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Car2go Comes To London!

  Time to set-off from the banal pattern of cab sharing and travelling, particularly in London! Daimler and Europcar, with their Car2go service, have risen above the crowd, launching their avant-garde concept of carsharing in London (also known as a car club here). The carsharing service gives the freedom of hiring and driving off with a […]

January 3rd

Air Inside Public Bathrooms Rife With Infectious Particles; Toilet Games To Improve Sanitation

  Endemics can be lethal. Alleviating the spumes in toilets has become imperative. Are you dreaded with germ fear and spumes of bacteria that may cause diarrhea? Well, you may be right to be concerned. Studies have ascertained that, after usage of a toilet, flushing can cause numerous infectious diseases. Innumerably, the globules or droplets emanating from the […]

December 20th

Trillions Possible From Green Revolution In EU, Report Finds

  According to Reuters, a report commissioned by Greenpeace finds that the entire exercise of making EU energy entirely free from carbon (through the mission of the green revolution) will enable the EU to reap some sweet economic fruits, the tune of €3 trillion by 2050. But that’s not all. By 2020, it will also […]

November 8th

Chinese Government Plans More Policies To Support Solar Power Industry

  The Chinese government takes its solar power industry seriously, and considers the best policies to support and improve the industry at large. A report on China’s solar power scenario shows that it is working to improve the environment for producers of solar power in the domestic market. Meng Xiangan, the deputy director of The […]

November 2nd

China Spearheads Approves 2,000 MW of Wind Energy Projects Worth $2.5 Billion in Hami Province

  China has given acquiescence to 2,000 MW of wind energy in its Hami province, which will cost approximately $2.5 billion. The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has made a prolific move ahead by approving a 2,005-MW wind energy project in the Hami province of China, which is expected to create significant breakthroughs for […]

September 19th