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Animal Cruelty

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Legal Challenge to Idaho’s Wildlife Killing Contest

Originally Published on the ECOreport Legal Challenge to Idaho’s Wildlife-killing Contest is a podcast with Amy Atwood, Endangered Species Legal Director, Senior Attorney, The Center of Biological Diversity. The Bureau of Land Management has just issued a five year permit, so that Salmon, Idaho, can hold its’ wildlife killing contest on public land.  Five hundred hunters, […]

November 22nd

Happy World Animal Day? WWF Extinction Report

Today’s World Animal Day, celebrated across the globe since a 1931 convention of ecologists in Florence, Italy, conceived of it as a way to highlight the plight of endangered species. They chose October 4 because it’s the Catholic Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. Since then, people have used the […]

October 4th

100,000 Bears Killed In Eastern US States

The following analysis breaks down multiple bear death totals. Over 100,000 bears, –  100,103 to be exact – have been killed in annual hunts in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, North Carolina and South Carolina, and Virginia in the last dozen years or so. Virginia In Virginia, 10,972 bears have been killed in legal hunts […]

September 24th

Albert Einstein's Environmental Quotes

Albert Einstein was one of the world’s greatest thinkers and some have compared his general outlook on life to the Buddha’s. Ahimsa, or the principle of not injuring life forms, seems to apply to Einstein’s great sense of wonder and appreciation for all the phenomena of life. Below are some quotes attributed to him on […]

September 12th

Eggless Mayonnaise Tastes Better than Hellmann’s

Do you like mayonnaise? Hellmann’s and Best Foods have been making it for decades and also dominating the mayo market.  The original Hellmann’s came from Richard Hellmann’s wife’s recipe in 1905. Of course, their classic recipes contain whole eggs and egg yolks. You might say Hellmann’s defined what mayonnaise is supposed to taste like. However, […]

September 11th