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The Red Tide and the Dead Zone

It sounds a little like the title of a book you might find in the thriller section of your local bookstore, but I assure you that I’m not in a literary mood. In fact, my title describes two phenomenons that are currently dangerously affecting the Gulf of Mexico, among other oceanic locations across the planet. […]

November 8th

Science and Mother Nature on the Same Team

  It was only the other day where I commented on some of the plans involving dumping various chemicals into the waters. The plans, to increase the ability to combat algae blooms and eat carbon were risky, untested and highly controversial. Today, however, much to my relief and surprise, I found a story that may […]

November 7th

How the Circadian Rhythm Affects the Environment

Daylight savings is one of the bane’s of my existence. Granted, I’m not the sunniest person around to begin with, so my ability to acquire further “banes” is possibly a negating factor in describing my dislike of DST. But I want to stress this; daylight savings is simply not worth it. Luckily for me, I’m […]

November 6th

Up, down or in? Where does our carbon go?

Over my tenure as part of the Green Options network, I’ve brought you – more often than not – the gloomy side of global warming. Of course, I would say that there is no good side, but I’m trying to be a bit lenient here. As Green Options undergoes some changes, I’ll be writing primarily […]

November 5th

Wave of the Future

Renewable energies are up against the wall right now, with skeptics and financial binds restricting what many believe to be humanities only hope for continuing clean and friendly power generation. “It’s too expensive” is often the cry of the politician, who seems to think that just because he’ll be dead, he doesn’t really mind if […]

September 7th