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Published on October 27th, 2016 | by Cynthia Shahan

EV Summit Conversations — Clotheslines, Uber, Safety

The first day of the EV Summit in Florida was flowing with inspired conversations that extended far beyond the presentations. At lunch, Florida Solar Energy Center presenter Danny Parker talked about net zero impact and how much energy clothes dryers suck. I mentioned that I love clotheslines — I find them interesting, colorful, and fresh watching them flap in the breeze. Why on earth do we discourage the most bacteria-free means of drying our clothes in so many neighborhoods?


We talked Uber as well. Someone mentioned how simplified travel became with Uber. Safety benefits from the Uber solution were also discussed — in terms of taking cars off the road, reducing parking demand in crowded urban environments, and, most importantly, saving lives.

As one example, a Nissan LEAF Uber driver I know noted that it seems no one drives out for drinks anymore. Two particularly busy times of the day that see surging Uber ride requests are happy hour and the time when many people are going home from dinner or a bar. Many people don’t hesitate to take an Uber if they drink. It’s fast, it’s cheap, it’s smooth, and it’s safer. Every evening, Ubers are pulling up to houses and condos with cars sitting in the driveway. Their owners want a drink and want someone else to do the driving. That makes traffic so much safer.

I spoke with a young millennial who is a frequent Uber rider — she emphasized this focus.


So the lunchtime conversations went — some of them. Yes, cars are dangerous, driving is dangerous, drinking and driving are irresponsible or worse. And now some experts say texting is the same as or worse than driving drunk.

Talking on the phone is not so safe either. Safer ride-hailing services like Uber have a large and expanding group of people choosing the new option. For young professionals who like to work while they ride, a good metro or bus service works in the city, but this is a personalized option that is convenient in many more places. You can call up an Uber instead of driving yourself and work while you ride.


Advice or moral of the story: Do what so many wise travelers are now doing if you are planning on working or drinking on your trip, or even if you are simply too tired to drive. Take Uber or a comparable service.

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