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80+ Environmental Organizations to Follow on Twitter

These organizations use tactics varying from direct action to job training, but they all are working to protect the planet in a substantial way. [social_buttons] Through twitter, anyone can stay up to date with their latest efforts to restore and protect habitats, influence environmental policy, and curb climate change. Take the opportunity to tap into […]

May 12th

UK Police Arrest 114 Activists For Planning Coal Plant Protest

In a demonstration of increased surveillance on protest groups in Britain, police arrested 114 people for alleged conspiracy to commit criminal damage and aggravated trespass at a coal-fired power plant. [social_buttons] Huh? What kind of protest involves 114 people “conspiring” to enter and vandalize a power plant? Sounds like a few dozen were involved in […]

April 13th

Nine Snow Monkeys Escape from Oregon Animal Testing Lab

Nine monkeys escaped from an Oregon Health & Science University animal testing lab after a cage was left unlocked. Four were shortly re-captured and four others have been spotted on campus — but one has entirely eluded authorities. [social_buttons] “One of our cage cleaners accidentally left a lock off a cage,” said Jim Newman, a […]

April 4th

No New Coal: Help List All Proposed Coal Mines in the US

With the recent successes in stopping the further expansion of coal-based energy, activists direly need a complete list of proposed mining projects. While already hosts the CoalSwarm database with all sorts of information about coal plants across different states, it’s lacking information on proposed coal mines. Legal opposition and community protests have been shown […]

March 31st

Mannequins for Climate Justice Close Boston Bank of America Branch

Boston police treated a mannequin chained to the front door of a Bank of America branch as a potential bomb threat, shutting down the bank while they investigated. [social_buttons] The mannequin wore a shirt with the message “THE REAL DUMMIES EVICT PEOPLE & FUND CLIMATE CHAOS.” Police were astute enough to realize that the mannequin […]

March 31st

Groups Convince Syrian Hunters to Stop Targeting Rare Bird

When researchers from the Syrian Society for Conservation of Wildlife and RSPB noticed that hunters were shooting down sociable lapwings, one of the world’s rarest bird species, they immediately reached out to the government for protection. [social_buttons] Syria sent rangers out to discuss the plight of the lapwings and apparently they have agreed to stop […]

March 31st

Climate Denial Crock of the Week: The Great Petition Fraud

[youtube=] Peter Sinclair is back again with a new installment of his always-insightful podcast “The Climate Denial Crock of the Week.” This time, he tackles the common claim climate change deniers make that thousands of reputable scientists dispute global warming. Check it out!

March 30th

Trophy Hunting Pushing Marco Polo Sheep Toward Extinction

A rare species of sheep discovered by Marco Polo in the 13th century is edging closer to extinction due to increased trophy hunting in Central Asian countries, new research reports. The species, once prominent in the Pamir Mountains on the border of China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan, now numbers around 10,000, according to George Schaller […]

March 28th

Residents Sue Over Coal Ash Dump Disguised as Golf Course

Residents of Centerville, Virginia have sued Dominion Virginia Power to the tune of $1 billion for supplying 1.5 million tons of toxic fly ash to fill the hills of a nearby golf course. [social_buttons] The attorneys representing 400 Centerville residents claim that Dominion knew that the substance they supplied to the Battlefield Golf Club would […]

March 28th

300+ Gorillas Killed Each Year for Bushmeat in the Congo

An undercover investigation by Endangered Species International has disclosed the horrific scale of the endangered species market in the Republic of Congo. [social_buttons] The nonprofit found that hunters source 95% of bushmeat around the Kouilou region, one of the most biodiverse areas in the country. In additon to gorilla meat, the investigation discovered the sale […]

March 28th

Importing Bear Bile Into the US Could Get You 20 Years in Jail

A South Korean woman living in Los Angeles has been charged with importing bear bile from China to illegally sell as an aphrodisiac. She faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. [social_buttons] Investigators intercepted a package addressed the Seongja Hyun while waiting for transport to Los Angeles from a San Francisco sorting facility. […]

March 28th

Federal Judge: GMO's Do Not Belong in Natl. Wildlife Refuge

In a huge break for the United States’ anti-GMO movement, a federal judge ruled that the US Fish & Wildlife Service should not have allowed genetically modified crops to be planted within a Prime Hook, a national wildlife refuge in Delaware. [social_buttons] The suit, filed by the Center for Food Safety, Public Employees for Environmental […]

March 28th

Reforestation of US Mountaintop Mine Sites Gets UN Endorsement

With the help of conservation groups, the U.S. Office of Surface Mining launched the Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative to attempt to rescue the thousands forest acres left barren by mountaintop coal mining. [social_buttons] The volunteer-based initiative, which hopes to eventually plant 38 million trees in Appalachia, received the endorsement of the United Nations Environment Program […]

March 28th

Five Scottish Protesters Arrested for Stopping Work at Coal Mine

Five activists managed to shut down a coal mine before being arrested and charged with “breach of the peace” for standing on a piece of equipment with a sign reading “No New Coal.” “We’re here to send a message to [mining company] ATH Resources that mining the dirtiest fossil fuel and fuelling climate change is […]

March 26th

Protest Plans Force BP to Postpone 100th Birthday Bash

BP originally planned to celebrate its 100th year as a company on April 1st, but when the news went public and protests were planned, the company backed down and has rescheduled to an undetermined date. [social_buttons] “Whenever and wherever BP attempts to hold a party to celebrate its tarnished centenary, we will be there to […]

March 25th

Coal Company Settles Lawsuit Regarding Toxic Mine Waste

A coalition of environmental groups emerged victorious today when Patriot Coal agreed to test a new way to remove selenium from coal mine run-off. [social_buttons] The West Virginia-based coal company agreed to the deal to settle a lawsuit filed by the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition and West Virginia Highlands Conservancy which made allegations that the […]

March 24th

Water Not the Only Weapon Used on Water Forum Protesters

While my post earlier this week about police spraying water cannons at World Water Forum protesters was intended to point out the irony, the truth is that the situation in Turkey was out of control, with unprovoked police attacks on peaceful protesters. In addition to water cannons, police in riot gear fired rubber bullets and […]

March 24th

G20 Meeting in London to Face Huge Protests, Climate Camp

The G20 will meet next week in London, and while police are bracing for clamoring anti-globalization and climate change protests, organizers say all the planned events will be peaceful. [social_buttons] While the failures of the banking system will take the forefront (get used to hearing the phrase “Bankers are wankers”), organizers have also planned protests […]

March 22nd

Nature Conservancy to Restore Salmon Run Destroyed by Cows

The Nature Conservancy announced this week that they have purchased ranchland in Shasta, California and hope to return Big Springs Creek to its former glory as a major salmon run. [social_buttons] The organization noticed the creek’s consistent, glacier-fed flowing water supply should make it the perfect spawning area for the embattled Pacific salmon, but it […]

March 22nd

Earth Hour Opponents Plan Lame "Human Achievement Hour"

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has announced their own plans for March 28th from 8:30 to 9:30 pm: instead of shutting of lights with millions of people across the globe for Earth Hour, they’ll be celebrating Human Achievement Hour. [social_buttons] CEI is a libertarian organization that advocates for human innovation. Interestingly, green innovation doesn’t ever seem […]

March 22nd

Against Reason, Canada Increases Seal Hunt Quota by 55,000

Despite evidence that increasing the seal hunt quota could bring the harp seal population down the dangerous levels, the Canadian government has approved a 55,000 seal increase to quota for the upcoming commercial seal hunt. [social_buttons] The increase brings the total to 338,000 young seals scheduled to be brutally killed. Canada’s Humane Society said the […]

March 22nd

Activists on Homemade Rafts Block World's Largest Coal Port

About 500 activists blocked coal shipments into Australia’s Hunter harbour yesterday by paddling kayaks and homemade rafts made from milk crates and innertubes into the water. [social_buttons] The action, which lasted 11 hours, is the fourth successful blockade against shipments of coal into Australia. More coal is received at that particular harbor than any other […]

March 22nd