Why is Sustainable Architecture so Important?

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May 4th, 2016 by

Did you know buildings consume a third of the world energy supply and they are responsible for 20% of the global pollution? If nothing changes, it could even double or triple by 2050.

The new trends in architecture ask for more efficient and greener materials, and that’s the reason why CUPA PIZARRAS is investing in sustainability and powering energy efficiency. CUPA PIZARRAS slate company is the world leader in slate, and they are proud to offer the market a natural product with lower environmental impact than any other alternative for roofs and cladding.

Life cycle analysis confirms natural slate as an ecological option for any architectural project. It requires no additional treatment, substantially reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Manuel Rodríguez Fernández

What does Green Building Mean?

When talking about new architectural trends, there is one key term to take into consideration: sustainable building. It refers to the adoption of environmentally responsible materials and the use of efficient resources throughout the whole building process.

How do we get more Ecological Buildings?

Are there different types of green buildings? Yes, indeed. You have probably heard of NZE building and Passivhaus… But do those words mean the same?

They are similar terms referring to different ways of building a sustainable home. Let’s see the difference and how to get both of them:

+ A net-zero energy building is a house with no external energy demand: the total amount of energy used annually comes from its own renewable energy sources. How to get it? Easy, install the proper renewable energy systems according to your needs.

+ A Passive House (Passivhaus): provide a high level of occupant comfort while using very little energy for heating and cooling. The heat losses of the building are reduced so much that it hardly needs any heating at all. A passive house has an excellent thermal performance, achieved by reducing the air infiltration and avoiding thermal bridges.


But which is the most effective solution for thermal insulation? CUPACLAD®, a sustainable cladding system in natural slate, combines external wall insulation and ventilated cavity to generate significant energy savings while increasing thermal comfort. Besides, it enhances the aesthetics of any wall or surface you apply it to.

Get to know further information about one of the most sustainable ways of insulating your home while giving it an stylish look!

Find Cupa Pizarras at The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Convention 2016:


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