puppies from a commercial breeding facility. These establishments are also sometimes called puppy mills. An e-mail from Humane Society International said, “The dogs and puppies were housed in barren, metal cages and denied the most basic of their needs. Inside, the smell of ammonia […]

September 3rd

Zoos To Close In Costa Rica

“No Cages” is the new policy on zoo animals in Costa Rica.  Animals at the Simon Bolivar Zoo will be released or taken to sanctuaries. The zoo will be changed dramatically into a botanical garden and the Santa Ana Conservation Center will be made into a park. Environment Minister Rene Castro made the announcement. He […]

August 8th

Mountain Lions Will Be Hunted in Nebraska

Mountain lions will be hunted in most parts of Nebraska in 2014. It will be the first year hunting of them will occur in the state (South Dakota has already allowed a number of hunts.) Curiously, there is only one area of Nebraska that is known to have a reproducing population of mountain lions. Pine […]

August 1st

Shark Wrestler Likely Damaging Wildlife

A man living in the Nantucket area caught a shark while fishing and spent about 45 minutes wrestling with it. He said he enjoys catching them in this manner and then letting them go. “I always let them go. I’m not trying to hurt the sharks,” he explained according to CNN. Amazingly, it has also […]

July 19th

Tiger Cub Killed By Men; Tigers Kill Man

The reporting on this situation in Sumatra is almost completely human-centric. Some men ventured into Sumatran tiger habitat to trap deer. They accidentally caught a Sumatran tiger cub, which they killed. Sumatran tigers are critically endangered with only about 300-350 remaining in the wild. That is, they are on the brink of extinction. You would […]

July 9th

Dolphin Killed By Tourists?

An injured dolphin in China was reportedly mishandled by swimmers at Dadonghai beach on the island of Hainan, which is several hundred miles from Hong Kong. A group of male swimmers picked up the distressed dolphin out of the water to have photographs taken with it. It was also reported that their interaction with the […]

June 28th