Author: Cynthia Shahan

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Empowering Support for Federal Investment in Bike/Ped Planning

  Princeton Survey The Streetsblog DC recently published a story on a telephone poll of 1,003 Americans, which was commissioned by the advocacy group America Bikes and conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates. The results were “unequivocal: 83 percent said that federal bike-ped funding should increase, or at the very least be maintained.” The car is becoming […]

May 22nd

Treating Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease with Acupuncture Is Very Effective

A recent study published in Archives of Internal Medicine is concluding what many practitioners of acupuncture already believe is possible and even have experience with — treating common respiratory problems is one of the easy successes of acupuncture. However, with more complex syndromes such as this, one will find a normalizing effect. Acupuncture is able to promote homeostasis in one’s body — reversing […]

May 16th

Whales and Elephants: Are They Instinctively Aware or Predictive of Tsunamis?

  In April, as tsunami warnings hit the Indonesian and Sri Lankan coasts, sea-watching photographer and filmmaker Andrew Sutton of Britain was off the southern tip of Sri Lanka. He and his crew were watching and photographing whales who suddenly and completely vanished. The humans on the boat were not aware of why and were […]

May 15th

Bike Boom in NYC: Just over 47% of Traffic on U.S. Route 9W

  The wide, big routes that Europeans and other countries enjoy when biking are not yet in the US. However, Americans are turning out in amazing numbers in spite of the lack of good routes. “The NJ DOT study shows that during the peak usage time — Saturday afternoon — bicycles make up just over 47 percent of the […]

May 12th

Seeds of Change® Inspires: Donating Millions of Organic Seeds, Supporting Health in Community

  Helpful Little Hands Filled with Organic Seeds   Sowing Millions, Growing Minds  is a program launched by Seeds of Change® April 24, 2012. What a blessing of a program this is for precious growing minds, helpful little hands who will now become conscious of health in food and community. This is a truly nurturing offering for the young and […]

May 7th

Medicine Mama's Sweet Bee Magic

  I recently had the opportunity to try out Medicine Mama’s Bee Magic, a new, certified-organic, all-in-one skin cream. Bee Magic is like Plant and Animal Spirit Food for your face and skin. Along with the nurturing feel of the Bee Magic, the skin cream makes one consider what the essence of the Bee’s work can bring to the energy […]

April 30th

Quantum Physics, Humor, Romney, the Onion, and Our Ongoing Need for Healthy Stability, not Posturing and Facade

  Change. How Does it Become Positive or Negative? How Does Change Happen Completely or Incompletely?   People do change. Their focus does change. I could write a dissertation on the hows and whys of people doing what seems to be a complete turnabout regarding issues, viewpoints, or even political stances. I believe it is often linked to survival […]

April 27th

Colbert Banters with Mark Ruffalo on Fracking

  The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive Mark Ruffalo in as Academy-Award-nominated actor. He is also a director, producer, writer, environmentalist, and (as Colbert puts) it “looks like everybody’s old boyfriend.” Um… must have been one of the self-educating, deep-thinking, philosophically-delving, right-action-seeking, and humanitarian old boyfriends. He is […]

April 2nd

Greenpeace and the True Story Behind the Film Big Miracle

“A truly joint effort” Campbell Plowden describes “one of the craziest weeks in his 14 years with Greenpeace” in The Story Behind the Big Miracle: Operation Breakthrough. He shares with us his work contributing to the meeting of synchronized forces as they merge in a pragmatic action successfully. “In the end, the rescue was truly a joint effort between the Eskimos, […]

February 9th

Cycling For Everyone — an Expose: Organically Flowing

Seamlessly Integrated Bike Flow “Cycling is part of everyone’s life, because it was made part of everyone’s life.” This film, Cycling for Everyone, is a light, moving record of health and happiness. The film shows Amsterdam as a place where sharing the road is easy and safe. Inhabitants of this city and country value cycling so much that the rich and the […]

January 31st

3,000 Miles for Bicyclists: East Coast Greenway Scales the Eastern Seaboard

The East Coast Greenway One of the longest bike trails in the world, The East Coast Greenway is a 3,000 mile network of bike trails that was conceived in 1991 and is nearing completion. It runs all along the eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida. I believe this is going to be for the bicyclist and passionate adventure […]

January 27th

Bill Moyers on People Power and the Keystone XL “‘People Power’ behind him” is what made it possible for President Obama to veto the Keystone XL pipeline, according to Bills Moyers on Bill Maher’s HBO talkshow. And this backs up what we here on Planetsave have been promoting for a long time now — direct action and people power. Bill Moyers is one […]

January 27th

Seeds, Dirt, Love: Smart Gardener

I encourage you to take a look through a delightfully helpful online gardening site that recently popped onto the internet, Smart Gardener. I had to compete and prove myself among strapping young muscle-bound farmers to gain a position at a local, organic farm in search of healthy dirt and the sort information provided on this site. Smart Gardener makes it all […]

January 27th

American Bicyclists Celebrate Spontaneity with New Urban Forms of an Old Love

A recent story that celebrates spontaneity, cycling, urban wanderlust, and the wonderful wave of sustainable bike-sharing programs is a welcome happiness to all of us wanting more biking freedoms. From an article found on the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) website: “Bike sharing is like a big advertisement for bicycling,” says Darren Buck, a Virginia Tech (VT) student. “Folks walking by […]

January 17th

Spy Police Prey on Young Women

Idealistic Love Intelligent women can be naïve. Intelligent, idealistic women believe in love. Women and men alike change when they feel pheromones shift. In attraction, a young woman shifts consciously and unconsciously to a physiological desire for a mate, one who she hopes will be a protector to unrealized offspring. All people want to believe […]

December 26th

What a Wonderful World in Stunning Beauty — David Attenborough Charms Us Again

  [youtube]   This video with David Attenborough charms us as much as Louis Armstrong singing this song moves us to tears. Blessings drop and float all throughout this video, offering a refreshing new moment with this verse. The video stuns us with the magnificence of our natural world. Louis Armstrong’s version of a Wonderful […]

December 9th

Voices of Truth: Indigenous Activists from Canada Protest Tar Sands Oil at Durban Climate Change Summit

This video from Amy Goodman and Democracy Now cuts to the chase. The horror of this environmental disease known as tar sands ‘development’ is succinctly explained by young and indigenous activists. Tar sands development will push our planet of global warming and climate change tipping point, which is why hundreds of activists in Durban, South Africa (where […]

December 9th

Rectifying Africa, Climate Change; Wise Woman Environmental Activist Mariette Lieferink

Africa: Wide, Long, Beautiful, and Terrible. Africa owns so many folds of stunning nature, indescribable history, heroic humanity, and, presently, unique fears of climate change that come from assaults on the environment from mining. The stripping of mineral resources and the toxic means to this end have cultivated the need for someone capable of fearless […]

December 1st

Winter Warm Extremes More Severe than Cold Snaps

The winters of 2009-10 and 2010-11 were marked extremes, a recent study from the American Geophysical Union reports. We mostly heard of the cold. More defining, but apparently not as newsworthy, our planet experienced many extreme warm spells in recent winters. The recent research examined daily wintertime temperature extremes since 1948. It also found that […]

November 29th

Puma's Composting Sneakers

  Compost is a word, an activity, a necessity, a concept that makes me float in euphoria… something about that deep dark earth. The earth which houses the root of the spirit of Ceres herself. Thanks to progressive companies such as Puma, we will be able to compost our shoes with the remains of our […]

November 24th