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In The USA, It’s OK To Be An Idiot

Let’s just start with a note that should be obvious to everyone: If Obama had deep and long financial ties to Russia (and many of his campaign leaders did as well), was under investigation by the FBI for this, and then fired the head of the FBI (right after he asked for more resources to investigate this), Fox News and Republicans across the US would be bursting with rage. Instead, many of them (but not all!) are pretending there is nothing to worry about. Imagine — really — if Obama and his kids had these Russian ties and Obama was continuously trying to block this investigation. Seriously! Anyhow, on to the article.

If you’re a millionaire or billionaire and you’re a selfish, shortsighted jackass, you might have a good reason for voting for Republicans for Congress or the presidency.

Otherwise, you’re mostly voting against your own future, you may as well be masochistic, and I’m sorry to say, you’re being used and abused by con men (and a few women) in the “Grand Old Party.”

Republicans at that level of power — and often lower down the politician chain — apparently care first and foremost about protecting the super rich from having to help society, and related to that, letting corporations use and abuse Americans and their health as much as they wish. These Republicans may also have a strong focus on some “Christian values,” but they are so hypocritical when it comes to Christian values, that I don’t think that’s a legitimate point. (Examples: “Pro life” but “pro death penalty” … “you must be faithful to your spouse and not engage in bedtime activities before marriage” but it’s okay to vote for a president who has been married three times, cheated on his wives, and bragged about sexually assaulting other women while married (and getting away with it because he’s famous). Christians are supposed to help the poor & disadvantages, but politicians seem to say “not really,” as they constantly want to cut social welfare programs. And Trump isn’t the only conservative “star” that is blatantly not living by Christian standards.

The absurd robbing of the poor and middle class to give to the rich, and the chronically obsessive hypocrisy, are so insane that you have to either be massively misinformed or totally idiotic to vote for Republicans for Congress and the presidency.

Yes, there are Democrats with political power that also shouldn’t have it, but “a few bad apples” is not the same as having a party platform that attacks common Americans’ bank accounts, health, and basic rights.

Anyhow, let’s get into the idiocy a little bit.

First of all, these people voted for a blatantly idiotic conspiracy theorist, a guy who claimed for years that the US president was not born in the USA, was a Muslim, and hated America. This guy thinks asbestos is safe and the only reason it’s no longer allowed is because of some Mafia-linked conspiracy. This guy has claimed that global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese — that national science academies and thousands of climate scientists around the world have somehow fallen for.

And then there are blatant, real conspiracies Republican leaders are involved in, which they hardly bother to conceal, and which voters somehow fall for. In a totally unprecedented move, Republicans in Congress wouldn’t let President Obama put a new Supreme Court Justice in place after Justice Scalia died. Absurd. Horrible. Essentially robbery in our highest court.

In another case of absolute hypocrisy, Republicans were incessantly obsessed with a complete non-scandal — Hillary Clinton using a private server — and now they don’t care that Russia hacked our electoral process in order to get Trump elected (as confirmed by the USA’s intelligence agencies), that Trump and his family have deep and strong financial ties to Russia, that Trump and his family are compromising the security of the United States, and that there may have been actual collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians.

Then you’ve got the whole health care scandal. Trump and Republicans keep lying to the American public about Obamacare. The flat-out lie. They are gutting the health care policy in order to shift money from normal and poor people to the super rich. It’s a thinly disguised tax cut for the rich that hurts everyone else. If you think otherwise, you’re massively misinformed/disinformed, or just an idiot.

The problem is, the full facts of the case seldom get to Republican voters, and when they do, these voters would rather block out inconvenient information than question if their entire premise may be wrong. After all, if you’re a blood brother, it’s better to side with your fellow gang members than admit any mistakes or the true and fair story.

Then we get to the US military — the most over-inflated military in the history of the world, bigger than the next 7–8 nations’ militaries combined — and Trump wants to massively cut essentially everything else in the US government budget to jack it up much more. Insane. Ridiculous. And how great nations fall — by focusing on their money exterior matters rather than supporting their own population.

But this is the thing — Trump (and many other Republicans) respect dictatorial, murderous, warmongering strong men over thoughtful moderation and moral life. Trump has praised and provided invitations to the most notorious murderers at the heads of government. The irony of a “pro life” and supposedly “pro democracy” president doing this is shocking to non-converts.

It’s also not too surprising but still completely absurd that every time attention is putting on completely unprecedented hidden information (like Trump’s tax returns) and potential corruption, he distracts with something that gets the media focused on a less threatening (for Trump) story — like North Korea, Syria, or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ratings.

Unfortunately, the lying, baiting, and hypocrisy run deep in the Republican Party.

But hey, don’t be too brought down by the game.

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