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Author: Jessy Troy

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Must-Visit Water Environmental Events

Are you in the environmental sustainability industry and looking for a forward-focused, intensive and up to date conference on water? You are in good company. Over the next two years there will be a number of important summits being held all over the world. Each will discuss topics that pertain to the continued search for […]

January 13th

5 Cool Organic Living Quotes To Get Inspired By

We have all heard by now of the many benefits of organic living. The help to the environment, the rejection of chemicals that could potentially be causing health problems, a possible correlation to obesity when eating preservative high foods… the list goes on. Not to mention the improved taste of many foods when grown naturally, […]

July 15th

Roundup Of Upcycled iPhone Gadgets

I am the upcycling queen. Every material is the chance for something new and exciting, and I am loathe to throw anything out. As a consequence, I always have a project I am working on, and one that I am planning. My only weakness has been gadgets, which I am not usually so good with. […]

June 21st

A Guide To The Most Eco-Friendly Wine

Produced from grapes and seemingly so simple that many of us assume every drop must be “natural,” wine suffers from the same pesticide-ridden farming practices that affect nearly all other crop products, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t green wines (in practice, not color) out there to help you to enjoy a deep taste […]

June 4th

Eco-Friendly iPhone Covers

There are a lot of products out there meant to enhance the iPhone. SD cards, headphones, bluetooth devices… things you add on to make the most of your mobile. Cases are probably the most popular, as they can be entirely customized to your specifications. I know I have seen some really cool ones over the […]

February 26th

5 Free And Eco-Friendly Tips For Your Next Birthday

It is so expensive throwing a birthday party. It is one of those ironies of life that people end up spending more on their own day of celebration than anyone could in gift giving. This is a frustrating point for those who lack the funds to go all out, or who at least would prefer […]

January 25th

5 More Ideas For Your Indoor Garden

I have a serious fascination with indoor gardens and have for a long time. Living in an area that suffers from serious climate extremes, moving from dry and very hot summers to icy and snow-covered winters (and everything else in between those seasons), keeping a viable garden outdoors is difficult. Especially for more finicky plants. […]

January 20th

The Eco-Impact Of Smoking

  Smoking is a bad habit from every angle. Besides slowly killing you even while it bleeds your wallet dry, complaints of everything from the effects of secondhand smoke to discarded cigarette butts on sidewalks showcase some of the more obvious effects that public smoking has on the people and world around us — and […]

December 29th

Green Funding Explained (+ 4 Useful Resources)

  In this day and age, the very word “green” is enough to excite businesses and investors alike, calling to mind products and services that are potentially profitable, while keeping the world and all of the life that lives upon it in mind at the same time. With the constant concern of melting polar ice, […]

November 29th

How The Internet Makes Saving Money Greener

  In bringing consumers closer together at every turn, the internet has made it possible for us to compare retailers, better judge products, and collaborate for added savings, helping us to save money with each purchase we make. While freeing up extra cash and helping to keep expenses low, one of the less talked-about aspects […]

November 17th

6 Upcycled Hacks: Automotive Edition

  As a green-minded individual, you’ve recycled, reused, and donated many items over the years, but the new trend in environmentally friendly home activities is upcycling, the act of transforming otherwise useless items into works of art and functionality that could have been sprung only from the human imagination. From lamps and tables made out […]

September 21st

5 Alternative Energy Meetups

  As the world’s supply of oil continues to be rapidly consumed, the focus on alternative energies is skyrocketing, bringing keen new minds into this new but still established industrial niche and promising a better future for all with an eventual transition to potentially 100% renewable energy sources. Discovering and refining alternative energy is quickly […]

July 5th

5 DIY Hacks for an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

  Saving the environment begins at home and what better part of your house to concentrate on than the one that uses up to hundreds of liters of water each day? Between the toilet, wash basin, bathtub and shower, more water is wasted through bathroom activities each day than in any other area of your […]

June 21st