Julia Louis-Dreyfus On Why She Is Voting For Hillary And Climate Change

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is well known for her portrayal of Jerry Seinfeld’s former girlfriend. Since 2012, she has been the star of  Veep, a hit television show on HBO that takes an up close and personal look at the hypocritical, lying, conniving world known as American politic. Now in its fifth season, Veep has won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series.

This week, she posted a video explaining why she is voting for Hillary. It is funny in a way that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is known for but it has a deeper message. She is making a plea for all of us to consider our vote as it relates to climate change. Parts of it are NSFW, so make sure the boss doesn’t catch you watching it, especially if he has a Trump sticker on the back of the company limousine.

It’s for certain that Donald Trump will back away from any climate change initiatives if elected. Trump bemoans the fate of his close personal friend Robert Murray, owner of America’s largest coal company. Poor Robert, it seems, is in danger of going bankrupt because of the mean, hateful regulations President Obama has imposed during his term in office.

Trump has made it clear he will eviscerate the Clean Power Plan, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and any other namby pamby environmental restrictions that are strangling fossil fuel companies. He promises to abrogate America’s commitment to the Paris climate accords, open up public lands for fossil fuel extraction, and reopen the XL Pipeline permtting process. Good luck to the indigenous people opposed to the Dakota Access pipeline. Under Trump, they will all be locked away serving long prison terms, along with anyone else The Donald doesn’t like.

Even though a majority of  Americans say they are concerned about climate change, the issue has played almost no role in the election process so far. But in fact, 60% of Americans are represented in Congress by someone who is a climate change denier. It’s not enough to simply vote for Hillary and keep returning the same clueless fossils to the Senate and House of Representatives. We have to vote the stooges of the fossil fuel companies out of office if we want to have any chance of dealing with climate change in a serious way.

Here’s another video by Natalie Portman that also focuses on the urgency of electing people who will give climate change initiatives first priority in Congress.

This election is not about Trump being a sexual predator or Hillary having a private e-mail server. In a list of things that are important to America, they rank somewhere about 837th.

Finally, give a listen to what Arnold Schwarzenegger, once a darling of Republicans, has to say about environmental regulations. (Also NSFW.)  Remember to vote November 8 and when you do, please vote responsibly.

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