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Animal Cruelty

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Teen Uses Solar-Powered Lights To Repel Lions

Richard Turere lives in Kenya where conflict between lions and humans has resulted in many lion and livestock deaths. Livestock is a precious commodity for many herdsman, so when even one cow or goat is killed by a lion the economic impact is harsh. The thirteen-year-old Turere had an epiphany while guarding his father’s livestock […]

April 8th

Critically Endangered Tortoises Seized at Airport

Over 50 Ploughshare Tortoises and 21 Radiated Tortoises were seized at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. Both species are critically endangered. Authorities arrested two adults – one a Thai national and the other was a woman from Madagascar. Both species of tortoise are native to Madgascar and the women had flown from her home country […]

April 3rd

Animals We Abuse, Murder, & Then Throw In The Trash

Kenny Torrella recently had the idea for an article on a topic most of us have probably never considered, and he got his friend Harish over at Counting Animals to put it together. Rather than rewrite his intro, here are his own eloquent words leading into the numbers and chart: We waste a lot of food in […]

March 29th

3 Musketeers Working To Save African Wildlife

It’s a true crime what poachers are doing to endangered wildlife in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere. And it is driven by irrational demand for animal products that don’t actually help people in any way. It’s a sad story. In order to help spread awareness and increase action to stop this, Jan Schnell has made the […]

March 22nd

Congressman Ate Lion Meat

In a recent interview, Representative Paul Broun, a Republican from Georgia, said he has eaten lion meat. Several years ago he traveled to Zimbabwe and shot a lion to death. Not wanting to waste anything, he said he ate the meat. He has shot and killed other animals as well, including a warthog, which he […]

March 22nd

New Lizard Species Do Not Look 'Evil'

Two new lizard species were discovered in the mountain rainforest habitat of northeastern Peru. Too bad a media outlet already said they look evil: ‘New lizard species look like evil dinosaur hybrids’. Why would a person judge another species and use the word evil, when it has never done anything to harm humans? The wood […]

March 21st

Slender Loris Threatened By Photographers

Indian researchers from Conservation Research Group in Kerala and the Wildlife Information Liaison Development Society have found the slender loris is being threatened by unethical photographers and local people that disrupt the tiny animal’s behavior and damage its habit to allow these photo seekers close to capture images. They interacted with indigenous people in the […]

March 13th

Hole-y Cow! WTFistula?

Here’s some text from a PBS interview with Michael Pollan, entitled “Modern Meat.” This covers the need for the holes (“Rumen Fistula”) and more. Read the whole thing via the link, this snippet is just the beginning. The problem with this system, or one of the problems with this system, is that cows are not evolved […]

October 30th

Backyard CAFOs

More on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and Factory Farms From PlanetSave: Top 5 Ways to End Factory Farming From CAFOtheBook: CAFO the Book From GMO Journal: Big Chicken=Big Pollution From PETA: Chickens Used for Food Joe’s cartoon archive, twitter ramblings and StumbleUpon page…

October 24th

Elephant Song from Planetsave Reader: "Standing As One"

  Here’s a nice video of and song about elephants, courtesy of one of our great Planetsave readers/musicians. Here’s more information on the video from the musician who contacted us, Jan Schnell: With the help of some top Danish musicians, I have made a music video tribute to the African Elephant. It is a positive […]

October 23rd

Romancing and the Open Road

  Bike Romance Romancing the Open Road in the Season of Locusts I fell in love with my bike at the age of 5. I would jump on it and go anywhere I wanted on my own. I was one with the wind. When I was seven, we had the seven-year locusts come to live […]

August 30th

Human Undergoes Horrendous Animal Testing for Animal Rights

  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t watch the video. The opening picture of the Feelgood Style post on this matter was enough for me: Here’s the full Feelgood Style post, Human Undergoes Animal Testing for Animal Rights: Performance artist Jacqueline Traides agreed to publicly undergo animal testing techniques to show what animals endure in […]

July 24th

Veganism & the Environment (Infographic)

  We’ve covered the benefits of going vegetarian or vegan many times here on Planetsave, but I don’t think we could cover it too many times. Here’s a wonderful infographic on “veganism and the environment” that someone from the infographic company that made this for Culinary Schools:

July 13th

Save the Rhino Song (Music Video)

  One of our Facebook fans recently dropped us this music video he created. As you can see, it’s focused on the rhino, and efforts to save this precious species. Enjoy! (Except for the very sad pictures of mutilated rhinos.) And share!

June 30th

Endowing Animals with Human Emotions…

  Another beautiful animal-related repost for the day, below is a beautiful quote by Frans de Waal, from “Are We in Anthropodenial?” — succinct but illuminating in its eloquence: “To endow animals with human emotions has long been a scientific taboo. But if we do not, we risk missing something fundamental, about both animals and us.” h/t […]

April 16th

The Crying Bull

  I’m not sure if this story is true or not — I’ve been unable to track down the original source — but it very well could be, and I think it’s worth a share, so here it is (the remainder of this article is a full repost): The Bull Who Cried Reported by “Weekly […]

April 16th

Meat Kills (& Killing Meat)

I’ve been wanting to write about two recent studies for a couple weeks now. This sort of fun, sort of sad, and sort of controversial billboard from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) — now up in Chicago — seemed to offer a nice segway into finally getting to those studies. Meat Kills The first […]

March 21st

Body-Painted PETA Activists Protest Mumbai Zoo

Body-painted activists with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) visited the Byculla Zoo in Mumbai, India today. “Bodypainted in an array of bright colours and holding a banner that reads, ‘Let Animals Show Their True Colours: Boycott Zoos’, members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India will gather outside Byculla […]

March 7th

Activism News of the Day (VIDEO)

Top green & animal activism news of the day from around: Lucy Lawless & Greenpeace Activists Arrested Lucy Lawless (XENA) and 6 other Greenpeace activists were arrested yesterday for climbing a Shell oil rig headed to the Arctic. Greenpeace Activists Climb Mt Fuji to Call for Nuclear-Free Japan Greenpeace activists elsewhere, meanwhile, were preparing yesterday […]

February 28th

Last-Minute Gifts for Animal & Environment Lovers

  Need to come up with a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for an animal or environment lover? Here are a few you (& he or she) might like: 1) Adopt a Farm Animal for your special someone! (See some of the farm animal couples available for adoption below.) As Farm Sanctuary writes, and I fully […]

February 13th

Top 14 Posts of Past 14 Days

In case you missed these amongt the 70+ posts of the past 2 weeks, here are the top 14: Greenpeace and the True Story Behind the Film Big Miracle In First, NASA Probe Detects ‘Alien Matter’ Entering Our Solar System (VIDEO) Roseanne Barr Running for Green Party Presidential Nominee! LeBron James Biking to Work/Game (Photo […]

February 13th

Activism News: When Is Activism Terrorism?; Lorax Wins!; Animal Abuse at Pig Farm Uncovered (VIDEOS)

There were 3 good activism stories this past week that I thought I’d include a quick roundup of. 1. When Activism Becomes “Terrorism” Will Potter, one of the world’s top experts on the move to label environmentalists activists was recently interviewed talking about “when activism becomes terrorism”—short and simple: when it’s effective. But here’s the […]

February 7th