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The most important news you’ll read this minute: Shea Gunther is leaving Green Options and Planetsave and is converting to Scientology. Praise Xenu.

Big news Planetsavekateers, I’m outta here. I’m leaving Green Options and Planetsave, though not to join Tom and John in their fight against the thetans. I would like to say it’s to spend more time with my family, but that just makes me sound like a scandal ridden Bush official. While I probably will get […]

August 29th

Happy Sysadmin Appreciation Day to Noel!

Hug your Sysadmin today for it’s System Administrator Appreciation Day. Our designer/sysadmin Noel kicks much ass and everyone at Planetsave and Green Options appreciates all the hard work he does having to deal with us non-coder types who sometimes break things when we shouldn’t.

July 27th

Top 42 Ways to Stop Making Trash

This list comes via the excellent No Impact Man. He’s got an great list of 42, here are the top 10… 1- No soda in cans (which means we’re probably less likely to get cancer from aspartame). 2- No water in plastic bottles (which means we get to keep our endocrines undisrupted). 3- No coffee […]

July 18th