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SnagFilms Offers Earth Day Collection

  To honor this year’s Earth Day, SnagFilms has brought to you a collection of excellent films that speak towards our need to protect our planet. Check them out right here or at, share them with others, and spread their important message on Earth Day 2012! (Films embedded below the list.) 1. I Love […]

April 20th

On Coal River (MOVIE)

  Coal plays a massive part in not only the economy of the United States, but also the lives of its citizens. Nearly 45% of the electricity generated in the U.S. comes from coal, which is about twice as much as natural gas and four times as much as renewable sources of energy. While many […]

March 20th

What We Can Learn from Garbage (Film)

  It is certainly both odd as well as obvious to claim that plastic bags do not have deep inner thoughts. They do not cherish, yearn, regret, or hope. They have no mothers, friends, or soul mates, and they certainly do not have existential crises. Despite all of this, the SnagFilms documentary Plastic Bag highlights […]

March 13th

5 Problems with Being a Throwaway Culture

  Where does trash really go? A common misconception is that if we simply throw something away, then it will magically go to a place where we can forget about it forever. However, acting out of convenience and without consideration for the bigger environmental picture (and for our future), we have contributed to a throwaway […]

March 5th

5 Reasons We Should Be Concerned About Fracking (Film)

We all know that the affordability, efficiency, and sustainability of cleaner, greener energy will be a major challenge for this century.  Some have called natural gas a better and cleaner energy source; yet, even if we set aside this hot air, the process of extracting the gas (called hydraulic fracturing or fracking) proves problematic for […]

February 6th

Improving the Hudson (Film)

Maintaining our nation’s rivers and bays is not only important for clean drinking water, general sanitation, and summer vacationers, but, also, rivers such as the Hudson are home to a vast array of vegetation, wildlife, and ecosystems.  Fifty years ago, the Hudson was full of waste, pollution, and dead fish.  Where families once swam and […]

January 10th

Ripe for Change (Movie)

  Public discourse surrounding the direction of national agricultural production seems to highlight one specific point of divergence. In one direction, mass supply, transportation, industrialization, and accessibility are the driving forces. In the other, sustainability, localization, organics, and environmentally conscious production are deemed most essential. With “advancements” in technology and a growing green movement, heated […]

December 14th