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Thanksgiving Love :: Remember Native Americans with National Charities and Emergency Relief

Sadly, many Native American Communities inside the United States are living in poverty and this Thanksgiving they truly need our love. However poor, Native Americans have always maintained a wealth of wisdom on how to heal and revive themselves, now let’s honor and nourish them and their rich culture as this historic holiday approaches. National […]

November 4th

A Future for Wolves?

To many, including Native Americans, wolves are sacred animals symbolizing nature’s wild freedom… “The threat to wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies is real — and it’s happening now.” ~ Help stop the deadly Wildlife Services wolf-killing plan and urge constituents and Members of Congress to speak out against federal legislation that would remove wolves […]

October 25th

Blog Action Day Reminds Us — "Water is Life"

This post is part of 2010’s Blog Action Day, where bloggers across the Internet pull together to raise awareness about one important issue. This year’s theme is water. With today being blog action day, I am reminded of this post I wrote in tears a year ago, in hopes to help save lives by donating […]

October 15th

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Seeks Donations for Gulf Sea Turtles

Our National Fish and Wildlife Foundation needs donations for Gulf of Mexico sea turtles. NFWF’s mission is to actively save our natural environment. NFWF plans to sustain, restore, and enhance the nation’s fish, wildlife, plants, and habitats now more than ever. For a quarter of a century NFWF has brought true collaboration among federal agencies, private funders […]

August 9th

Saving Louisiana's Coastline : The Government and Coastal Scientists Need to Work in Harmony Now

Louisiana state and top scientists are actively brainstorming how they will stop the oil from destroying Barataria Bay, a huge estuary and major fishery in the southeastern part of Louisiana. Now officials are aggressively trying to carry out a plan they created two months ago to save the fragile ecosystems along the Louisiana coastline. The […]

July 7th

Oil Spill in the Gulf Live Cam Posted by the US Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming

Just in case you are wondering what is happening right this moment in the Gulf of Mexico, here is a live video feed of the BP Oil Spill from the ocean floor, 5000 feet below the surface. [social_buttons] This live video was made possible following a demand from Representative Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) for a […]

May 29th

Ecotourists Save the World is the Ideal International Adventure Book for Environmental Volunteers (Win it)

Ecotourists Save the World by Pamela K. Brodowsky and the National Wildlife Federation is the newest guide to eco-tourism, volunteerism, or whatever your individual ism is to care more deeply for our incredible planet… [social_buttons] Folks these days are compelled not only to look for less expensive vacations, but also to find a way to […]

April 16th

Let's Ask the New York Times to Run this NRDC Ad to Save Alaska's Wildlife Eden. Help Spread Awareness with Us!

Native Alaskans need our help for Earth Day. Help save Bristol Bay in Alaska and it’s wildlife. [social_buttons] Natural Resources Defense Council is trying to create visibility around the issue of saving Alaska’s Wildlife Eden from becoming a landfill. Few Americans are aware of the UK’s bargain to dump toxic waste in Bristol Bay, what […]

April 6th

Ocean Conservancy and Reef Relief say Parrotfish Need More Attention

 The beautiful parrotfish (family Scaridae) performs many roles in coral reef ecosystems. With their large teeth they munch algae off the coral so that it stays healthy and alive. Parrotfish are constantly eating and digesting bits of coral whole, and excreting sand that helps create beaches. Since parrotfish spend all day searching the reef for food to […]

July 28th

New "Face the G8" Game from World Wildlife Fund

[social_buttons] World Wildlife Fund International has an interactive online game up called Face the G8 and it asks the questions “What would you do if you were a member of the G8? Would you choose the right policies that lead us to an environmentally sustainable future, or make the same old empty promises and continue with ‘business as […]

July 8th

Happy Planet Index 2.0 from the New Economics Foundation

[social_buttons] The New Economics Foundation tells us that “as the G8 prepare to meet in Italy this week, the second global ranking of the ecological efficiency with which the world’s nations deliver long and happy lives for the people who live there – the ‘Happy Planet Index‘ – reveals a surprising picture of the relative wealth and […]

July 7th

The Prince's Rainforests Project Declares: "Deforestation Causes Climate Change In Any Language"

“The Prince’s Rainforests Project works with governments, business, NGOs and individuals to increase global recognition of the contribution of tropical deforestation to climate change and to find ways to make the rainforests worth more alive than dead.”- Project mission statement The Rainforest Declaration is admirable and their site details show the rainforest nations they are […]

March 21st

"The Age of Stupid" Hopes to Inspire More Climate Activism

The Age of Stupid has arrived after half a decade in the making.  Franny Armstrong has made a new climate change documentary-drama that stars Pete Postlethwaite as an indie climate change refugee from 2055,  that shares the tragedy of of global warming. In addition to their screenings, they offer ways to help via their ‘not […]

March 17th

Hot Amazon Watch Lunch Party in San Francisco Tomorrow

The mission of Amazon Watch is: “to work with indigenous and environmental organizations in the Amazon Basin to defend the environment and advance indigenous peoples’ rights in the face of large-scale industrial development-oil and gas pipelines, power lines, roads, and other mega-projects.” If you work in San Francisco and want to take an inspirational lunch […]

October 29th