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Free Home Solar Installation

Originally published on Home Solar PV. Seen an advertisement recently promoting “free solar installation” or “free solar panels” for your home? Figured it was probably some kind of shady deal with lots of catches involved? Perhaps, and you’re smart to investigate further. But don’t necessarily write those claims off, either: the offer of “free solar […]

Permaculture at Occupy Wall Street Protests

ike many of you, I’ve been watching the Occupy Wall Street (and local OccupySTL) protests with fascination. While I know the mainstream media hasn’t gotten too creative in its reporting (once it started reporting), the little bit of digging I’ve done on “on-the-ground” reporting has turned up more than just angry kids, but an ongoing experiment with political participation and governance itself. Sure, unemployment, income disparity, and the American dream have been at the forefront of the movement… but I wondered early on if environmental sustainability was getting a “place at the table” as this movement forms and grows.

Take Action: Help Dig Up the Details on the Candidates' Energy and Environmental Records

So, what do you know about Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s energy and environmental policy proposals? Probably the basics: Obama supports spending $150 billion over ten years to kick-start the “green economy.” Both support cap-and-trade systems to address climate change. McCain’s become a strong proponent of opening up more offshore areas to oil and gas […]