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Justinianic Plague Was Caused By The Bacterium Yersinia Pestis, Skeletal DNA Evidence Confirms

The Justinianic Plague of the 6th-8th century was almost without a doubt caused by the bacterium Y. pestis, according to new research from Universität Mainz. The research was done by analyzing DNA taken from the skeletons of plague victims in early medieval cemetery of Aschheim in Bavaria. Doing the last 2000 years there have been […]

May 11th

Volcanic Emissions May Have Been Cause Of Slightly Offset Warming Trend, Not Sulfur Dioxide Pollution, Research Finds

New research is suggesting that volcanic aerosol emissions may have had a dampening effect on the warming trend observed from 2000-2010. Without the increase in volcanic emissions the warming trend would have been even more pronounced. The years 2000 through 2010 featured 9 of the 10 warmest years since average global temperature record keeping began. […]

March 3rd

Controversial Bird Flu Research Released

  A controversial study on the ‘bird flu’, the avian H5N1 influenza virus, has finally been released. The research was done to test how easily the virus could become transmissible to mammals. The study is controversial because it essentially shows the steps necessary to weaponize the virus. So much so that the National Science Advisory […]

May 2nd

Despite Bio-Terror Fears, Editor of 'Science' Says Results of Avian Flu Experiments Will Be Published 'In Full'

BREAKING NEWS – The technical details of two controversial experiments with an altered strain of avian flu virus are to be published, unredacted, despite official concerns over biosecurity. Readers of Planetsave will recall my November 23 post on two recent experiments (one in the US and one in the Netherlands) with an altered strain of […]

February 17th

Activism News

Here’s some top activism news of the week, other than the stories we’ve already covered (which you can check out via the link above): Climate Activists Call Foul at Rep. Boehner’s Office over Keystone Pipeline and Campaign Cash from Big Oil Climate activists fed up with the influence of corporate money on Congress stormed Speaker […]

January 27th