Animal Cruelty

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Martha Stewart Nails the Cruelty of Factory Farming (Video)

This is a pretty shockingly wonderful video of Martha Stewart talking about farm animals and the cruelty of factory farming. Pretty amazing to see such a popular homemaker speaking to bluntly about some of the horrible problems of factory farms. As you can see, the video is produced in partnership with Farm Sanctuary, one of my […]

February 1st

Green Living News

OK, last roundup of the week! Here’s a roundup of some top green living stories of the week, other than the 15 or so we’ve already covered (click the link above for those… there were some fun ones this week!):

January 27th

Politics News

Other than our own politics posts this week, here are some more posts from around the interwebs you might want to check out (a little bit of overlap with the activism roundup I just posted, but not too much): Senator Bernie Sanders Takes On Tax Breaks To Fossil Fuel Companies President Obama’s State of the Union […]

January 27th

Activism News

Here’s some top activism news of the week, other than the stories we’ve already covered (which you can check out via the link above): Climate Activists Call Foul at Rep. Boehner’s Office over Keystone Pipeline and Campaign Cash from Big Oil Climate activists fed up with the influence of corporate money on Congress stormed Speaker […]

January 27th

Egg Consumption Falling in U.S.

At first, looking at the graphic above, the drop in egg consumption looks pretty dramatic. Actually, it’s just about a dozen eggs per person per year. But hey, it’s something. The news: From Voices of Compassion: “per capita egg consumption in the US has been steadily declining for the past six years!” “That’s according to […]

January 20th

Olivia Munn Goes Naked for Animals (VIDEO)

News: Following up on my story an hour or so ago on NFL linebacker Terrell Suggs ‘going PETA’ (not quite naked, though), news is Olivia Munn has also ‘gone PETA’ (and gone fully naked) to encourage people to drop the fur. Olivia Munn, if you’re not familiar with her, is a correspondent on The Daily […]

January 17th

Europe Bans Battery-Cage Eggs

  News: Keeping chickens in battery cages and selling their eggs is now illegal in Europe. “On the first day of 2012, keeping hens in such cages became illegal, in all 27 countries of the European Union,” the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reports. “Hens can still be kept in cages, but they must have more […]

January 17th

Terrell Suggs, NFL Linebacker, Goes PETA (VIDEOS)

  PETA does a great job of getting household names and celebrities who love animals to speak up and push our society in a more animal-friendly direction. Most recently, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs has teamed up with PETA (or ‘gone PETA’, as I may start calling it). “He may be one of the toughest linebackers in […]

January 17th

Meatout — Coming to a City Near You

  Meatout activists are looking to help more people dump the cause of at least 51% of our global warming pollution emissions this March. These activists are organizing events around the country and around the world for March 20. All 50 U.S. states and at least two dozen other countries will be participating. More info […]

January 16th

Top 10 Posts of the Week

  In case you missed them, or are just interested in seeing which of our posts from the last week have gotten the most views, here’s a list of our top 10 posts from the past 7 days: US Map of Biggest Polluters (Interactive) Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day – End Modern Slavery South […]

January 16th

3 Whale Warriors to be Released from Japanese Whaling Ship

  If you haven’t heard, three anto-whaling activists, or whale warriors, were ‘taken captive’ by Japanese whalers after boarding the Shonan Maru 2 several days ago are supposedly to be released. The Australian activists from Forest Rescue — Geoffrey Owen Tuxworth, Simon Peterffy, and Glen Pendlebury — were facing trial and possible imprisonment in Japan for […]

January 10th

Sea Shepherd Vessel Severely Damaged by Rogue Wave

Whilst in pursuit of the Japanese whaling fleet, the Sea Shepherd scout vessel Brigitte Bardot was struck by a rogue wave on December 28, 2011, severely damaging the hull and detaching the port side pontoon. Since then, the Steve Irwin moved to intercept the Brigitte Bardot and is now escorting it back to Fremantle, Australia, […]

January 5th

Humane Society Rescues 43 Animals from NC Breeder

A goat, a rabbit, six dogs, and 35 domestic and exotic cats have been retrieved from a rural breeder’s home in North Carolina, thanks in part to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). “The cats include domestic breeds and Savannah cats, which is a hybrid produced by breeding domestic cats to wild African […]

December 22nd

Person-to-Person Vegan Outreach

  Into helping to protect animals from horrid factory farming and massacre? Want to do more than just go vegetarian or vegan yourself? Vegan Outreach does great work meeting with people one-on-one and distributing useful, important informational materials. But it relies a lot on donations to get the word out. Note the correlation between annual […]

December 21st

Animal Rights Activists Now Considered Terrorists — Filing Lawsuit to Get Their 1st Amendment Rights Back

  Animal rights activists have been threatened by a new law, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), that seems to violate our 1st Amendment rights (allowing the government to give protesters the label “terrorist”). Now, they are fighting back. A group of activists have filed a federal lawsuit opposed to the act. “Plaintiffs Sarahjane Blum […]

December 19th

Bullfighting Now Banned in Venezuela's Capital, Caracas

  The movement to ban bullfighting got another win last week. From the League Against Cruel Sports: “The Venezuelan Supreme Court has taken the decision to annul the Ordinance on Bullfights (1988) in the capital city Caracas, making it the first area of the country to effectively introduce a ban on bullfighting. This is a […]

December 19th

Invasive Biomedical Research on Chimps Not Needed

  Invasive biomedical research on chimpanzees is “largely unnecessary”, according to a new landmark report by the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine. So, let’s stop doing it! “Nearly 1,000 chimpanzees remain in six U.S. laboratories, with about 500 of them owned by the federal government,” the Humane Society notes. “The cost to federal taxpayers is […]

December 18th

News Roundup & Action Opportunities!

Some more green news of the week: 1. The Weekly Standard Does Horrible Job Covering “Climategate 2”. The full post The Weekly Standard apart over on Media Matters is worth a read, but here are the key points from the piece (note: Hayward is the author): Hayward Cites Email About Page Limits To Claim That […]

December 16th

Leading the Horses to Slaughter

On November 18, 2011, the U.S. Congress lifted the five-year-old ban on slaughtering horses, backed by President Obama (who signed it into law), which prohibited horse slaughtering within U.S. borders. Now, it looks like horses will be heading back to the slaughterhouse. Missouri farmers, as well as some state political leaders, say that lifting the […]

December 15th

Take Action: 5 Opportunities

  #1: Ringling Circus Gets Largest Fine of Its Kind for Animal Cruelty — Thank USDA & PETA! From PETA: “Feld Entertainment, the parent company of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, must now pay the largest settlement of its kind in U.S. history―$270,000―for alleged violations of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) dating back to 2007.” More […]

December 6th

Activism News & Action Opportunities Round-Up (10 Stories)

  1. Activists occupied KFC on two continents last week. More from the Dogwood Alliance: “Colonel Sanders and various woodland creatures made appearances at over 150 KFC restaurants across the country and various locations in Europe to deliver a message, ‘Stop destroying Southern forests for your throwaway packaging.’ The iconic KFC bucket and other KFC […]

November 22nd

10 More Big Activism Stories

Some top activism stories from the past week or so that I haven’t been able to get to but deserve a big share: Two Finland animal activists who were being prosecuted for undercover investigations of factory farms have been found not guilty on almost all charges. Good news! A climate justice youth caravan of approximately 200 […]

November 21st

Take Action: Protect Chimpanzees!

Read this note from PETA (received via email) and take action via the link below: For too long, there has been a loophole in federal regulations that allows notorious animal abusers and inexperienced individuals to use endangered chimpanzees for purely commercial purposes and in horrific laboratory experiments. They have been able to get away with […]

October 30th

Top 5 Ways to End Factory Farming

The National Conference to End Factory Farming starts tomorrow! One of our writers, Kate Follot, will be attending and reporting back for us. In the meantime, though, the organizers there have shared this guest post with us — 5 ways to end factory farming, with quotes from some of the conference speakers. Here’s the list: […]

October 26th

United States Weak-Ass Concern Over Renewed Japanese Whaling

In a statement released on Thursday the United States has expressed their deep “regrets that Japan has decided to continue its controversial whaling in the Southern Ocean.”

The statement also went on to state that “the United States also expresses its deep concern about the possibility of violence in connection with such whaling.”

This sort of nonaction and pussy-footing around an issue such as this is one of the reasons why individual nutjobs like Paul Watson and his Sea Shepherd Conservation Society are out on the seas trying to protect animals who have as much right to live as anything else, especially given how close to endangered many species of whale are getting.

October 14th